The Comprehensive Guide to Know Everything About MERN Stack

Digital experiences are becoming ubiquitous. Selection of the right technologies and tools is vital to enable the best digital experiences. A single mistake in technology decisions can paralyze the app development process because technology stack creation is not about adding new frameworks to the app development.

The technology stack must contain the right mix of the programming languages, frameworks, tools, and infrastructure required to build and run the web application.

Various technology stacks such as MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, Node.JS), MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS, Node.JS), LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Full Stack, and others are popular to create a full-fledged solution. In this blog, we will discuss the popular technology stack- MERN stack in detail.

What is the MERN stack?

MERN stack consists of four technologies M – MongoDB, E – Express.JS, R – React.JS, and N – Node.JS that work together to engineer the next-gen applications and websites. Let’s see how each component of MERN Stack development makes web app development simple.

• MongoDB

The modern database enables building application data platforms smartly and quickly. The unified query interface and flexible document data model allow the development of any mobile and web app at 3-5 times faster speed.

The self-management feature enables skilled app developers to run MongoDB from the data center to remote laptops. The database completely managed in the cloud supports transactional, analytics, search, horizontal scaling, and end-to-end security, making it a perfect cross-platform document-oriented database.

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• Express.JS

The unopinionated Node.JS web framework provides a range of features required to build robust web and mobile applications. It allows remote MERN stack developers to create APIs quickly using the HTTP utility methods and middleware.

The backend framework is easy to configure and customize, which help experienced MERN stack developers create middleware packages to address app development-related problem.

• React.JS

The front-end JS library is known for building intuitive and high-performance user interfaces. The declarative views enable elite MERN stack application developers to design simple views for each state and get the components auto-updated when data changes.

The MERN stack developers build complex UIs by composing the encapsulated components development with state self-management capability. The data is passed through the app while keeping the state out of the DOM because component logic is written using JS.

• Node.JS

The JS runtime built on the top of Chrome’s V8 JS engine runs on various platforms using JS on the server. The open-source platform is used by dedicated developers to create dynamic content for web pages, modify data in the database, gather form data, and manage files on the server.

Node.JS’ single-threaded nature makes it great to use for non-blocking, event-driven servers.

Why use the MERN stack?

There are multiple reasons behind using MERN stack technologies over other stacks by experienced developers. Let’s discuss them.

  • The support for MVC architecture enables experts in MERN Stack development to develop workflow.
  • MERN stack is completely JS-based, be it client-side or server-side, which allows developers to integrate and work on different frameworks together at ease.
  • The stack supports JSON dataflow from frontend to backend glitch-free, which enables building and debugging the application easy for developers.
  • JS framework wraps HTTP requests and responses that make mapping URLs to server-side functionalities and communication with a remote server a breeze.
  • The suite of advanced testing tools in the developer’s arsenal makes identifying and fixing the errors effortless.
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A couple of benefits have made MERN stack technologies- a choice of top developers, and they like to move forward using the stack. As an entrepreneur, if you are interested in MERN Stack development, don’t hang fire to Hire MERN Stack Developers.

How Does the MERN stack work?

The rookie programmer looking to build apps using MERN stack technologies are often stuck with one question- How MERN stack works. The experienced engineers find glitches at some point. The section will explain the underlying architecture of MERN and how it works.

MERN stack allows developers to create apps using three-tier architecture- frontend, backend, and database using JS and JSON.

The user interacts with the mobile application or website using the front-end from their browser. React.JS UI components make an API call to the backend to fetch the data. The asynchronous nature of Node.JS makes the data fetching process slow, so animated loading is displayed to the users.

The app’s backend that’s Express.JS running on the top of Node.JS looks at the point that’s hit and executes the controller function to collect database from MongoDB database and then return the data in JSON format.

After the JSON data retrieval in React UI, the state updated and fetched data displayed to the app’s frontend. When the state is updated, the animated loading is replaced with the content that the user has requested.

When to use the MERN stack?

MERN stack technologies are popular to develop all types of apps. It’s considered an ideal choice for cloud-based projects where dynamic pages and intensive JSON are required.

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Presently, businesses are using the stack to build calendar apps, to-do apps, workflow management, interactive forums, social media platforms, and other apps. The tech stack is more favored where user interactions are higher, dynamic content updates, and seamless communication are the minimum requirements.

Summing it up

The right technology stack selection, followed by the in-depth knowledge of various tech stacks to check if they meet your project needs. The complete guide has helped you know the MERN stack from in and out.

MERN stack- the well-famed tech stack has scored high popularity because of its capability to build the modern dynamic applications that users need. If your next business project requires enough expertise and experience in MERN stack development, and you don’t have the talent across the board, hire remote developers to meet your web and mobile app development needs and launch the application in reduced time.

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