How to Keep Your Home Secure 

Home Secure 

Are you familiar with the chilling statistics about breaking and entering into people’s homes? The numbers don’t lie, and it looks like there are four burglaries happening every minute in the US. Scary? We think so too. And it’s not just overcrowded buildings that pose a risk; such robberies are common in the suburbs too, and many happen during the day. It seems like the picture painted by the movies is not exactly true – it’s not just the night that brings shady people out. Sadly, not many people take home security seriously, despite the numbers. Here are some tips you should definitely know:

Baby steps

Because there are many thing that can be done, planning home security can be overwhelming. This is where baby steps can and should be applied, even when they seem too obvious to even mention here. A lot of times, we simply take things for granted, such as the safety of our home and our neighborhood, which is bad. You should always make an effort and lock your doors and windows, but even more so, you should double check to see whether they’re really locked. You don’t want to find out the hard way that the latch is loose, or that you accidentally forgot to lock. Also, your WiFi network shouldn’t be unlocked but rather password protected, as this will prevent any outsiders from accessing your private information or connecting to your home security system.

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Become more private

Oftentimes, we overshare on the internet and social media. For some people, this is about recording memories and keeping them on social media for themselves to see, but a lot of times, this can give burglars and robbers a great insight into your routine and home layout. Every few months you should go through your friends and followers list on social media and delete anyone you don’t personally know. Approximately 75% of robbers use social media when looking and targeting potential victims. This is because people often unknowingly flaunt their wealth – a corner of an expensive computer in one photo, opulent jewelry in another, valuable paintings on the walls, etc. However, the most important step is not to post photos when on vacation, as this gives them green light to break into your home, since they know no one is there.

Mind the trash

This is a step that many people overlook because garbage is garbage and there’s nothing valuable there, right? On the contrary, the things you throw away can tell a lot about your family and your lifestyle. This is because burglars can pay attention to the boxes and labels of things you throw away, and if you’ve recently purchased an expensive piece of electronics, this might be their que to attempt to break in. when you buy electronics, workout equipment, jewelry, appliance parts, and designer clothes, try to keep the boxes for a while before you toss them away. Also, when you do toss those boxes on the curb, a good idea is to hide brand and product names first. That way, you are protecting your privacy and adding an additional layer of security.

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Don’t announce that you have a security system

Many people don’t even bother to get a home security system, which is a huge mistake. At other times, people with such systems in place make an even bigger one and post a sticker that says something along the lines of “This home is protected by XYZ security”. When robbers know what security system you use, they already have a great starting point because they can research ways to overcome or hack it. We understand that security systems are many on the market, but try to do your research, read reviews, and definitely get one that would work best for your family. Of course, you want to get a system that’s not only reliable but also affordable, so don’t feel bad about doing loads of research before you commit to one.

Get a lockbox for spare keys

We are very much used to hiding our spare keys in plain sight and around our front door. Unfortunately, this is also the first place burglars will look into. This means that they won’t even have to break into your house – they will have the key that you stashed in a place you thought safe. Your spare keys should be well-hidden even when within reach, so try to think of creative ways and places to stash them. Forget about keeping them under the welcome mats or flower pots near the door. The mailbox is a bit safer, but still too obvious, and you shouldn’t rely on the small lock to keep your spare keys protected. Remember, obvious hiding places are like an open invitation for robbers. Of course, while you sometimes can’t avoid these places when leaving a key for someone, it’s a good idea to keep it in a lock box because this will prevent everyone else from getting it.

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Fake that someone’s home

Your home is the most vulnerable when you’re away, which we already mentioned. So in addition to not flaunting your trips and vacations on social media, another good idea is to make your home look like it isn’t empty even when it is. By far the easiest thing to do is to have a light on in the living room and the hallway. Sadly, this is a common tactic so you might want to get a bit more creative and leave more lights on. A handy confusion tactic is to leave your car in the driveway, especially when you won’t be home for a bit longer period of time. Also, timed lighting outside but also indoors is a godsend, especially if you can program it to go on at different times every day. Bonus points for agreeing with your neighbor to collect your mail so that the pile of envelopes doesn’t give you away.

The sad truth is that there’s not a magic wand that’s going to make your home 100% protected, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to improve your home security. Be one of the homeowners who changes the narrative, and take progressive steps to protect your home from any intruders. You don’t want to look back and think of all the things you could have done to prevent a tragedy from happening in the first place. Being proactive will take you far, so don’t hesitate to ramp up your home security today.