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Substitute for TorrentFunk: TorrentFunk proxy

TorrentFunk Proxy acts as a substitute for one of the famous torrents, i.e., TorrentFunk. BitTorrent websites are highly used today as a medium for transferring large files. One such website is TorrentFunk. Since various torrent sites were blocked or restricted in many countries at that time, TorrentFunk was highly recommended among torrent lovers. Users can easily access the blocked content on this site. TorrentFunk is a vision that comes to reality for users who love torrent sites but cannot get access due to particular circumstances.

What is the TorrentFunk website?

At first, TorrentFunk is a torrent site where users can easily separate the content or any files. Using this site can download unlimited films, TV shows, software, etc. But when the government blocked its main website for unavoidable reasons, some of its creators came up with TorrentFunk proxy or mirror sites to help users quickly access their favorite content.

TorrentFunk verification system:

TorrentFunk websites provide verified torrents in a segment of its site called VERIPLUS. Here, all torrents in TorrentFunk are verified. Through this verification system, TorrentFunk is more secure for its users. It gives torrents in all groups. According to the sources, the site’s main page shows the top 50 torrents presently in the overall database. Apart from this, it has around 10 million torrents, out of which 2 million are verified and confirmed torrents.

This makes it easy for users to register and upload torrents to the website, and the verification system will automatically verify the torrents. There is also a highlight segment on the website where any random film or game is displayed. It has a FAQ segment, which has become a common feature of all websites. Here, the users can answer their common queries regarding BitTorrent protocol and websites. Questions such as how to operate these sites, their features, and how to get easy access. Recently, the website also has a popup. But still, it is one of the operating torrent sites today.

TorrentFunk Proxy

Advantages of TorrentFunk:

TorrentFunk is famous because it provides one of the best features. Some of its advantages and features are listed below-

  • The site holds a search bar in which it is written: “unblock”. When any user enters the torrent link, the link will automatically get unblocked.
  • The site contains a chart that records the names of all unblocked websites & torrents. The chart also has some helpful information such as the size of the file, uploader of the content, peers, etc.
  • Users can get the latest films, TV shows, animated series, etc., without much trouble.
  • TorrentFunk sites have an advanced search box where users can enter and search the link they want to unblock. The search box is divided into categories that have options like software, television, book, anime, music. Since the content is categorized, this makes the process for the users easy as they can access their favorite content quickly so that users can unblock that particular category quickly.
  • Apart from the above features, the search box also contains options such as content sort by size, uploader, name, and result so that the website unblocks the file quickly.

However, recently many TorrentFunk users have been facing problems accessing the site. They could not use or even visit TorrentFunk through its main domain. This issue is due to Internet laws as the website is being banned by many ISPs, i.e. internet service providers and countries.

If any of the users cannot access the site, it seems the website is blocked or restricted in their Internet connection. But, luckily the employees of the site have found a way for its users all over the world to access the content easily. If anyone wants to access TorrentFunk websites, there are different ways. The most common way users can use is by using proxy websites or VPN services. Although, using these proxy and VPN software and sites slows down the server connection. However, some sites can help users quickly connect to the server.

TorrentFunk Proxy Servers:

TorrentFunk proxy servers used to work as a connection between the user and the TorrentFunk website. It acts as a median between the users and the websites. These proxy servers offer different functions such as performance, safety, and privacy. These are based on the configuration, requirements, and also company policy.

To make it easy, if anyone uses a proxy server to access the main domain data, he will be taken through the proxy server to avoid unnecessary traffic. After that, the desired response is returned through the same proxy server. In this way, the proxy server shows the data acquired from the website to the user.

Following are the TorrentFunk Proxy or Mirror websites-

Latest TorrentFunk Proxy & Mirror Site List

Proxy/Mirror Speed Fast/Very Fast Fast/Very Fast Fast/Very Fast Fast/Very Fast Fast/Very Fast Fast/Very Fast Fast/Very Fast
S. No. TorrentFunk Proxy / Mirror Sites Status Speed
1 Online Very Fast
2 Online Very Fast
3 Online Very Fast
4 Online Very Fast
5 Online Very Fast
6 US Proxy Online Very Fast
7 UK Proxy Online Very Fast
8 Online Very Fast
9 TorrentFun Alternative Online Very Fast
10 Online Very Fas

Torrentfunk Web Proxies

Web Proxy Speed Normal/Fast Normal/Fast Normal/Fast Normal/Fast Normal/Fast Normal/Fast Normal/Fast

Other TorrentFunk Proxy Alternative  Websites are as follows-

  • 1337x Proxy
  • YTS Proxy
  • Rarbg Proxy
  • Limetorrents Proxy
  • Torrentz2 Proxy
  • IsoHunt Proxy
  • Idope Proxy
  • Eztv Proxy
  • Demonoid Proxy
  • Skytorrents Proxy –

This is considered one of the great proxies of TorrentFunk’s official site. This popularity is because it has a massive storage of torrent files. The users can easily find most of their favorite content categorized as TV shows, films, games, books, etc. They can have all of their desired files and easily access the rest of the stored torrents.

This proxy site is another good option to be a TorrentFunk mirror site. This site has a variety of the latest TV shows, movies, web series, and anime. On this site, the users get the advantage of directly downloading torrent file to their devices. They can also use the magnet links to browse around and download their desired material and favorite content.

This is one of the best proxy sites after the original TorrentFunk website. It has got a wide variety of content that the users want nowadays. These are grouped into the latest films, TV shows, games, songs, and web series. The site’s user interface (UI) is straightforward and user-friendly, so the users have no issues using the site.


TorrentFunk is one of the most used torrent sites. Because it contains all the latest TV shows, movies, books, games, software, anime, etc., it is popular among users. Since it got restricted in various countries, its developers came up with new ways for its users to easily access their favorite content. This way is what is called TorrentFunk proxy or mirrors. Currently, there are various proxy websites for the main domain. So, the users can get easy access to these sites.

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