The pros and cons of using Artificial Intelligence in Human a Resource Management

Artificial Intelligence

The concept of AI is familiar, but no one has taken its picture seriously. AI analyzes the data to generate responses and information like humans, but AI does everything fast. In the world of HR, artificial intelligence is the reason for many debates and discussions. Technology has all the advantages and disadvantages that one should consider and even look to adopt for the HR department. AI is the future and it will give you the best thing that you can dream in your job role.

What are the Pros?

AI appeared in the form of chatbots and then as video interview platforms; they even used intelligent tools to craft the ads, and then it came to HR. Let’s check out what brings one to the table.

  1. Streamlined process- Companies that do not have an HR department need to learn the struggles behind the recruitment process of new employees. There are many different problems that one has to deal with regularly. AI will allow and even save time and money to streamline the process. It will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of choosing the perfect candidates and gathering the data to analyze it. Chatbots have the best program to ask the candidates questions since the interview begins. Then one can eliminate the incompetent candidates for the job role.
  2. No more human biases- Research says that employers fail to recruit top talent. Human tendency is always there, and it plays a leading role in the recruitment process, making it hard for the perfect method to make it fair as a complete source. Unconsciously, there are some candidates that one can choose over others based on gender, appearance, race and age rather than deciding solely on experience and skills. AI will solve the problem quickly, and it is like an independent judge, and it does not have any biases about the candidates or stereotypes about them to know. Such technologies analyze the exact competency of the candidate that will be based on the Skillset and knowledge.
  3. Improve the candidate experience- The candidate’s experience will remain the critical factor for those applying for the position in the company. 78% of the survey says that candidate experience will show them how the employees will treat in the exact organizations. In most cases, the HR department is always busy with different tasks, which will result in longer times and will give engagement in poor candidates and their experience. AI technologies will be chatbots and virtual assistants, which you can improve with the aspect dramatically.
  4. Give time to invest in other things in the business- Now HR can focus on other things while AI recruits’ new people. You can improve the work environment, focus on company culture and make it the best for the employees. You can even use the financial resources in a better way. The budget will reduce, and you can realistically save money and are not accountable for innumerable expenses.
  5. Narrow down the list- With the help of AI, one can narrow down the list of candidates, making it worth the use and effective. You will find the most relevant skill sets. If you have to program it right, then the candidates’ screening will be based on the qualifications, and AI does it better because you will fit in the keywords accordingly, making the work easy for you. It makes the work better for you as well.
  6. Chatbots- They are a great relief to answer all the queries; they can even schedule interviews and communicate critical information with the best before and even after the interview. It will make the situation better good.
  7. Simplifying HR functions- – AI technology is available 24 hours and seven days. They quickly eliminate human errors in everyday processes, creating a better HR experience for managers and employees. It will give the best result, and you can make the work look easy and effective. You can accomplish your HR task fast, giving you the confidence to work in the best possible manner.
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What are the Cons?

Like other things, AI also has some cobs that affect the HR department. One should look into both sides to make the decision-relevant and on point.

  1. Dependent on keywords- AI is dependent on the keywords because it is the basic necessity of the AI. With the help of correct phrases and words, it helps you fetch suitable candidates for the perfect position. If you are familiar with how AI works, you can easily trick and outsmart with the help of the keywords and even their applications, and one can make them look perfect for any role, but they need to fit in.
  2. Less human involvement- This is the pro and cons point, and sometimes more than looking for an application will be needed to determine whether to fit someone to the role. The company will pursue specific goals when looking for the right candidate; even the machine can make the perfect follow-up. You can think of it in an ideal way, and hence you can easily translate the document, so either way, you can look into the automatic translator or even hire a professional. The program will misinterpret many words, and the search for the candidate can be wrong. It is something that one needs to understand and make a valid point to understand and hence look into the prospect of the work to make it reliable and effective.
  3. Reduces reliability and accuracy- AI is in the development stage and is not perfect. AI technologies give only some of the best or most accurate, and you cannot rely on them 100%. Programming the tool, you use will not consider the factors, which can result in the misinterpretation of the candidate applications, and hence the talent will be lost.
  4. Need improved Skillset- Only 30% of the respondent will be ready to address AI. Implementing such technologies Need improved Skillset- in the HR department will require professionals and even improve the skill set; everyone is prepared to understand that. Hence, one needs to upgrade the staff skills, which will cost time and money, and every company is unwilling to do it.
  5. Implementation is not possible- The members of the HR department will not be ready even to improve their skills, and the companies will feel that they need to be more capable and implement the AI into the workflow, which is not just right. Any significant changes need attention and fen resources that some companies will not offer. For AI technologies, it takes time for small businesses to take up AI recruitment and switch to the service of this technology, and you must expect the change to happen slowly.
  6. Machine-generated Errors- Computers are only sometimes suitable. Therefore, there can be programming errors, leading to significant time errors in the misinterpretation of the data and even considering the wrong factors when one needs to sort everything through the candidates. It would be best to be cautious about leaving the critical reports of the entire AI.
  7. Risk of cyber security- Chatbots streamline HR transactions. But they can be easy targets as well to hackers. Therefore, sharing personal company data with the help of these apps can be tricky, and it can cause identity theft.
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Overall, AI is the recent future, and no one can beat the future of AI. It takes up the village to take action. It makes life easy if we consider the cons, but one needs to embrace the changes and even look into the perfect future rather than fear. It is better to study AI technology in depth to understand how it works and how one can expect a good change in the work process to understand it and make the moves accordingly to get the best result.

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