Fintech Trends To Dominate the Market

Fintech Trends

Fintech has been the talk of the town these past few years, and 2022 will prove no different. We’ve seen incredible developments in the field, from Blockchain tech to artificial intelligence, and we’ll see many more over the next several years. These developments will lead to new fintech trends that will dominate the market in 2022. Let’s look at the latest fintech trends and their implications for the financial industry and our everyday lives!

Better Integration With Mainstream Banking

Fintech trends that will overpower the market in 2022 show a general trend of better integration with mainstream banking. For example, consumers are beginning to rely on internet-based services for their credit and checking accounts, loans, investments, and retirement planning. 

One popular option for this integration is online banking or having your money invested via an e-account or app on your phone. These examples show how fintech trends, like better integration with mainstream banking, will soon dominate the market.

The fintech trends of better integration with mainstream banking will benefit consumers and businesses. Individuals can take advantage of online services to help them manage their finances, regardless of whether they bank online or not. Even those who choose traditional brick-and-mortar locations will appreciate being able to manage their accounts via smartphone apps and e-accounts.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a data structure that allows for very safe, encrypted digital transactions. Data is distributed to be constantly validated by other computers on the network, which reduces your chances of fraud or unapproved changes to data. 

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While blockchain has been best known for its connection with Bitcoin to transfer money through open ledgers without middlemen and banks, we’re seeing it used in ways that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency. 

Industry estimates predict blockchain will account for 30% by 2024. You can hire developer staff to work with you on any blockchain project you may want to tackle.

As fintech becomes increasingly digital, new opportunities arise to make money with software development. With a bigger push toward app development and tech startups, outsourcing software development will become increasingly popular over the coming years as more companies want to get on board with app development. 

India has been a dominant force in providing offshore software development services for many years due to excellent software developers and an education system consistently producing high-quality talent.

AI-Based Savings Platforms

New fintech trends have taken the markets by storm; some are AI-based savings platforms. The developments in these apps will allow for social investing, which provides an attractive option for startups and small businesses to reach a huge audience. In addition, these new investments are perfect for millennials who like to collaborate on financial decisions.

Millennials are used to fintech trends and are optimistic about their prospects. Forty-two percent of those surveyed by BAI Retail Tech said they would likely change jobs to work at a cutting-edge company that uses innovative fintech trend solutions, such as AI-based platforms. The coming years will see huge opportunities for startups that offer products that solve problems through innovation.

Improved Security Measures

Financial institutions and other companies increasingly turn to fintech app development services to promote increased security. One primary way these businesses enhance cybersecurity is by utilizing encryption when transferring data. Other fintech trends that have emerged are biometric authentication and anti-phishing tools.

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Biometric authentication creates a unique digital identification linked to physical features, such as fingerprints, voice recognition, or facial recognition. If a user is logging into an account or conducting financial transactions, he/she will be asked to provide one of these forms of authentication before doing so. Organizations are also using anti-phishing tools which protect their clients from scam websites that could steal personal information.

By integrating these new fintech trends into their software development services, fintech app development companies are enhancing security for businesses that store and transmit client data. With increased security comes increased protection of customer information and assets. Enhanced cybersecurity will probably increase customer loyalty and retention for online businesses like banks or large retailers.

Digital Payments

One of the biggest fintech trends to come on the scene this year is Zelle, which banks created to compete with cash and credit cards. Like Venmo, it is a digital wallet that facilitates instant money transfers between parties; however, unlike Venmo, it doesn’t use a social media platform to exchange payment information.

Another fintech trend to look out for is digital identity. Governments have been creating standardized digital identity protocols to protect against fraud and increase data security across institutions, making transactions much easier and more secure. Examples of these identities include Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, and Equifax SafeKey Identity Check.

Cloud Storage

Storing your data in the cloud offers you safety and accessibility but can sometimes be difficult to manage. Luckily, many companies offer fintech app development services to help with storage needs. It makes it easier to store all of your files in one place that is accessible to you regardless of your location. 

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Furthermore, many businesses use this service because it makes managing and accessing files across a team easier. It also saves money because people don’t have to buy external hard drives or upgrade their server space. You may also hire software developers from around the world who specialise in web design and mobile app development, depending on what you need for your business.

Prediction Based Financing

As long as people face circumstances of volatile global markets, we will see a need for innovative ways to finance themselves. To best serve their market, financial companies should work closely with  fintech software development companies in India that specialise in AI integration and automated solutions for borrowing money. 

Due to some legislation around predatory loans and overpriced lending rates this year, more banks are looking toward investments in fintech companies for future innovations. Therefore, investing now might help put your company ahead of the competition. Digital currencies may become a new way of taking out loans from traditional banks due to lower loan rates and better service by these other parties.


Fintech trends will continue to dominate the future as well. Whether you’re starting a new business or want to be on top of upcoming technology, now is the time to plan how your business will evolve.

If you want to stay competitive, now is a good time to start a new business. Developing a clear vision for your business will evolve. How can you leverage fintech trends to scale your business? What kind of services do you need to offer customers at that point?