Real-World Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

The technology sector is seeing a lot of advancements for the last few decades. There was a time when the internet was a revolutionary thing. But why? Because it helped us in accessing the desired information from any corner of the world. 

Then came the era of Wi-Fi, Apps, AI, ML, Blockchain, etc. And all of them made an equal impact on mankind. But one particular technology that is garnering the serious attention of businesses, customers, and the government for some time is IoT. 

Yes, this particular technology has the potential to boost the efficiency of work in different sectors, if utilized properly. But to attain such a goal, you may need to take technical help from the best IOT App Development Company.

Want to know why? Well, it is for the simple reason that they know how to integrate different devices into your existing system, enable them to collect and exchange crucial data, and most importantly, access the required information from a well-built app to make data-driven decisions. 

This way, you will be able to prevent yourself from making future losses and enable yourself to achieve better results. But before you can make all this feasible, you need to have some instrumental resources at your disposal. 

For instance, an IoT app. And to get that, it makes sense to hire a top IOT App Development Company. Ok? Got it? If yes, it is time to move ahead with:

What are some key statistics about IoT shared by an IOT App Development Company?

  1. The IoT Industry is predicted to be valued at $1 trillion by the end of 2024.
  2. The video entertainment category is receiving more spending than the rest of the IoT categories combined. 
  3. Smart home spending has upsurged at a sharp rate between 2015 to 2019.
  4. Consumer media acquired $100 billion of revenue in 2022.
  5. The main focus of IoT is forecasted to be sensor processing in the upcoming days.
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Thus, if you find it is a wise decision to invest in IoT and grow your organizational efficiency, we would suggest having a word with a globally-acknowledged IOT App Development Company.

What is IoT as per an IOT App Development Company?

IoT is an advanced platform with various connected devices, where each gadget interacts with others through the internet. The main job of these devices is to collect and exchange monumental data with each other. And this ability of embedded devices allows them to interact and learn from one another, just like normal humans. 

Please remember, IoT is such a useful technology that has the potential to make a city smart. This technology works using predictive analysis and machine learning, and the combination of both these inventions can result in an efficiency increment in certain work areas easily.

How does IoT work according to an IOT App Development Company?

Just to let you know, IoT gadgets gather the required information and provide it to a central server. Then, the central data server processes, filters, and carries out several other tasks based on the given information. Thus, there are many entities and individuals who reap the benefits of IoT applications, such as:

  1. Businesses 
  2. Consumers 
  3. Government 

Some solid examples of IoT devices include:

  1. Laptops 
  2. Smartphones 
  3. Coffee machines 
  4. Refrigerators 
  5. Google Home
  6. Fitbits
  7. Apple watches

All these machines are equipped with a robust internet connection and sensors that make them capable of being used for IoT applications. Apart from this, if you want to know what other devices can be utilized for IoT applications, you can always get in touch with an excellent IOT App Development Company.   


What are some real-world applications of IoT?

  1. Agriculture 

Agriculture is indispensable for the existence of human beings on this planet. And the way the population is increasing all over the world, it is no easy feat to maintain such large-scale agriculture without a massive revolution. 

And that’s where IoT comes in. Using IoT applications with farming can play a major role in increasing overall production and fulfilling the food requirements of millions of people across the globe. 

If the words of an exceptional IOT App Development Company are to be believed, IoT applications can translate into precision farming. And all this happens with the use of analytical data to interpret:

  1. Soil moisture level 
  2. Climatic changes 
  3. Plant requirements

Resultantly, it ramps up the yield and promotes efficient use of resources. 

  1. Smart home application 

Smart homes are probably the most common use case among all IoT applications. A smart home functions with the active use of many IoT applications. For example, smart home devices garner information and share it with each other in an integrated space. 

Then, these gadgets automate their actions based on the preference of the homeowner. And all this is feasible only when the aforementioned electronics engage in a learning process to get a good idea of the preferences of their owner.

There are multiple use cases out there when it comes to smart home appliances. Take, for instance, Smart Thermostats. They check on and control the home temperature to suit the comfort preferences of the owner. Besides that, there is smart lighting, where the lamps adjust the lighting condition depending on the homeowner’s preferences and external lighting.

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Now, if you want to learn more about how IoT devices and applications can aid in making your home smart, please reach out to a premier IOT App Development Company on the cloud.      

  1. Environment 

Another area where IoT can make a major difference is in the preservation of bees. Yes, honey bees are facing too many issues with their survival in this polluted world. Climate change is affecting these creatures too. However, by integrating IoT devices, beekeepers can become more capable of preserving hives. 

Using IoT with embedded sensors, it is a breeze to be informed about hive temperature, the quantity of food available in the hive, and more importantly, the pollen collection. This way, the lifespan of bees can be improved. On top of that, IoT can turn out to be useful in waste management, allowing people to take better care of the environment. 

The end remarks 

Now, if you found this primer informative and want to make the best use of the learned information, kindly speak to a cutting-edge Mobile App Development Company specializing in IoT to develop an efficiency-centric solution.  


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