6 Reasons You Need Email Automation For Your Business

Email Automation

Running a manual email campaign and successfully staying on top of all the related tasks, including scheduling and updating contact information, can be overwhelming. Forbes recommends you consider setting time and resources aside to invest in and adopt email automation to gain full benefits.

Email automation permits your brand to send out useful, prompt, and personalized emails to prospective and existing clients. Consequently, email automation can help your brand convert incoming web traffic into a sustainable income stream, leading to your company’s growth.

Here are six major reasons you require email automation for your business:

1. Enhances Relationship With Leads

Email is arguably still the most effective strategy for nurturing relationships with leads. Whereas blast emails can offer an excellent beginning to your email marketing campaign, drip emails are perfect for nurturing long-term relations with leads. That’s because drip emails deliver relevant information at the right time and to the right target audience.

Moreover, drip emails can help your business to automate sending of emails by eliminating the tedious manual task of scheduling. Furthermore, email automation allows you to send emails customized to prospects at different phases of the Buyer’s Journey.

Therefore, this guarantees that each lead receives the most useful content, helping you nurture long-term relationships with your leads. More importantly, you only have to set it once and leave the automation to do the rest daily.

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2. Expands Your Company’s Global Reach

Can you think of another marketing tool other than the email that permits you to precisely target your marketing campaign to millions of leads globally in real-time? Perhaps social media, through a LinkedIn automation bot, could help you target a significant number of leads worldwide.

However, with such marketing tools, you never get to understand who is reading your content. On the contrary, with an automated email workflow, you can laser-target leads anytime, anywhere, and worldwide.

3. Enhances Customer Experience For Your Target Audience

Contemporary consumers prefer personalized customer experiences that give them control over what content they want to receive. Therefore, your marketing team must desist from sending overly sales-oriented emails and instead focus on more relevant emails that aim at persuading rather than coercing. After all, providing your leads and customers with exceptional customer experience is critical for conversions and repurchases.

4. Email Automation Helps Lower Marketing Costs

Nowadays, you don’t have to assemble a large sales team to make cold calls to attract new leads. You can deliver automated email workflows to prospects whenever they’re ready and willing to be contacted.

Moreover, with the many marketing automation tools and technologies providing simple user interfaces and configurations, even your less tech-savvy marketers can use them. Ultimately, since email is affordable, your brand can reap the benefits of email automation without straining you financially.

5. It Allows You To Track Your Analytics Easily

Another key reason you need email automation for your business is how easy it is to track performance analytics. Many email automation tools allow you to assess conversion rates and click-through, among other analytics features. That way, you can easily establish your campaign’s vulnerabilities and how to optimize them.

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Moreover, rectifying errors in automated email campaigns is simple, enabling your business to be dynamic and adaptive. All these features are crucial in providing your brand with a competitive advantage in the market.

6. Email Automation Offers The Opportunity To Send Personalized Emails

Email automation is a unique marketing approach since it’s tailored to each prospect’s individual preferences based on the details they provide. With the help of email automation, your marketing team can send direct, customized emails that surpass your prospect’s name.

Your team can accomplish this by referencing the actions prospects made to initiate that email and reach them on a human level to develop trust in your company. For instance, suppose a client buys an item or signs up to receive your newsletter. In such a situation, your team knows that’s something the user is interested in, and this initiates the workflow and automates emails on related subject matters.


Having learned why you need email automation for your brand, try implementing one to start reaping the benefits of automated emails.