Top 6 Benefits of Using a Hosted QuickBooks for Manufacturing Business


QuickBooks is one of the fastest-growing accounting software in the world. It’s used by companies of all sizes to manage financial statements, track their revenues and expenses, and make sure they stay profitable. This software is perfect for manufacturers because it has industry-specific editions for manufacturing businesses to keep financial information up to date – in real-time.

What is Hosted QuickBooks for Manufacturing Businesses?

Hosted QuickBooks manufacturing is a cloud-based solution where the manufacturing edition of QuickBooks is hosted on a third party hosting provider’s server to be able to handle all the small and large business needs. It can check inventory, expenses, receivables, payroll, as well as other aspects of the business such as forecasting and budgeting from anywhere and anytime. Hosted QuickBooks manufacturing has already been used by many businesses across different industries.

Benefits of Hosted QuickBooks for Manufacturing Business

Hosted QuickBooks for manufacturing is a cloud computing solution that uses a third-party provider in order to store and manage the QuickBooks software and data.

The benefits of a hosted QuickBooks include:

-Reduced upfront cost

-Easy setup and maintenance

The Benefits of using QuickBooks are as follows:

– It allows the user to focus on the core business

– Increase in productivity due to reduced time on bookkeeping.

– Reduction in cost with increased accuracy of financial data.

– It allows the user to focus on their core business without worrying about its technical requirements.

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– Increased productivity due to reduced time spent on bookkeeping.

– The reduced cost associated with increased accuracy of financial data

– Work with the team in the same file from anywhere.

Here are a few more benefits listed.

  • Updates

The benefits of using a hosted QuickBooks are the ability to update the software on your own time without having to wait on someone to do it for you. With this, you are able to be up to date with the newest revisions of the software and provide your business with the most current and best accounting software. With software and updates, there is unlimited and free technical support. This means that there is someone who is available to help you with any problems you may have with the software and any issues that arise. They will be able to help you with any question you have and will also be able to give you advice on how to maximize your use of the software.

  • Security

QuickBooks is the best option for manufacturing businesses because of its security features. QuickBooks is the only accounting software with the highest level of security, which includes enterprise-level security features, protection of employees’ privacy, and audit-ready reports. With QuickBooks, all data is encrypted and backed up for security purposes. You can also customize employee privacy settings to give QuickBooks users the ability to customize what information they share with others. Finally, not only are your payroll records secure, but they are also easy to find with the Audit Trail Report.

  • Accessibility for Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing Businesses often need to store and access large amounts of data. QuickBooks for Manufacturing Business is an easy-to-use, hosted solution for manufacturing businesses like yours. With QuickBooks for Manufacturing Business, you’ll be able to manage all of your company’s financial data. The integration with QuickBooks Manufacturing Business will allow you to track and report on key financial metrics and ratios and also analyze and share your business data with others in your company. QuickBooks will digitize and store your invoices and billings, so you will never need to worry about running out of space on your computer or your scanner. You will also get access to the latest reporting and analysis tools, such as reports on inventory, cash flow, and profitability and you will be able to securely access QuickBooks from anywhere.

  • Tracking Inventory

QuickBooks manufacturing software has many features that can prove to be beneficial for manufacturing businesses. One of these features is the ability to track inventory. When wearing the regular QuickBooks for manufacturing software, this is not an available option with a singular click. This is available however with a singular click when using the hosted QuickBooks for manufacturing software. This comes in handy when trying to track inventory.

  • Optimizing Your BOMs (Bill of Materials)

QuickBooks for Manufacturing offers insights to optimize your bills of materials, inventory, and financials with ease. Optimize Bills of Materials QuickBooks for Manufacturing gives you an overview of your cost of goods with just a click. This capability allows you to optimize your bills of materials by viewing alternative costs per part in real-time. You can also compare alternative approaches with your existing setup to quickly see the best option.

  • Managing Financial Transactions

One of the essential tasks that any entrepreneur is responsible for is managing their company’s financial transactions. One way that many of these tasks can be handled is by using QuickBooks for Manufacturing. QuickBooks for Manufacturing is cloud-based accounting software that is accessible to all employees and has a plethora of features that will allow the business to avoid the headaches of managing their finances. QuickBooks for Manufacturing offers many benefits for a manufacturer with the most obvious being the ability to grant access to all employees. This streamlines the process of keeping records and making transactions. QuickBooks for Manufacturing also features a wide variety of reports that will allow a business to better understand its finances and where its profits are going.

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