How to Play Pokémon Go Without Moving/Walking iOS & Android

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Pokémon go a worldwide popular game that is location-based. In order to play Pokémon go, a person has to move their bodies physically to move on to the next level in the game. Granting the popularity of this game, people do not have adequate time to play it. Hence, they have been deliberating other ways to play Pokémon Go, i.e., without having to move from their place. The solution to this problem has been introduced for iOS and Android users. To know more about this solution, stay with us in this article.

Can a person play Pokémon go without moving from their place?

When a person has to stay in isolation, playing games is the only thing that keeps them entertained. A person can play Pokémon go without needing to go outside or move from their place. To play Pokémon go without moving from your place, make use of GPS spoofing software.

However, Niantic began to ban such players when this software tool gained popularity. Numerous tools for spoofing GPS have been banned by Niantic. However, a person is not likely to use too many tools to spoof their location while playing Pokémon go.

After three strikes, a person will receive-

  • The player will get a warning in the form of a message; however, the player can continue to play.
  • The second warning will shut down the player’s account for a month.
  • After the third warning, the account will be shut down and banned permanently.

The player wouldn’t be allowed to play the Pokémon go game ever again. Hence, it is necessary to use safe spoofing apps.

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How to use iAnyGo for Pokémon go?

A Pokémon go, the player knows that a significant thing to do in this game is to find a place with countless availability of Pokémon. However, to do this, the player has to find the place that has Pokémons in tons. To do this, the player needs a software GPS tracking device such as tenoshare iAnyGo. iAnyGo is a software tool that helps a person to change location in Pokémon go. Location can be changed using this tool and will not affect the life of the device’s battery.

There is a numerous availability of software to spoof iOS devices. However, in the sea of spoofing devices finding a trustworthy one takes proper research and time. And iAnyGo is in the lead of this race of top-spoofing iOS devices. This software allows the player to be fake the device location effortlessly. iAnyGo can help the person to change the location on all location-based apps.

The joystick feature of this software can help the player to move naturally in the game with total control in their hands. This joystick feature allows the player to change their direction or movement speed. Hence, this software assures the player of safe spoofing without getting noticed by Niantic.

Here is how you can use the iAnyGo tool in iOS-

  • Firstly, you are supposed to download and install the iAnyGo software tool using the download link.
  • After downloading it, you are supposed to launch the tool and then connect your device, like iPhone or iPad, to the computer/laptop.
  • Once you are connected, the app will detect the device automatically and displays the information about the device.
  • From the user interface, select the feature of “joystick movement” and then press “enter” to proceed.
  • Now, with the help of the joystick movement, all you are required to do is set up the movement speed and click the circle shown on the map to initiate the action. In the movement, you can also change your directions by using the right key as well as the left key on your keyboard. However, if you wish to stop playing, you can press the “pause” button, and the game will be stopped.
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That is all a player needs to do to play Pokémon go without having to move from their place and using iAnyGo.

Pros and cons of iAnyGo:

Here are some pros and cons of this spoofing GPS software,


  • You can use location spoofing with just one click
  • Joystick feature
  • Having the privilege of changing the direction as well as the speed of movement
  • Get to fly in any corner of the world
  • Guarantee of safety


  • It is desktop-based
  • To avail of these services, the player has to pay some fee.

How can you play Pokémon go without having to move (Android)?

However, if you are an android user, then there are tons of ways to spoof the location of your mobile phone. Hence, here is how a person can play Pokémon go without having to move from their place.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and enable the developer mode
  2. Open the google play app and then install the app, fake GPS location spoofer.
  3. Click on the option of “enable mock locations”, and then choose the app you recently installed and click on done
  4. Open the fake GPS app and set the location as per your choice, then click confirm to start Playing using that location.

Here are other tips for playing Pokémon go on your iPhone:

If you like to play Pokémon, on your iPhone and Andriod ; here are some tips-

  • You can play the game by adding some distinctive features to provide depth to the gameplay. You are just required to select the Pokémon, which can be more powerful versions of themselves for a designated period. In order to activate this feature, you must accrue mega energy, which could be gained by beating mega raids in the limited time possible.
  • Niantic has presented various ways to play Pokémon go from home in order to maintain the safety and health of players. You can also remotely buy raid passes for 100 poke coins in the shops. These passes will let you team up virtually with your friends or other players and take down and capture the particular legendary Pokémon.
  • Make use of incense; by doing this, the Pokémon around you searching for mates will attract you. You can also make use of apples instead of scent if required, even though they cost more as per the purchase but stay longer than regular incense.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Pokémon go without moving on iPhone

1. How can I get Pokémon to go on my iPhone 2022?
In order to get Pokémon to go 2022, go to your iPhone safari browser, then open the website of gameplay colour, and add it to the home screen of the iPhone device by clicking the play now>share.
2. Can a person play Pokémon go in their car?
As recommended with the other gaming apps, Pokémon go should not be played while driving a car. As this activity can lead you to car accidents, the Niantic highly dispirits playing Pokémon go while driving a vehicle or doing anything else side by side.
3. How can you walk in Pokémon go without having to move in real life?
If you do not wish to walk physically while playing Pokémon, go; you can spoof the game. Spoofing the game is an easy solution to not having to walk in reality. Spoofing also helps in moving the progress at a better pace. All you are have to do, is firstly install the software tool for spoofing, set the anticipated location and start and enjoy your game.