How to Connect with Local Influencers and Grow Your Real Estate Business 

Real Estate Business 

As a real estate agent, your word is one of the most important things you can maintain: a sterling reputation helps you to get new business and retain a loyal set of past clients who will happily vouch for you. As you start to build an online presence for your business, however, you can continue to forge the kinds of connections and referral business that come from word-of-mouth, but through positive, collaborative connections with other business professionals and various other influential individuals in your community. 

Use Social Media Local Search To Find Influencers

Begin by getting to understand who is influential in your community. If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, or even TikTok, searching for your local area can help you to figure out who is widely connected and producing content online that gets a lot of eyes and engagement. While of course having someone who is “locally famous” for living near the beach mention you as their real estate agent could be a big boost for you, you are wise to note names that are simply mentioned for doing great work in areas related to housing, from mortgage lending to home inspections to repair of all kinds.

Widen Your Perception of Influence and Referral Business

One way that real estate agents bring value to their customers is by having an answer for all locally-related questions, including information on housing fund options that may benefit prospective homebuyers. If you “know a guy/girl” for every possible home repair or maintenance or financing need, you can provide just that much more value to your clients. However, vouching for someone just because they are popular is less valuable than feeling like you’ve really seen how much pride they take in their work. Combine your own experiences, testimonials, and their online presence to decide who is really offering amazing value so that your clients see that your whole list of recommended professionals is full of trustworthy folks.

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Brainstorm Creative Collaborations Where Your Expertise Can Shine

You don’t have to simply refer people to each other in order to network and grow your businesses, either. Often, real estate agents and home services professionals can work together in a variety of ways, from hosting booths at local festivals or home fairs to sponsoring local charity events together in ways that cross-pollinate, bringing business to both. Everyone involved must stick to their codes of ethics for their work, but within those bounds, there are many ways to help each other out. 

For instance, if a trusted home inspector agrees to be interviewed for your real estate website blog, they get exposure on your site, but they can also post their interview to their own social media, showcasing both you and themselves. If a mortgage lender answers a few questions about the current market in your area as part of a podcast, you both benefit from clients who have a little more knowledge of both real estate sales and the financing world. 

Connecting with others who have stellar reputations allows you both to provide even more answers and strong service for your clients. Be the kind of real estate agent who can provide rock-solid connections that help your clients sell a home, buy another, and continue to get to know the area.