Technology: Boon Or Bane

With the concept of technology, we understand the implication of scientific knowledge in our daily lives. It can be either material or non-material. The proper examples of technology include machines, electronic gadgets, Artificial intelligence and other devices benefitting our day-to-day lives. However, there are certain side effects of the same, and not everything is always a cakewalk. For years, it has always been a debatable concept whether Technology is a boon or a bane, and precisely that is what we are going to discuss here in detail.

Is technology a Boon?

Let’s find out the various positive aspects of technology:

Reduces time and effort: With technology, the world is experiencing the advent of computer systems, automated services and seamless calculations. Thus, eliminating all types of manual work and extra-human labour. This way, technology can be regarded as a boon as there are computers in every office, starting from malls to children’s parks, and everything is under automation.

Enhanced Communication: With technology, everyone is just a call away. No matter in which part of the globe you are located, you can always be in touch with your near and dear ones. The same goes for business as well, and multinational companies are encashing on the same to make the best out of their global employees. Also, persuasive essay help services are available online, which students can seek from the comfort of their homes.

Cashless Transaction: Nowadays, we are all into going cashless. Applications like PhonePe, BHIM UPI, Google Pay and more are storming the market with their authenticity, easy-to-use user interface and round-the-clock service. You will have to scan a code or dial a number, and the money will be transferred just in time. No more long queues or manual passbook updates are necessary.

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Reduced workload: As we have already discussed that technology has made most things automated, and it gets easier for us to complete tasks with just a click of a button. The homes we live in are entirely stacked with various types of technological inventions, and yes! Life is easy. We have fans, refrigerators, gas ovens, washing machines and ACs to take care of the day-to-day needs; one cannot imagine life without the same. Also, in the academic part, students can seek help from a professional essay writer online to get away with the scheduled deadline.

Discoveries in medical science: In the past, cures for most diseases used to remain undiscovered and undetected, causing the mortality rate to be high. However, the situation has changed with technological advancements in medical science, and there is a possible cure for everything. This way, technology has acted as a boon, we must say.

Learning made easy: With the advancement in computers and technology, global distance is no more a concept to care about. Students nowadays are getting enrolled in online courses. They can learn a specific idea by themselves without having to get bothered with the attendance part or the need for travelling. This way, those who originally inhabited remote areas can now access schools over an internet connection and a personal computer.

Is technology a Bane? 

Now that we are well accustomed to the advantages of technology, let’s have a look at the downside of the same:

The pollution graph is on the rise: With the increase in technological gadgets, cars and household instruments, the pollution graph is on the rise. Harmful rays from these devices generate a lot of E-waste, causing hassles in the daily lives of humans, besides disrupting the natural habitat of animals and plants.

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Increased cybercrime problems: As technology plays a massive part in our daily lives, regular identity cards are replaced with biometrics and passwords. While organisations are doing their best to protect the needful, cybercriminals are on the loose, trying to sabotage the entire system and trespass into domains that are out of their reach.

Countries are more into nuclear weapons and warfare: Technology has helped us think differently. It has made our daily lives easier. However, nowadays, governments are more into showcasing their power and the authority they can possess over the rest of the world. Thus, modern scientists are more focused on discovering nuclear weapons, AI-based explosives and suicide missiles.

Students depend on technology: Online classes, webinars, and eBooks have become a primary part of a student’s life. They cannot move a step without laptops or mobile. Also, everything is available in front of them with the click of a button. They no longer need to visit manual libraries or wait in line to get something relevant to regular homework or assignment.

Final Thoughts

Technology has introduced us to evolution and successfully made us take charge of our lives. It is not too far that Artificial Intelligence will take over manual tasks, and the role of human indulgence will be reduced to nothing more than switching on and off computers. However, it is a boon if we sit back and think of the concept technology has introduced to us.

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