Social Media Usage Statistics for Digital Marketers in 2022

Are you aware that, on average, 11 new users sign up for every minute on social media? It’s safe to affirm that social media has become a part of users’ daily lives from all over the world. Because of the huge amount of users who have used digital media in the past couple of years, it’s more important than ever to keep an online presence. One of the most useful ways to comprehend the strategies you use for your social media is to pay to the statistics published annually on social media. Let’s look at the data in greater specific detail.

How Many People Use Social Media?

Over 4.5 billion people today are active on the internet, and more than 3.8 billion use any other social media platform. How do you filter all 3.8 billion people who use social media to identify your ideal customers? Examining every social media website is an excellent way to identify the most appropriate site to target your efforts.

Facebook Statistics

Facebook is the largest popular platform, with a user base of approximately 60 percent of Internet users. This vast reach gives you numerous opportunities to advertise your brand, including Facebook pages and ads. The platform is suitable to promote B2C and B2B and has a wide range of advertising methods, targeting options, and options for measuring that can be adapted to virtually each marketing stactic. The following information is available in 2020 and 2021

  • 2.89 billion monthly active users. (Statistica)
  • A majority of marketers use Facebook to promote their brand’s marketing efforts. (Sprout Social)
  • A majority of advertisers use Facebook advertisements. (Emarketer)
  • 77% of customers tell us that they would rather purchase from a brand they enjoy on social media than one they do not. (Sprout Social)
  • Over 200 million small-scale companies around the world use Facebook Pages. (Oberlo)
  • Sixty-five percent of Facebook users are under the age of 35. (Statistica)
  • 98.3% (of the active) Facebook users have accessed the social media platform on mobile devices. (Statistica)
  • The number of time users spend on Facebook each month amounts to 19.5 hours. (Oberlo)
  • Business decision-makers spend an average of 74 percent more time on Facebook than other Facebook users. (Medium)

Instagram Statistics

Instagram is one of the most-loved platforms due to the frequent updates and continuous stream of continuously upgraded features. In the first quarter of 2019, Instagram was testing the new design of its display for IGTV alongside Instagram Stories, the “like hiding” feature in the U.S., and the “Reels” part, which is similar to TikTok. With its continuous focus on keeping up with the changing technology, it does not a surprise that Instagram has seen a significant increase in user engagement and numbers. Check out the graph below:

  • Better than 1 billion monthly active users- a 42.86 percent increase from 2017 when there were 700 million. (Statistica)
  • Ninety percent of Instagram users conduct businesses on this social networking platform. (Instagram)
  • The average post on Instagram has 10.7 hashtags. (Oberlo)
  • 70% of customers are less than age 35. (Statistica)
  • Over 500 million users utilize Instagram stories each day. (Sprout Social)
  • A typical percentage of engagement was 1.22 percent in all industries. (Sprout Social)
  • Seventy-eight percent of Instagram users think their Instagram posts are the most effective marketing method for influential individuals. (Marketing Charts)
  • 71% of U.S. businesses use Instagram. (Oberlo)
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Twitter Statistics

Twitter can be proud of itself as the platform to explore, focusing on the most recent developments and happenings today. In actuality, the average tweet lasts an average that is between 18-24 hours. This means that tweets will receive most of their interactions in the initial 30 mins after publishing. Twitter is also one of the most useful tools for customer support. Many companies advise their clients to reach them with questions or express concerns. The typical response time is 24 hours; Twitter provides a range of options to increase the customer experience with your business. What else does Twitter provide?

  • One hundred forty million active users per day. (Twitter)
  • 500 million tweets a day and 6,000 tweets are sent every second. (David Sayce)
  • The largest part of Twitter’s users is American 20. (Statistica)
  • Users are twice as likely to be exposed to ads via the website than on any other

platform like it. (Hootsuite)

    • Seventy-seven percent of users on Twitter are more positive about the brand’s reputation when their tweets are answered. (Brand Watch)
    • Brands send on average 0.86 tweets each day. They are engaged on average at 0.048 percent. (Sprout Social)
    • 38% of 18-29-year-olds in the U.S. use Twitter. (Statistica)
    • Twelve percent of Americans consume news through Twitter. (Journalism)
    • Tweets with hashtags receive more engagement, up to 100. (Sendible)

LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn initially was an employment site, but it soon became a professional social network site where users can learn about themselves. This implies that LinkedIn will be your most efficient choice to promote content, especially for B2B-oriented businesses. LinkedIn has specific opportunities for reaching your target viewers, for example, the title of your job and industry-leading lead generation, which is more effective than other platforms. Sixty-two percent of users believe that LinkedIn can generate approximately 1-2 times more prospects than the different social media platforms. Find more statistics below:

  • The service currently has around 700 million members who use it. (Linkedin)
  • Thirty million businesses are registered on LinkedIn. (Hootsuite)
  • About 45 percent of marketers have found customers through the platform. (Sprout Social)
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Sixty-five percent of B2B companies have used LinkedIn’s paid ads to attract customers. (Neil Patel)

Ninety-five percent of B2B content marketers utilize LinkedIn for natural advertising on content. ( Content Marketing Institute)

A majority (61%) of the users fall aged between 25 to 34. (Statistica)

About 57% of all traffic is generated via mobile devices. (Tech Jury)

The employees of its company cause a company’s involvement on LinkedIn. (Linkedin)

4 out of 5 members on Linkedin are the most influential decision-makers. ( Influencer Marketing Hub)

Pinterest Statistics

While LinkedIn has the distinction of being the largest and most well-known B2B social network, its strengths lie in its B2C market. Sixty-four percent of users view Pinterest as a place to find products, ideas, or services they trust. More statistics are below:

  • Pinterest has more than 300 million active users. (Pinterest)
  • Seventy-one percent 71% of Pinterest customers are female. (macrotrends)
  • Seventy-seven percent of weekly pinners have encountered an innovative brand or product on the platform. (Pinterest)
  • 98% of active users have said they’ve looked at new items discovered on Pinterest. (Sprout Social)
  • Most users have purchased something from the content they found on Pinterest. (Hootsuite)
  • The median age of 40, However, many of the users are less than 40. (Statistica)
  • Twenty-eight percent of marketers use Pinterest. (Oberlo)
  • Eighty-nine percent of people use Pinterest to decide what they would like to purchase. (Pinterest)
  • Fifty percent of users have bought products after a pin was advertised. (Sprout Social)

Benefits of Social Media Statistics

Statistics on the use of social media are useful in constructing an effective plan for marketing using social media. The statistics can reveal what users are doing, which platforms they’re on, what kind of content is making them convert, and what areas they’re most interested in. This is why they’re an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to expand or establish the reach of their online social media platforms. You can then create more specific posts concerning the audience you wish to reach.


Concerning your customers, information on social media may give you a glimpse into what demographics are prevalent among your clients. They could be able to tell you about their gender, age, and more specific details such as jobs and interests. This information is essential in deciding how to craft and convey your message.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

With more and more people using Facebook and Twitter, it’s not unexpected that using social media in marketing has become a crucial part of the success of a digital marketing plan. Social media supplies a means for businesses to gain access to cost-effective marketing, interact with their targeted audience and improve the trust of their clients.

Increased Site Traffic

When you post posts on your social networks, you’re providing people with a reason to click through to your website. This is why it’s important to create content specifically tailored to the intended users. Posting blog posts and sharing them that answer questions or provide insights into the issues that your readers are experiencing may lead them to click through and eventually become leads on your site.

Establish Relations with your target audience

A business with a strong relationship with its customers will grow its revenues by a significant amount. If you can show a connection with your intended audience and your customers, you’re telling them about your company’s activities and establishing trust for your company. Engaging your customers by responding to their remarks and mentions is feasible. Social media platforms are also great places to showcase positive feedback from customers.

Tell Your Story

Behind every successful business is a compelling tale People are attracted to stories. The people who don’t know anything about your company might find it more interesting if they know what you do and the reasons you’re doing it. They’ll be able to relate to your story on a personal scale, which makes your brand more memorable and more likely to gain their trust.

Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is the most effective way of improving your brand’s visibility. This is accomplished by creating visually appealing content that continually reflects your brand’s image. The objective is to entice the attention of potential customers who want to buy and make sure that your brand stays on their minds. This requires effort to create appealing and engaging content regularly.

Social Media Strategy

Suppose you’ve read the numbers and are looking to get involved in the fun. If yes, then you’re in the right spot! We analyze social media and other marketing channels on the internet to develop the best plan for you based on your goals. If you’d like more about this, then contact us now!