Content Marketing Tactics That Favorably Impact SEO for Your Startup 


Startups need to have a strong online presence to achieve success. The problem is that both the business and the website are new, and not many people know of it. Google may not have even indexed it, which is why it may not be appearing in online searches. Some of the most effective SEO tactics to improve the visibility of the business include:

Writing Long-Form Articles

The online world is full of articles that are generally short on details. When Google encounters long-form articles of a few thousand words, it interprets them as valuable. All things being equal, articles over 2000 words are likely to appear higher in the search rankings. To create a long-form article, you need to study the subject in detail and write it after considering all the dimensions. In addition to writing a well-rounded article, the trick is to find and use a bundle of related keywords. These include long-tail phrases that score below 0.5 in Google’s competition index that scores all keywords on a scale of zero to one, with zero meaning no competition and one standing for high competition.

Create Video Content

When creating videos, an online video editor would be extremely beneficialIt is well-proven that most people prefer to see videos over reading long articles. While video posts give your audience a different method to consume content, they also improve your site accessibility, which Google views favorably. By publishing videos, you can add more content to the topic and encourage visitors to spend more time on the website, which is a strong search engine optimization signal that drives up rankings.

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Create Content with Comparison Keywords

It is common for people to go online to compare one product with another to understand its pros and cons before deciding to buy. Even though it may seem strange, comparison keywords offer great value since they usually have a low competition score. It is because not many businesses try to rank organically for them or bid for the keywords in paid advertising. To make this tactic productive, you need to consider various things your target audience is likely to compare relevant to your business. Some of the most popular categories include products and services, technology, ideas, and concepts.

Create Pillar Pages

Creating pillar pages can help considerably in elevating your brand perception and authority. According to Forbes, a pillar page is a comprehensive resource that contains an index to a specific subject. The page has links to related information of interest to readers. Pillar pages on a website provide value to readers and rank high in the SERPs since they cover all aspects of a subject in a detailed manner. Ideally, the pillar page will have distinct and easy-to-understand sections that address different aspects of the subject. Each of the sections may be covered in greater detail on a separate page you can link with the section.


Getting a Page One ranking for target keywords on Google is vital for generating organic traffic to your website. You must understand what your target audience wants, and create content that fulfills their search intent for high rankings. Effective content management techniques include long-form content, pillar pages, and videos. All these methods deliver in-depth information packaged attractively.

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