Top 7 Reasons to Choose Go for Mobile App Development 

We are already aware just how powerful Golang is. But, the staggering fact is that it is so simple to learn. This makes it the perfect language for handling cloud computing requirements, backend development and systems programming. But lately, Golang mobile development has become a trend. 

Why is this so? Let’s find out. We will be taking a look at various parameters, explaining each attribute clearly. 

Impressive Performance 

  • Golang will consistently be better than interpreted languages and languages with virtual machines. This is due to the fact that the codes may be turned into machine codes and it has AOT compilation.
  • Static typing is used in the language Golang. As a result, the compiler produces machine code that is optimized and is aware of the precise data types that have been used. The semantics and syntaxes have been designed to allow for fast startup and quicker compilation.
  • Golang uses a large number of processors or threads to do various tasks concurrently. Due to shared memory, the processors maintain appropriate synchronization. At the conclusion of the task, the processing results are integrated. The parallelism in Golang is what makes the language so quick.
  • In Golang, goroutines and channels aid in maintaining concurrency. The technique known as concurrency allows different goroutines to operate independently of one another. These threads which are lightweight, a.k.a, goroutines communicate with one another through a channel where they read or write data. The concurrency model employed in CSP in Golang makes processes incredibly quick.

Open-Source Language and Cross-Platform 

  • Golang is undergoing constant development. Developers around the world are contributing to making the language even more powerful and secure. How is this possible? Well, Golang is an open-source programming language. 
  • Golang is cross-platform. This means that when you write a code in Windows, you can run it on any other Operating System like Unix, Linux or macOS. Furthermore, it is gaining significant attention around the world due to its readability and easy understanding. 
  • Golang has been hailed as the C of the 21st century. The semantics and syntaxes are very similar. The only difference is that Golang has AOT compilation, structural typing, memory safety, garbage collection and other important features. 
  • Due to these amazing features, Golang has been adopted by various tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, YouTube, etc. Can you understand why you should go for Golang mobile development?    
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Excellent Security Features 

  • When it comes to handling vulnerabilities, Golang has done remarkably well. Golang is statically and highly typed, thus you must specify the kind of data you pass. As a result, the variable type is always known to the compiler.
  • In Golang, the mirror modules and checksum database are crucial components. They guarantee quick and safe downloads of Go dependencies. When the go command receives a source code, the hash of the code is checked against the global database using the checksum database.
  • The framework is secure because of the garbage collection feature. Golang organizes and provides room for the collection’s complete integration into an executable binary.
  • The developers had to consider security because Golang is used for cloud computing and massively scalable servers. As a result, each version’s security features are upgraded.

Specifically Designed for Clouds 

  • These days, apps are made to be cloud-native. Golang has gained popularity as a platform for developing apps because it enables businesses to build and expand cloud computing systems.
  • Many of the problems that developers face are handled by Golang. It offers integrated concurrency and idiomatic APIs to make the most of numerous CPUs.
  • Golang aids in finding the ideal balance between performance and productivity. Golang’s “no-knob” tuning and extremely low latency are to be thanked for this. Crucial cloud service providers like AWS, Azure and others have Golang APIs, which is most important.
  • Cloud developers use Docker to manage their Go code across several platforms and to help the development workflow and deployment process.
  • Utilizing APIs that control how the containers behave, cloud developers use Kubernetes to quickly distribute, create and scale containerized systems.
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Huge Library 

  • Well, Golang might not have a huge library like Python, but still it has enough libraries and packages to assist the developers in creating a project. Thus, programmers get help with I/O, cryptography and web server management and do not have to rely on 3rd party widgets. 
  • For Golang mobile development, developers primarily employ frameworks like Martini, Buffalo, Gin Gonic, Mango, Mango, etc. Why is that? This is because of the fact that these frameworks offer various capabilities, which include routing, exception handling, middlewares, modularity, scalability and simple third-party plugin integration, among others.
  • Golang is renowned for having a fantastic environment. Gomobile, a platform for creating mobile applications, also provides two development approaches. Creating mobile applications is made easier by the gomobile build. The gomobile bind aids the apps’ ability to handle different business logic.

Proper Usage of Submitted Memory 

  • Golang does not require interpretation because it is a compiled language. This enables the language to free up the power and devote its processing and memory to improve the performance of the program.
  • The Golang-powered applications work well on older hardware. This is due to the fact that the language itself has a low system need, which makes the application less demanding. This guarantees more users, which directly translates to greater revenue and business.
  • Golang has the ability to maximize available computing power. Apps run as a single process in the background, which uses less RAM. Go-powered programmes use non-system threads, which decreases the possibility of memory-related crashes. Google developed the same in order to make the most of numerous cores.
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Godoc Tool 

  • If developers wish to look at specifications or examples of Go modules, they must utilize Godoc. The utility is essential for quickly locating package documentation. The documents are displayed in web page format by Godoc, which functions as a web server.
  • Godoc is not reliant on language programmes like JavaDoc, JSDoc, or PHPDoc, and its source code is readily available on GitHub. On the basis of the “adequate” information it pulls, the program can create a framework, an outline, and format documentation.
  • The GoDoc provides information on Go packages hosted on Bitbucket, GitHub, Launchpad, and Google Project Hosting. Links to cross-referencing, code samples, and version control repositories are simple to find.

So, you can see why Golang mobile app development is a viable option. Golang has several advantages with the help of which developers can easily create mobile apps without much hassle. Most importantly, they can get help from other developers as the community is huge.