The Importance of Drone Tech in the Armed Forces

The Importance of Drone Tech in the Armed Forces

Drones play an increasingly important role in our nation’s military, and as that technology advances, we will see it take on more and more tasks. In our military, drones perform multiple functions, but the key tasks that they perform as of right now are reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking enemy movement.

Relays Crucial Information

The biggest thing that drones do is relay essential information to help our troops. For example, military drones might track strategic targets, the positioning of the enemy or they might watch enemy movement. Their growing affordability has made them more popular, and we see them used for counterinsurgency and defense. In both environments, drones have saved lives by delivering crucial information.

Other Purposes of Drones

You don’t want to think of drones as solely relaying information. We saw drones used in Afghanistan to take out military targets through strikes.

Other purposes that drones serve in the armed forces include:

  • Target decoys
  • Research and development
  • Reduce casualties
  • Increase accuracy

Drones have grown in popularity because of their utility, not just in the military but in the private sector.

Understanding the Types of Drones

Because drones succeed in a variety of operations, they become an invaluable asset. You could deploy them as part of a military unit, but you could send them out for specific missions. You have three main drone types used in the military.

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The multirotor provides you with the best control on positioning and framing, which makes them essential for reconnaissance and surveillance. Second, you have the fixed-wing drone. This drone is the fastest military UAV, which allows it to perform essential roles in ISR operations and aerial mapping.

Finally, you have a single-rotor drone, which shares many design characteristics with the helicopter. These drones are more durable, which makes them ideal for hovering around with a heavy payload.

Cheaper Than Conventional Aircraft

Our military can save cash on the costs of aircraft because drones cost much less in comparison. Each fighter jet costs $85 million. Compare that even with a single-rotor drone, the most expensive drone, and it costs $25,000 to $300,000, depending on what they equipped it with. They cost less for maintenance as well, and because drones don’t carry pilots, they have no risk that the pilot would die.

Saves Ours Troops

We need to protect our military men and women as much as possible. Drones matter because they remove humans from the equation to reduce the risk of death. Our drone operators collect information in real time, and in some cases, they gather intel deep behind enemy lines. However, they don’t put themselves at risk in the same way that a soldier would if they had to gather intelligence. This is why drones have become so important to the armed forces, and they will continue to grow in importance into the foreseeable future.

Ready in Moments

Our military service members must prepare for anything at any moment, but they still face human limitations. Drones, unlike humans, can even be automated to operate 24 hours a day. Drones today see use for increasing combat and surveillance capabilities. Our troops can conduct missions more safely than without drones. You can use drones to deliver valuable supplies through dangerous areas with less risk.

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The military drone has come a long way since the Cold War days. They first developed drone technology in 1935, which they consider the first modern drone. In the future, we can expect them to give us better capabilities, such as highly detailed 3D mapping, thermal detection and geotagging. Drones have become increasingly popular in the armed forces, and we can expect that their abilities will only grow more sophisticated. Some believe in the future that drones will replace manned airplanes as they cost less, and there’s less risk to our military men and women.