Slim and Durable: The Best Cases for Protecting Your Smartphone


Whether you’ve dropped your phone on a soft carpet or tried to save it and ended up karate-chopping it into the wall, your device could always use a little extra protection from accidents. If you’re looking for high-quality phone cases focused on preventing everyday wear and tear, scratches, and cracks, check out this round-up of expert-recommended accessories.

What To Look For In A Phone Case

When you ask industry professionals about what they look for in a phone case, they have plenty of advice, including:

  • Phone case material is an incredibly important part of the process. While there are plenty of plastic cases out there, cases made from hard polycarbonate, soft silicone, or graphene materials offer the best lightweight, flexible, and strong solutions.
  • You want to shop brands that offer a variety of types and sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everything from Apple phones to Samsung and Google phones. People today have a variety of models, and each has unique dimensions that cases must accommodate.
  • Drop protection is the ultimate test for any phone case, and brands should tell you if their cases offer reliable protection from a specified height. Most phone cases can protect your phone from a drop of about 15 feet.
  • Charging compatibility is also an important consideration for phone cases, as you don’t want to take the case off to fit in a USB-C or ensure that your wireless charging platform can detect your phone.
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You may also want to think about whether your case has water-resistant and dust-resistant features to prevent water or contaminants from entering. Most cases will list an IP rating, which will clue you into the case’s performance in tough conditions.

The Top Choices

Below is a list of a few phone cases that you can trust to keep your phone safe. You’ll see some of the top benefits below to determine whether or not these cases fit your needs.

1.  ZAGG Inc | Bridgetown

Available for a variety of Android phones, including the newest Galaxy Flip and Google Pixel Fold, this case is made from a biodegradable, plant-based material that hardens on impact to dissipate shock and protect your device from up to a 10-foot drop. Additional drop protection in the form of hinge covers ensures complete coverage for the entire device. The design of the case is ultra-thin to easily fit in your pocket and ensure wireless charging technology compatibility.

Most ZAGG-brand cases also get a unique antimicrobial treatment that protects your phone and case from the growth of bacteria that can cause odors and degrade the materials.

2. Casetify | Black Ink Case

This phone case is a popular choice for people who frequently drop their devices. You can find it in multiple colors and sizes for Android and Apple phones. The main feature that ensures drop protection, in this case, is the bounce impact bumper and raised camera ring, which provides extra protection around the corners and camera lens. The case is rated for extreme drops up to 21.3” while still maintaining a light and streamlined exterior.

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3. OtterBox | Commuter Case

If you like polycarbonate materials because they easily snap onto your phone for quick application, this OtterBox is for you. The Commuter Case also features drop protection with two layers of material that absorb and deflect impact. This case even considers everyday wear and tear with port covers to block dust, dirt, and other contaminants you might pick up on your commute to work.

The slim case means it’s easy to carry in your pocket, and the non-slip edges are grippy enough to grab securely. You can find compatible cases in this series for Apple and most Android phones.

4.  Pela | London Fog Moonrise Case

Another eco-friendly option for phone cases, this Pela solution is compostable. It’s also slightly squishy, meaning it won’t slip out of your grip like harder plastic cases have a tendency to do. This case has been tested with a 20-foot drop and shows no damage. Even better, the London Fog series comes with chic designs and graphics engraved into the case that won’t fade over time. Find these cases available for Apple, Google, and Samsung phones.

5. Wildflower | Jaded London Case

Anyone who is looking to balance form and function should check out Wildflower cases. This woman-owned brand focuses on creating cute and protective cases with one-of-a-kind designs alongside raised bumpers for all-around protection and polyurethane materials that have been sandblasted to ensure a better grip.

Unfortunately, these cases only include options for the newer iPhones, including the 12, 13, and 14 series.

How To Shop For Your Case

Whether you’re looking for military-grade drop protection or the coolest color and design on the market, these cases are a great place to start. Shop these recommendations first to prioritize protection before exploring the various color options available.

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