Best Android Apps for Deleting Similar and Exact Looking Files

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You eventually wind up with duplicates on the storage no matter how structured you store your papers, video, songs, & other things. The most prevalent issue on Android smart phones that take up additional space is random duplicates of the exact same file. As a result, it is preferable to erase duplicate files from Android device in order to free up extra space.

There could be additional copies/duplicate files in the device, and it’s tough to keep track of everything you’ve stored on the phone. Many individuals attempt to detect duplicate files individually but fail since it is a time-consuming procedure with no guaranteed outcomes.

There could be lots of duplicate files on the phone, but manually managing them is tedious.

Duplicate file finder application can swiftly organize everything for you. It is the remedy for this issue. Numerous duplicate file removal tools are accessible on Google Play Store & third-party sources, making these tasks easier. We have picked the finest duplicate file detection applications in this post to assist you in quickly managing all documents & media assets. Examine it out!

Here are the best apps for delete duplicate files from android:

  1. Duplicate Files Fixer & Remover

Among the most effective program for removing or deleting duplicate files from Android phones. Duplicate Files Fixer & Remover is an easy-to-use and straightforward design. Duplicate files on your device may be easily found and deleted thanks to more powerful & advanced capabilities. This program lets you see all identified duplicates before deleting them from the Smartphone.

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Features include:-

  • The ability to easily exclude directories from being checked for duplicate files.
  • Helps to analyze scan results & save what is necessary while deleting the rest.
  • Duplicate Files Fixer uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect duplicate files at incredible speed and eliminate all duplicates in seconds.
  • In addition, 14 languages are supported, including French, Japanese. German.
  1. Search Duplicate File

Another app for finding and removing duplicate files that examines any directory, SD card, lock folder, OTG or USB storage. It does depth cleaning, mount points, smart selector and many other tasks using the sophisticated features of the Search Duplicate File software. Any file extension, file size, & file type will be specified, especially when looking for duplicate files.


  • Aided smart-selector, properly distinguishes duplicates & originals.
  • Using “Lock Folder,” you may protect essential data.
  • Produce file checksums.
  • Support for mount points, directory, & TRUE.
  • Using “Flagged folders,” delete all cache & unneeded files.
  1. Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate file remover is another program that works with all file types and can help you delete all duplicate files from your Android Smartphone. This tool examines, identifies, and eliminates similar files from the Android Smartphone, including the SD card, using a simple interface.


  • Shows photographs and movies alongside each other in a Grid style with full file data, allowing you to quickly decide what files to discard.
  • The capability to look for duplicate files throughout the full device as well as an SD card.
  • Allows the user to include/exclude any folder from screening for duplicate or identical files.
  • All important languages are supported, including French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, & many more.
  1. Duplicate Media Remover:
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Another excellent duplicate file removal tool for Android Smartphone that can delete duplicate movies, music, and picture files from your external/internal storage. It is simple to choose directories and delete files that are same or similar on the device. One can also set weekly scans, & it’ll scan the device once each day.


  • It is simple to inspect duplicate files alongside the genuine before permanently removing them.
  • It’s simple to pick folders to search for duplicates, and the rest won’t be impacted.
  • The software looks for duplicate files on a regular basis, which speeds up following scans.
  • With the aid of this program, you may plan a weekly scan.
  1. Files by Google:

Files by Google is among the greatest duplicate file finding applications available from Google. This Files app can analyze your whole device, not only your gallery, for duplicate files & other detritus garbage photos that are taking up too much space on your Smartphone. Junk files include things such as WhatsApp media storage, duplicate files, screen recordings, huge files, and snapshots, among other things. You may clean up manually by picking each item one at a time or you might utilize the one-tap free up space feature.


  • The “Free up Space” function allows you to effortlessly and rapidly free up extra space with a single swipe.
  • It’s simple to see what we’re erasing from the device.
  • It is simple to search & manage files.
  • Backup your stuff to an SD card as well as the cloud.
  1. Duplicate File Remover:

It’s one of its type and the best & most powerful duplicate finder tools, it will assist you in locating and removing any identical & identical files from the Android devices. The software helps you to better refine search criteria & enhances results.

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  • It is simple to scan all papers and contacts.
  • Delete duplicate files from WhatsApp, Face book, Gmail, & other social networking applications, such as images, documents, videos, & PDF files.
  • If you wish to recover a specific file, it has a restore directory for erased results.


The finest duplicate file discovery applications for Android smart phones are listed above & are accessible on Google Play Store. By any chance I If we overlooked any duplicate file discovery apps for Android devices, or if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comment area below.