4 Best Backend Web Development Languages!


The use of Backend programming languages for web development is increasing day by day. Thus, knowing about the best languages becomes crucial, which is challenging but not anymore. So what are the widely used backend languages for web development? We have created this incredible piece that you can look upon and gain knowledge of the best backend languages used for web development.

Backend Web Development is the set-up and upkeep of the website. It is considered to work at the backend to make the website look presentable and perform well with an impeccable user experience as well as faster loading. Generally, it comprises two facets: Frontend Development and Backend Development. And thus, the developers utilise multiple coding languages for their website development project.

Frontend Development includes Hypertext Markup Languages (HTML), CSS, and Javascript. In addition, the backend development consists of languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, and so on.

Let’s briefly discuss the meaning of frontend and backend web development. Frontend Web Development consists of developing the graphical user interface of a website via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows the user to view and interact with that website.

  • Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developers survey marked Javascript as the most commonly used language worldwide (69.7%), followed by Python (41.6%) and Java (38.4%)
  • According to Statista, Javascript and Java are in the most demand, with over 40% of recruiters hiring people with those programming skills.
  • Statista further states Python ranked third, with 38% of respondents searching for this skill when hiring.
  • W3techs cites that PHP is used by 77.6% of websites with server-side programming languages.
  • Idego states there are 43.73% of backend developers.

Although, backend development is the development that works on the server-side software. In other words, it focuses on the background of a web application or the unseen part of the software that the users and clients don’t interact with.

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Moreover, Backend developers ensure that the website brings off correctly, focusing on databases, backend logic, servers, and Application Programming interfaces (APIs).

When we talk about backend development, some best languages that come to mind are Java, C#, Python, and PHP. Further, we have described the widely used backend languages for web development:


Java is a programming language used for developing large, dependable web applications that mandate high-security measures to keep data safe. Because it is a flexible language, it is used by many digital platforms, including mobile devices and computers. And also it is used to create websites or web and desktop applications and tools. Java programs run through a standardised machine called Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Rather than allowing each programmer to run code on their self-machine.

Additionally, its operating system-agnostic capability makes it popular among many web and software development programmers. There are multiple resources from which new programmers can quickly learn how to use Java for thriving backend projects. The consistency of the JVM and the flexibility for which Java is used makes it a significant language to learn.

Some Java frameworks for backend web development are Struts, Spring, and Grail. Some popular websites that use Java programming language are LinkedIn, IRCTC, Yahoo, etc.


C# is a language that operates on numerous types of computers. Programmers usually use this language with frameworks like .NET to create a website’s internal structure and connect the client-server interactions for a fully functioning program. Also, it is considered a reliable choice for programmers for web and software development because of its uniqueness and firmness.

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This language is similar to the two most helpful backend programming languages, i.e., C and C++. If the basics of these two languages are clear, then C# becomes easier to learn. Furthermore, it is a perfect platform for beginners as its error-proof commands are aware of the issues before testing the program, simplifying troubleshooting.

In addition, one of the most C# frameworks that programmers use for backend development is .NET. Some popular websites that use C# are GoDaddy, Marketwatch, Stack Overflow, and many more.


Python focuses on framing up the object that contains data. It is an object-oriented language. An uncomplicated language with a simple structure makes it simple to read and debug. This is also an accessible language as numerous online learning published resources are available, which helps the trainees while learning. Google, one of the leading IT giant companies, relies on Python. It is one of the three main languages used by Google, whereas Java and C++ are the other two.

Python has many advantages, but the availability of a vast collection of standard libraries for web development makes the developer’s work easier and more systematic. Thus it is considered the number one advantage. It also includes a better reading of the code, trouble-free integration with other languages, easy portability, and various other advantages that make it a preferred language for web developers.

Along with that, Django, Flask, and Pyramid are some of the Python frameworks used for backend web development, and some popular websites that operate with Python language are Spotify, Pinterest, Instacart, etc.

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PHP is a wordplay for ‘hypertext preprocessor.’ This is a scripting language, meaning the code you write here goes through an interpreter for a computer to translate it into machine-readable code. PHP is convenient as it can be embedded into HTML, used for designing web applications and pages, and counted as a frontend tool.

PHP helps beginners check results using their backend coding as it dodges minor errors that don’t affect the outcome. Thus, it is another benefit of PHP. But this increases the importance of proper editing and testing to ensure accurate results.

Some other features of PHP can be its cross-platform compatibility. OOPs (Object Oriented Programming), features, easy-to-learn nature and support to various standard databases, huge community support, and many more.

Some PHP frameworks for backend web development are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc., and popular websites that use PHP are WordPress, MailChimp, Flickr, etc.

On a Final Note!

In the above blog, we have mentioned some of the best Backend languages for web development. This gives you an insight into the best languages, whether you are a learner or a business looking for backend web development.

However, if you are a business looking for your website development project, hiring a web development company with vast experience and a team of skilled techies will be a plus point for your business, as the work will be done under a stipulated timespan. Thus the project will be developed under expert guidance.

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