SOC: Why Does Your Business Seriously Need It

Security Operations Services

Reducing losses after an IT disaster strikes is the worst strategy a business can have. It can lead to compounding losses, leaving business owners gasping for breath and running all over the place to salvage their company.

Continuous preventive measures are required to keep businesses out of harm’s way. Let’s find out the top ways you can do that.

First, last and best choice: Managed IT security services

Managed service providers (MSPs) are like your friends who have your back every step of the way. If your business has IT security issues continuously plaguing your business network, managed IT security firms are best equipped to deal with them.

MSPs have a separate team called a SOC (security operations center) that provides security operations services to businesses. They help secure the IT framework by monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents in a business’s IT environment.

My business is secure till now. I don’t need any SOC services

Many business officials, especially small business owners, think the same until the moment their business network crashes. However, they don’t know that 43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses and most of them are unable to defend themselves (as per Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study).

If that is the case, shouldn’t small businesses be the first ones to adopt these security measures? They should be!

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Here are a few main reasons to be convinced of the same.

Benefits of SOC

Managed IT security service providers deliver on the following areas:

  1. Cost-effective Security – When you outsource your IT security to an MSP, you get a high level of service at a much lower price than what you would have to pay if you hire an internal team for the same job.
  2. Up-to-date Tools – Emerging businesses don’t necessarily equip themselves with expert-level IT security. MSPs bring with them the latest security technologies to help companies keep themselves ahead of cybercriminals.
  3. Scalability – An in-house security team needs more equipment and managing capability if it is expanded. An external team of security specialists provided by an MSP can be expanded on demand without the client worrying about the hiring process and the subsequent headaches.
  4. Always on Call – SOC services by MSPs come with 24-7 support. No matter the time of day, someone will always be there to keep an eye on your business’s IT security.
  5. Customizable Solution – Every business has a different IT security requirement and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with cyber threats. MSPs take business needs into consideration to make a security strategy that works best for the particular business at the best possible price.

MSPs, who are the market leaders in their domain, provide total security solutions to businesses that cover all the necessary aspects to keep it safe and secure.

Measures under security operation services

Given below are the most common security services offered by MSPs:

  • Cybersecurity – The ever-expanding digital network has elicited the need for cybersecurity. It encompasses the measures taken to protect IT networks from cyber-attacks such as viruses, malware, ransomware, etc.
  • SIEM – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the toolkit containing measures to oversee, detect and remediate security threats on an immediate basis. Doing this continuously ensures that your IT network is free from vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud security – Every business is now using the cloud. The sad part is that every cybercriminal is aware of the same. Accomplished cloud security services by managed service providers help businesses evade the impending dangers that are always looking to attack unsuspecting employees. It also helps secure endpoints as businesses move towards home-based or hybrid work environments.
  • Compliance – Companies handling sensitive customer data must abide by certain industry regulations to uphold customer trust and prevent data breaches. MSPs are aware of these laws and make sure that their clients are following all IT rules to the T to eliminate any possibility for legal action.
  • Backup and disaster recovery – An IT network’s capability to bounce back after an attack is as important as preventing the attack. Building redundancies and data recovery alternatives are an excellent MSP’s specialty, helping businesses achieve peace of mind.
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Keeping all this in mind, one may be sure of what to look for but would still be looking for that one, good service provider who is trustworthy.

And your prayers have been answered!

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So, get a full-service managed IT, service provider, as your partner and enjoy the benefits of skilled professionals enhancing your business efficiency and workflow.