10 Awesome Video Ideas To Make You Stand Out On Instagram


Imagine a world where your Instagram feed isn’t just a carousel of static images but a vibrant tapestry woven with dynamic videos that pop, sizzle, and captivate. In the bustling bazaar of social media, it’s the moving picture that’s king, commanding attention and whispering sweet nothings to the algorithm gods. As the digital landscape evolves, the gravitas of visual content in social media marketing burgeons, making videos an indispensable knight in your promotional armory. 

This article unfurls a treasure map to the X that marks the spot – 10 Awesome Video Ideas To Make You Stand Out On Instagram. Whether you’re a seasoned social media savant or a budding brand, these creative and practical video ideas will set you on a voyage to conquer hearts, minds, and feeds across Instagram’s vast ocean of content.

The Power of Video on Instagram

Instagram’s visual smorgasbord has seen a seismic shift with the rising popularity of video content. No longer just a photo-sharing app, Instagram is now a platform where videos drive a compelling narrative for brands and creators alike. It’s not just about being seen—it’s about creating a visual handshake that says, “Hey, stick around for the show.”

Videos on this platform aren’t just eye candy; they are potent tools for boosting engagement, reach, and conversions. You’ll quickly glance at the numbers and find that videos have the Midas touch, transforming viewers into engaged followers and customers. For example, a brand that teases its audience with a snappy, 30-second tutorial might see its “like” pile grows faster than a beanstalk.


Ever wonder what the secret sauce is in your favorite brand’s recipe for success? That’s the kind of curiosity behind-the-scenes content can satisfy. It’s like being given a backstage pass to the most exclusive areas of a business. 

  • Show the making of a product or service, weaving a tale of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Invite followers into your world by sharing the quirks and camaraderie of your team’s daily routines and office culture.

By giving your audience a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes, you’re not just sharing content; you’re telling a story and building a community anchored in transparency and trust.

User-Generated Content

Imagine your followers as an untapped creative resource – that’s the magic of user-generated content (UGC). It’s like a digital word-of-mouth, magnifying your brand’s credibility as real users showcase their love for your products. To cultivate a garden of UGC, start by sparking the flame of inspiration. 

  • Run a hashtag campaign to make gathering content a breeze.
  • Feature user creations on your profile, giving them a moment in the spotlight.
  • Reward the most creative entries to keep the UGC train chugging along.

Need proof? Look at how Brand X amplified its reach by featuring user tutorials. The result? A surge in engagement and an online community buzzing with brand advocates.

Product Demonstrations

Imagine your Instagram page as a vibrant stage where your products are the show’s stars. Product demonstration videos are not just about flaunting what you sell; they convey stories of functionality and innovation. 

  • Deploy creative storytelling to highlight how your product solves problems or enhances daily life.
  • Bring the features and benefits to life, leveraging the power of visual cues and demonstrations.
  • Incorporate user interaction, such as real-time responses to questions about the product during a live video.

By infusing personality and energy into your demos, you’re showcasing a product and building a narrative around your brand. Reach new peaks on Instagram with Likedash. Take a leaf out of the books of Instagram success stories where products became household names through compelling demos that left viewers itching to hit the ‘buy’ button.

Influencer Collaborations

Imagine having a secret ingredient that could sprinkle your brand with a dash of charisma and a lot of reach. That’s where influencer collaborations come into play. In the digital dance hall of Instagram, pairing up with influencers is like having the best dancing shoes – it gets you noticed. 

By teaming up with influencers, your video content can sashay beyond your audience, waltzing into the vast ballrooms of their followers. 

  • Find influencers who mirror your brand’s ethos and have a genuine connection with their audience.
  • Create content that feels natural to the influencer’s style while highlighting your product or message.
  • Track the performance to understand the impact and refine future collaborations.

Successful examples? Take a peek at how a fashion brand’s collaboration with a style icon led to a trendy video series – talk about a wardrobe refresh for your feed!

Customer Testimonials

The magic of social proof lies in its power to sway opinions and foster trust. Imagine a potential customer, teetering on the edge of a decision, suddenly convinced by the genuine praise of those who have already taken the plunge. That’s the clout customer testimonials carry, especially when captured in video for your Instagram audience. 

  • Put a spotlight on those beaming faces and satisfaction stories; they’re your brand’s victory chants.
  • Encourage your clientele to share their experiences in their natural habitat – whether a cozy corner of their home or the hustle of their daily life.
  • Let the authenticity ooze as they speak; unedited joy is contagious.

Scroll through your Instagram feed, and you’ll likely stumble upon shining examples of testimonials turning into triumphs. These aren’t just videos but visual handshakes between your brand and future customers.

Interactive Challenges and Contests

Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? Interactive challenges and contests on Instagram are like throwing a virtual party where everyone’s invited, and the confetti is user engagement. They’re turbochargers for brand awareness and can seriously boost your engagement meter. To get the ball rolling:

  1. Spark creativity with a hashtag challenge related to your brand, inviting followers to share their renditions.
  2. Launch a contest that rewards the most creative video entry. Bonus points for originality!
  3. Always ensure your call-to-action is as clear as a bell so participants know how to join the fun.

Get your audience’s creative juices flowing and watch your Instagram presence bloom like a social media spring.

Educational and How-To Videos

Imagine turning your Instagram feed into a treasure trove of knowledge that informs and engages. Educational and how-to videos are the digital equivalents of having a wise owl in your pocket, offering a blend of wisdom and practicality that can establish your brand as an authority in your field. 

  • Share insider tips or industry-specific advice that resonates with your niche.
  • Craft bite-sized, easy-to-follow how-to videos that solve everyday problems.
  • Use clear, visually appealing demonstrations to highlight your product’s applications.

Businesses that effectively leverage educational content witness a growth in followers and a community of engaged learners. 

Inspirational and Motivational Content

In the ever-spinning world of Instagram, nothing tugs at the heartstrings quite like a dose of inspiration and motivation. These videos are the digital equivalent of a high-five; they uplift and energize your audience, creating an emotional handshake between your brand and its followers. 

Crafting videos that weave inspiring stories, sprinkle in soul-stirring quotes, or capture those goosebump-inducing moments can transform mere viewers into loyal brand advocates. Take a cue from brands that have mastered the art of the emotional narrative, transforming their Instagram feed into a tapestry of motivational moments that align with their core values. 


As the digital sun sets on our journey through the Instagram video landscape, let’s take a moment to reflect on the resounding power of video content to electrify your social media presence. In the shifting sands of the internet, where every scroll is a battle for attention, these ten video ideas are your secret weapons to stand out in the crowded bazaar of Instagram.

By embracing the strategies discussed—from the raw authenticity of behind-the-scenes footage to the undeniable allure of user-generated content, from the persuasive prowess of customer testimonials to the community-building excitement of interactive challenges—businesses can unlock new realms of reach, spike the engagement meter, and watch conversions climb.

Author Bio:

Bella Mary is an SEO strategist and Senior Content Writer of Likedash.com. She is a professional content writer for over three years, and she is passionate about creating interesting and high-quality content for reputable blogs and websites.