Screen-Free Activities: Engaging Alternatives for Kids in a Tech-Driven World

Tech-Driven World

Notably, we live in a highly digital and tech-driven world – we need smartphones, laptops and the internet to do many things. We also use them for fun and to fill any gaps we have during the day. As kids see us using our phones constantly, they consider it usual and how they should behave too. So, we must show our kids by example that there are other things we can enjoy besides phones, laptops and generally the internet. Engaging in screen-free activities has so many benefits for kids, and there are so many awesome things they can do – we will give you examples in this blog post.

We will share some ideas for engaging screen-free activities for kids aged 0-2, 2-5 and 6-12, so you will surely find something appealing for your kid(s). Keep reading to learn more.

Screen-free activities for kids aged 0-2

Songs and nursery rhymes

Kids belonging to this category love music and movement, so that’s why listening to songs and nursery rhymes is a great option to go for. You can teach your kids some simple songs with basic movements – they find that amusing. It is also great for developing their language skills. This is one of the most popular activities for kids of this young age at preschool, such as Insight Early Learning.

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Another popular activity for kids in this group is reading. There are so many entertaining books you can get for your kids. Kids love those 3D or pop-out books. They are usually about animals and everyday things. It is good to show kids that print books can also be as amusing as various screen activities.


Every kid loves painting, so use that to your advantage. You can buy all kinds of colouring books for this particular age. You can also engage in free painting, painting outside, painting a mural, painting on a wall, etc. The sky is your limit!

Sensory board

A sensory board is also known as the busy board, as it can keep your toddler entertained for hours on end. Not only is it amusing, but it is also great for developing your toddler’s fine motor skills. Getting a sensory board is something we highly recommend.


Playdough is so much fun, both kids and adults love it! Nowadays, you can get various play dough sets with shaping moulds to make some animals, fruits and veggies out of play dough. It is colourful and involves kids using their hands and fingers.


If your toddler has extra energy, creating an obstacle course is a sure way to burn off that extra energy. You can set it up either indoors or outdoors. You will need various objects kids can jump into, jump over, climb, crawl through, or something similar. Kids love being challenged in this way.

Screen-free activities for kids aged 2-5

Building a fortress

Moving on to our second group of kids from 2-5. Kids in this age range are more wise, so you can keep them engaged with more complex screen-free activities, such as building a fortress. Every kid loves building a fortress! It is their own real-life adventure.

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Treasure hunt

A treasure or scavenger hunt is an excellent activity for bored kids, as it will surely get them excited. It requires you to take some time to plan the hunt and hide objects, but it is worth it as it keeps kids engaged for quite some time. You should consider their age and skills when hiding objects – you don’t want to make it too easy or hard.

Exploring outdoors

If you are having trouble engaging your kid in some screen-free activity indoors as they find everything that’s not a screen boring, you can take your kids outside. It is a great distraction. You can go to a local park, hiking in the woods, or cycling.


Role-playing is beneficial for kids. If you have some toy sets (and you probably do), you can roleplay various everyday situations: at the shop, post office, market, the doctor’s and so on. It builds confidence, creativity and communication skills. Try it out!

Memory games

Who doesn’t love a great game of memory cards? Kids love it, and it keeps them engaged for a while. There are many themes when it comes to memory card sets. You can start with simpler ones, such as featuring animals, fruits and veggies. You can level up the sets as your kid becomes better in the game.


Baking cookies such as gingerbread or something similar is what kids usually enjoy. It is a fun activity with a tasty result – who wouldn’t love it?! Even if you don’t have ideas, you can find so many simple recipes online

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There are so many excellent and varied colouring books to buy for kids of different ages. You can get whatever your kid likes, and a quality colouring pencils set and your kid will surely enjoy their time colouring.

Screen-free activities for kids aged 6-12

Mountain biking

Plenty of fun activities exist for the third group of kids aged 6-12. The first one we will mention is mountain biking. If your kid has extra energy and likes sports, consider some easy trails for mountain biking. You can even make it a family activity.

Martial arts

Some kids love martial arts. If your child is keen on it, enrol them in a course you think is best for them.


Camping is a unique experience every child should have if possible. Some kids love it, while others do not. However, you need to try it to know. You can take your family to a camping spot and spend a night or two there.

Board games

Kids in this age range can play a variety of fun board games. Again, it is something you can play together as a family. Try different ones to see which ones you like the best.


Building things with Lego is always a good thing. As Lego can be pretty complex, younger kids can only build some basic things with Lego. As kids get older, they can build anything with Lego. So, buy them various sets and have them be creative!

These are just some of the many activities you can use to engage your kids of different ages. Use the internet for some more creative ideas.