How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel with TikTok

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With millions of active users and support for more than 50 languages worldwide, TikTok is the most popular social media platform. For users who like creating a following for their material, TikTok has proven to be a fruitful environment. It has received a positive response from the public and has been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times because of its exceptional musical elements. It serves as a venue for various businesses to sell themselves in addition to providing entertainment.

The most valuable startup in the world is TikTok, in case you didn’t know. Although TikTok does not publicly disclose its total user count, it is estimated to have millions of members worldwide.

Don’t you see the enormous potential for growth with TikTok now? It is true, though. You can accomplish a lot more things with TikTok. The most downloaded app worldwide is this brand-new social networking website. As a result, you may choose to target a variety of audiences depending on your preferences.

Do you intend to expand your YouTube channel? If so, this post may provide you with some advice on how to quickly expand your YouTube channel with TikTok. To become an expert, follow this tutorial through to the conclusion.

How to Use TikTok to Create or Expand a Successful YouTube Channel

You can always buy TikTok likes to increase engagement on your videos. But when you know how, utilizing TikTok to advertise your YouTube channel is simple. Additionally, it provides you with organic views, which benefit and support YouTube’s algorithm. To create or expand your YouTube channel using TikTok, follow the advice shown below.

1. Embedding your YouTube channel

You must first connect TikTok with your YouTube channel. You may link your profile on TikTok to your YouTube channel. Here is how to go about it:

  • Navigate to your TikTok profile and select “edit profile.”
  • At this point, select “Add YouTube to your profile.” It will direct you to verify your YouTube profile.
  • Finally, link your TikTok account and YouTube channel.
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By connecting your YouTube and TikTok accounts, you may make it easier for interested people to find your channel. Every time they view your profile, they will notice the choice, which may tempt them to go and visit. To assist you promote your channel a little, you can also purchase cheap YouTube views.

2. Grow Your TikTok Audience

Only after you have a large following can you attract people to watch your YouTube channel. Therefore, you must first expand your TikTok following if you want to use it to advertise your YouTube channel. Create interesting, high-quality content for TikTok to draw in additional users. Also, choose your specialty carefully. TikTok’s specialty must coincide with YouTube’s.

To increase the reach and engagement on your TikTok videos, you can buy TikTok auto likes and views.

3. Make regular posts

Success depends on being consistent. You must continuously upload videos to TikTok if you want to use the platform to promote your YouTube channel. Your TikTok can manage to reach a larger audience thanks to it. Regular articles provide you with an advantage over what you aim to achieve by keeping viewers on your channel.

Make sure you keep up the pace with YouTube in addition to uploading on TikTok. You wouldn’t want your viewers to visit your channel in search of something exciting only to discover nothing. Be consistent across all platforms and think up fresh, intriguing concepts for both.

4. Use hashtags to your advantage

This is the hashtag era. The hashtag is highly valued by TikTok’s algorithm. As a result, you must add pertinent hashtags anytime you publish material to TikTok. By indicating the sort of material, hashtags assist in focusing on a certain audience.

For instance, you can only use hashtags associated with music if you publish music videos. As a result, anyone who interacts with such content will also view your content. As a result, when your material is seen by your target audience, they are more likely to do online research on you and find your YouTube channel.


5. Include a strong call to action (CTA)

Always include a CTA after your videos. A call-to-action technique involves requesting someone take some action. Drive your TikTok audience to YouTube if you want to increase your YouTube channel. You may do this by including a CTA after your TikTok videos urging people to also subscribe on YouTube.

6.  Know how YouTube works

You must comprehend how YouTube functions if you want to learn how to become well-known there. Both TikTok and YouTube are video-sharing websites. Their approaches, however, are vastly different. YouTube is for longer films, but TikTok is popular for short videos, usually 15 to 30 seconds.

7.  Short-form material should be produced in the same industry as your YouTube videos

Numerous YouTubers have built significant, steady followings by focusing on a certain content niche. These people keep watching because each new video piques their particular interests. Older material produced by a specialized producer will also be seen by more recent subscribers. It’s comparable to finding a program you enjoy on Netflix and binge-watching every episode until you’ve finished the current season that’s showing on network TV.

Similar to YouTube, TikTok is made up of several communities. You should utilize TikTok to produce short-form material in the same genre as your YouTube videos if you want to attract people who will appreciate your entire library of work.

If you’re a vlogger, for instance, you may utilize TikTok to provide fast advice or to highlight your greatest work.

8. Meet Expectations

You must adhere to the algorithm of each of these sites while posting any content there. Before recommending your material, the YouTube platform has a lot to take into account.

Additionally, the material you upload to YouTube has to be more interesting and educational. Even if you are successful in attracting your TikTok audience to YouTube, you still need to provide them with something worthwhile to watch on your YouTube channel. Therefore, if you don’t live up to their expectations, they won’t subscribe to or follow you.

9. Try developing your skills on TikTok so you can sell them on YouTube

The ideal illustration of this is Bella Poarch. Poarch began as a TikTok creator and began releasing songs on YouTube once she rose to fame. She has so far put out two tracks that have received great reviews.

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10. Make a brief cameo appearance

Bretman Rock is another illustration of this. He made an appearance in Bella Poarch’s first song, prompting fans to speculate, which rapidly made him popular and increased the number of people who followed him.

11. Use snippets to tease your audience

Make two videos for TikTok and YouTube with identical topics but different lengths. Mention your channel and let people know about the uncut version when publishing your TikTok. After some time, this produces a continuous flow of traffic.

12. Create a reason for your TikTok fans to follow you on YouTube

The most obvious advice in the world may be to connect your YouTube channel to your TikTok profile, if you have one. If your fans are unaware of your other online presence, they won’t be able to follow you.

Now that that is all out, consider how you might get your TikTok audience to visit YouTube. Of course, you are always welcome to inquire; it never hurts. However, consider strategically why they should follow you and provide that perk. Post teasers on TikTok for that lengthy material, as YouTube enables you to publish videos up to 15 minutes long (longer if your channel is verified).

For it to become a part of your publishing plan, give your fans a taste of what to anticipate on YouTube and be consistent with it. For every creative, the golden rule is to “make once, publish everywhere” to receive the most value for your money.

13. Use advertisements

If you want to increase the switching rate, use YouTube advertising to display your TikTok and channel content.

We advise sticking with it because the procedure is arduous but rewarding in the end.

14. Include TikTok duets created by fans in your YouTube videos

Duets, a TikTok tool that encourages collaboration, lets producers reuse another user’s post into a split-screen video. It’s useful for adding to a joke, making response films, or providing further details. Duets are essentially the video equivalent of the comments section.

TikTok duets are a terrific way to include your YouTube viewers in your content. You may respond to their duets with your TikTok, or you can duet with those created by your fans. You might even request that your fans record duets with a certain TikTok to be included in a YouTube video.

Because your followers will want to know whether they were selected, including fans in videos can increase traffic to your channel. Raising viewer involvement also aids in creating a community around your channel. Create TikTok duets with your followers to get started.


TikTok is a brand-new video platform that primarily targets Generation Z. But it gives people lots of chances to show off their creativity in a unique way. TikTok could be much more beneficial in your endeavors if you consider yourself to be a creative video artist who wants to flourish and be successful on YouTube. These pointers on utilizing TikTok to quickly expand your YouTube channel should be enough to get you going.