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Due to the birth of on-demand ride-hailing apps, they started to replace traditional taxi services. The Internet has led people to use mobile apps for their daily tasks. Without the usage of smartphones, our day is incomplete. Smartphone applications are a must if you are an existing taxi business owner or planning to start a new business.

On-demand taxi booking app development is one of the most trending solutions across the globe as it creates a global demand during many crises. By 2025, the taxi booking market is expected to reach $73,120 million. So, if you are thinking of starting your own taxi business, then it’s the right time to launch your business.

What is a taxi booking app and how does it work?

Taxi booking apps are the one that allows users/customers to book a taxi on-demand with just a few clicks. 

The working of the taxi booking app is very simple as users only need a mobile device. The users have to install these apps on their mobile devices from stores. After the installation, the users have to register themselves, search for a destination, and book a taxi with just a few clicks. There will be various car categories available in the app and the users can select one based on their preference. Finally, they can book a cab.

On the other hand, the driver will receive a real-time trip alert, they can either accept/decline the request. Once the trip request has been accepted, they need to visit the pickup location of the customer. After reaching the destination, the trip gets completed and the driver and customer can provide ratings.

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Features to be considered in the taxi booking app development

There are 3 parts available in all the on-demand taxi booking apps. They are,

  1. Rider App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin panel 

1) Rider App:

  • Login using One Time Password
  • Manage user profile
  • Schedule a ride
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Ratings
  • Coupon codes
  • Favorite Location
  • Real-time Push notification
  • Multiple vehicle categories
  • View booking history
  • In-app call/chat

2) Driver App:

  • Driver Profile
  • Push notification
  • Real-time navigation
  • Accept/ Reject a booking request
  • In-app call/ chat
  • Earnings Report
  • Rating/Reviews
  • Trip History
  • Transaction history

3) Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Vehicle categories
  • Push notification
  • Manage users and drivers
  • Manage fee structure 
  • Manage promo codes
  • Geolocation 
  • Heatmap
  • Rating Management 
  • Payout Management 

Hidden Benefits of Taxi app development for your business

Real-time location track:

This is one of the major benefits because it is very easy to track the route of drivers anytime with the help of a real-time location tracking feature.

The driver can know the exact location of the passenger and at the same time, customers can track the location of the driver as well.

Ease of Booking:

In today’s hectic world people ignore things that are complicated and time-consuming. A quick, easy, and feasible application is what people prefer nowadays.

Higher visibility:

You can easily enhance your taxi business with the help of a mobile-friendly app because people find it easy & interesting to book a taxi through a mobile app.

Also, it allows you to stay connected with your passengers as long as your app stays on their devices and it automatically increases the number of loyal customers.

Customer Service:

It is one of the primary factors to take into consideration while developing a taxi app so that your customers can get help if they face any issues.

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Data Collection:

Taxi app users have to register themselves through email and mobile numbers which converts into valuable data for business owners and by using that you can send personal notifications to your customers. With the help of those data, you can also send customized coupons to your customers.

Brand building:

Today, in the taxi app business there are two strong big firms – OLA and Uber. If you want to become one, then we recommend you focus on the below items

  • Credibility
  • Better customer services
  • User-friendly apps
  • Attractive UI

Cost-Effective Pricing:

The mobile app prevents unwanted negotiations between passengers and drivers. It is really a game changer and allows you to set reasonable prices for the benefit of your customers.

Multiple Payment Options:

It is one of the interesting benefits which solves the issue that happens during cash payment. With the help of multiple payment options, customers can make the payment either by card or wallet.

Considering the cost to build a taxi booking app

One must be very cautious about the pricing and the quality of the mobile apps before initiating the development process. Before discussing the pricing, let us discuss a few factors that may impact the taxi app development cost.

Platform: The cost of developing an app can vary depending on whether you want it to be developed for iOS, Android, or both.

Design: The design of the app can also affect the cost. If you want a highly customized and unique design, it will likely cost more than a basic design.

Features: The more features you want in your app, the more it will cost. Some common features in taxi booking apps include GPS tracking, in-app payments, and customer ratings.

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Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance and updates can also add to the overall cost of developing a taxi booking app.

Development team: The cost of developing an app can also vary based on the team you hire to develop it. A team of experienced developers will likely cost more than a team of less experienced developers.

Overall, the cost of developing a taxi booking app can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the factors listed above.

While focusing on the development, there are two modes available,

  1. Custom Development
  2. Ready-made solution 

Custom development Vs ready-made solution

If you want to build specific business logic, then we recommend you go with custom development. You might need to spend more time and cost to get a fully functional website. You might also undergo deep research before you choose a development company that can help you in developing a fully functional taxi app. 

If your plan is to start a business in a matter of days, then preferring a ready-made solution is the perfect choice. Also, it is sensible to choose a customizable solution rather than a non-customizable platform. The reason is you might want to change or add new functionalities in the future based on your taxi business needs. 


Building a taxi business with an effective and user-friendly mobile app will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors and traditional taxi services. All you need to do is undergo deep market research and analysis before choosing your taxi app development company

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