How To Make Potions In Minecraft?

If you wonder how to make potions in the Minecraft world, you are in the right spot. Here we will tell you the process of making potions and their benefits in the game.

Minecraft has gone from being a small, unknown indie game to one of the biggest, most influential, and most popular games of all time. Players even take the time to speedrun the game. Since it was first launched, the game has gone through a number of changes and updates. Some of these updates were just to replace the mods to give the players a better experience. Also, these updates help in errors like the Minecraft launcher not opening.

Some updates added much-needed improvements to the quality of life in the game, while others add new systems, environments, difficult encounters, and more. It’s not surprising that the game has become so big and has so much content. Potions are one of these things added to the game. Potions help with many different parts of the game, like mining, taking on hard bosses, and exploring.

It’s clear that potions are a key part of the game’s loose way of moving forward. They also make it easier to win in battle, on the hunt, in the boat, and in other parts of the game. Here’s an explanation of how to make potions in Minecraft and why they’re so helpful.

Proper Procedure To Make Potions In Minecraft Game

In this Minecraft brewing guide, we’ve listed everything you’ll need, such as some of the most basic ingredients and what they do. First, we’ll talk about the important tools you will need to get started on your way to becoming a professional brewer. Then, we’ll talk about the ingredients you will be mixing. So, without further ado, here is a beginner’s guide to brewing potions in Minecraft.

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Brewing Equipment

To make potions in the Minecraft world you need to have some of the basic brewing equipment. Below are the necessary equipment required for the process:

Water Bottle

All potions start with a glass bottle that is filled with water from a well or cauldron.

Glass Bottle

It was used in a place with water to make a bottle. Is also the bottle for the potion.

Blaze Powder

It is used to fuel the brewing stand and is considered the fuel for brewing.


It can hold one bucket of water or three bottles of the same potion. The cauldron is the same as three bottles of glass.

Brewing Stand

It was used to put things into water bottles and mix them together.

Ingredients And Process To Make Potion In Minecraft

The first thing added to the brewing stand in the process is the base ingredients. Every potion needs a base ingredient, which tells you what kind of potion it is. Below is a list of the base ingredients, along with the type of potion they make.

Ingredient Potion Type
Dragon’s Breath Lingering Water Bottle
Gunpowder Splash Water Bottle
Fermented Spider Eye Potion Of Weakness
Glowstone Dust Thick Potion
Redstone Dust Mundane Potion
Nether Wart Awkward Potion


The effect of a modifier is when an ingredient is used at the end of making a potion to change or improve it. The effective ingredient, which is also called the secondary ingredient, is added to the base ingredient. Below are the ingredients and their effects mentioned:

Ingredient Effect
Fermented Spider Eye Poison
Phantom Membranes Slow Falling
Turtle Shell Water Breathing
Ghast Tear Regeneration
Blaze Powder Strength
Golden Carrot Night Vision
Magma Cream Fire Resistance
Pufferfish Water Breathing
Glestring Mellon Healing
Rabbit’s Foot Swiftness
Sugar Swiftness
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Element ingredients will have an effect on what kind of potion is made. Also, you can find brewing in both the Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Education Editions. It uses the following elemental ingredients to cure blindness, poison, weakness, and sickness.

Brewing is a great skill to have in Minecraft if you are ready to leave the safety of your mining sanctuary. Now that you know the basics of Minecraft and how to make potions. You can try different brewing recipes to make potions that help you survive in the game. At some point, you will be able to use these recipes to make tipped arrows that will make you an expert in archery and killing phantoms in Minecraft.

Benefits Of Making Potions In Minecraft

It is easy to see what is good about making potions in Minecraft. Potions improve a player’s experience in unique ways. For example, “Instant Health” potions can heal a player quickly in a dangerous situation. While “Fire Resistance” potions make it easier to move through the Nether and mine in deep caves.

There are Potions for Strength that make a player’s melee (avatar) attacks do more damage. Additionally, there are Potions of Swiftness that make a player move faster. There is even a Potion for Night Vision that helps the players see better in dark caves and at night. Unlocking these abilities makes potions a very important part of the game.

Final Words

Brewing potions is an important part of Minecraft’s endgame, and some bosses and areas can’t be reached or defeated without using the potions system. For example, the Ender Dragon and the Wither. Potions are also important for staying alive in high-difficulty gameplay modes, where the player needs to use everything in their arsenal to deal with threats as well as challenges. Above we have explained to you the process and advantages of making potions in the game. If you have any further queries regarding the same, you can share them with us.

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