Checkout iOS smartphone apps that students must have


Apple’s App Store has a wide selection of apps that you can download to your iPhone. There are so many apps to choose from, and so many categories. So where should you begin? These are some iPhone apps that can help students get the most from their college education.

What iPhone apps are essential and should everyone download? This article will list the top apps, which are both free and offer many great features. These apps will work on all iPhones generations, no matter how old or new.

You will need to be able to use mobile apps for both entertainment and studying if you spend a lot of time at school or university. You can also find tips and tricks to make the most of your internet time.

Here are the top 5 iPhone apps for students.

The Best iPhone Apps For Students

There are many apps and programs available for iPhone users who want to learn better. These are the top educational apps that will improve your learning and teach you something.

1.QuickScan App

You’ll be taking lots of photos of text and documents in college and at school. You can take a quick photo of your friend’s notes, or snap a picture of the equation on the whiteboard seconds before your professor erases it.

These photos can be very useful, but they are not always good. These photos are often just taken and forgotten about. The QuickScan Scanner app for iOS is the best choice if you ever need to scan something. The app is simple to use and has OCR built in. This will allow you to copy the text right from the photo. You can search handwritten notes and then copy them as text. For visually appealing notes, you can also choose from a variety of pencil, pen, and colour options.

The Mobile Scanner App can be downloaded from the AppStore for free and instantly takes high-quality scans.


Do you want to be a successful college student? Get organised to get ahead in college. This could be task lists or reading lists. Or just a list for meetups. TickTick can help you accomplish all that. You can use the basic version as a task app with multiple to-do lists. However, you can upgrade to the premium version for collaboration features, unlimited tags and notes.

TickTick allows you to input natural language tasks and integrate your calendar, so that you can manage your tasks and keep track of your class schedule. It is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Windows. There’s also a great web app.

3.My Study Life

My Study Life is an app that’s specifically for students.

This app can help you organize your class schedule and assign tasks. The app’s calendar was created specifically for students with weekly and biweekly class rotations. You can also set reminders that you want to remind yourself.

It’s free! It’s free. Although the app’s design is not spectacular, it does the job well. It’s also available for iOS, and Android.


It doesn’t matter if you are splitting the rent with your housemates, or trying to figure out how much your friends owe you for drinks the other night. Things can get complicated without an app that tracks your expenses.

Splitwise is a popular app for students, as it makes it easy to pay friends back for shared expenses. You can simply log every expense and then when you are ready to settle down, Splitwise will show you exactly how much each person owes.

This app is ideal for group trips. It makes it easy to split the cost between housemates, friends and family.

It is Available for iOS, Android, web.Splitwise is available for you in many languages and over 100+ currencies


Duolingo can be used to study a second language or prepare for a semester abroad.

It’s an addictive, game-based learning platform that rewards correct answers. You can also race against the clock to level up. The exercises are tailored to your learning style and vocabulary. You’ll get immediate feedback and tips for improvement. Duolingo forums are a great place to ask questions about language learning or to communicate with others.

This app is perfect for Language Lovers who want to improve their language skills quickly and easily. A study found that Duolingo takes only 34 hours to complete a semester of university-level language courses. This makes it one of the most popular apps for college students who are interested in learning languages.


Access to the Internet means you can access knowledge from around the globe. It is important to remember that apps can be addictive and there are other ways to learn. Try new techniques and be open to learning.