Pros and Cons of Offshore Mobile App Development


Today, most businesses require mobile applications for their companies as well as for their users, but for that, they cannot just hire an in-house development team, Right?

An in-house or onshore developer’s team can be expensive; not every business can afford that. On the other hand, offshore mobile app development can save a lot of money, time and labour for businesses.

Over the past decade, offshore development has attracted a lot of businesses to work cross-border. Countries like the USA, Australia, and the UK are taking advantage of the affordable offshore development services provided by countries such as India, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Now businesses prefer offshore mobile application development services to get affordable yet high-quality and user-friendly applications.

Businesses need to consider the pros and cons of offshore outsourcing before choosing offshore development services.

What is offshore mobile app development?

In simple terms, offshore mobile app development is when you hire Offshore Mobile Application Development developers located overseas.

When working with an offshore development team, you have to communicate with the developers, transfer all your vision, and make a friendly environment to get the desired output.

Offshore app development is now widely popular and accepted by various industries. Businesses these days are more comfortable acquiring, monitoring and consulting IT-related operations with companies offering offshore software development services.

The primary factor behind the success of offshore app development services is the lower cost. Offshore development reduces the cost without losing the quality of the mobile application.

The major players in offshore development are India, China, the Philippines and Vietnam. Because of the lower cost of living, these countries are the preferred choice for various businesses and IT agencies.

Like on-shore developers have pros and cons, in the same way, Offshore development has advantages and disadvantages. Consider them before hiring an Offshore Outsourcing Mobile App Development team.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Offshore Mobile App Development:

It becomes crucial for you to know the pros and cons before leveraging offshore mobile app development services. It helps in understanding the factors associated with offshore development and deciding whether to choose or not.

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  • Cost-effective and reasonable solution

Having an in-house development team can be expensive and challenging to manage and retain. Offshore development service is the best alternative to overcome these issues.

Working with an offshore development company can help you save a lot of capital on IT infrastructure. It cuts down hiring, training, maintenance and salary costs and allows you to use the funds for other critical duties of your business growth.

Now, you’re probably wondering which country offers the most affordable solutions and how much does it cost to develop a mobile app there.

You can find the most affordable solutions in countries with lower living costs, such as India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In these countries, the mobile app development cost is less compared to the countries with a higher cost of living.

  • Faster time to market

Qualified and experienced professionals working in an offshore development team ensure the fast delivery of mobile apps. The fast delivery of a mobile application gives you more time to plan and create business growth strategies before launching an app.

Offshore developers are highly qualified and experienced – they first understand the project’s vision and gather the requirements to make a proper app development plan.

Based on the information collected, they follow a standard roadmap to create a mobile application, which allows them to create a flawless app and launch it earlier in the market.

  • Access to an immense pool of skilled experts

Offshore software development companies employ highly qualified and talented IT professionals with vast experience working in various domains. They are experts at using legendary and the most latest technologies and frameworks when it comes to showing their excellence in building any type and size of software or application.

Outsourcing the software development project allows you to choose resources based on your project need. You can either choose a single developer or hire a team of developers with multiple designations.

Countries with low cost of living like India, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc offer highly proficient and experienced offshore mobile app developers for hire.

  • More time to concentrate on core business activities

Taking care of core business activities becomes essential for you to survive. While you take care of the core business activities and growth, Offshore IT professionals take care of all the development-related activities.

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The offshore software development company takes responsibility for all IT-related work and frees you to focus on business expansion. Having a reliable software development team on your side is a boon that will not just help you in saving time but making an informed decision for your business growth.

  • Expand your horizons

Partnering with offshore development companies aids you with exposure and access to the new market. It helps you with building new relationships and collaborate on new projects. Plus, it also assists you with launching an app into a new market.

Moreover, outsourcing a software development project allows you to work with multinational teams and provides the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge of versatile people’s cultures and perspectives.

  • Safe and secure

Whether it’s about securing your concept, code, your personal details or any other necessary information, offshore development companies ensure a 100% security guarantee.

They sign an NDA and align a top-class developer for your app developer who knows how to write clean and quality code that prevents any unwanted attack.


  • Finding the right team is time-consuming

Sometimes finding the top mobile app development company can be confusing and time-consuming due to the availability of mass companies and developers in the market.

Today, many countries in the market offer top-class application development services at different prices. So finding a company that can fulfil all your expectations becomes difficult.

  • Quality Control

In offshore app development, developers are away from your premises and the quality wholely depends on the developers alone. As they are the one who drives the project. If you fail to identify the quality and integrity of the developer, there is a high chance of getting the compromised app.

To control the quality, there are some quality measures that you should take while onboarding a company or a developer. Onboarding a reliable offshore outsourcing mobile app development team, having experience working with global clients and for various industries, can ensure quality product delivery.

  • Differences in time zones

Different time zones can be a concern when developing an app overseas.

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Countries like the US and UK always choose offshore developers to reduce the cost and time of the applications, but time zones can create a communication gap and mismanagement between two parties.

Time Zones can cause negative impacts on work productivity if offshore development services fail to manage time and schedule.

However, offshore app development teams are working in flexible shifts to provide global clients with quality services in their time zone and avoid mismanagement and miscommunication.

  • Threats to IP protection

Keep a closer look at a company’s willingness to sign an NDA or an agreement governing intellectual property. It helps you identify the intention of the developer and the company.

IP protection can be done by taking proper security measures and being cautious. There is no guarantee regarding the loss of IP address in an offshore transaction.

You should have a proper safeguard plan for IP protection because An IP address is the only way a company can protect its data.

  • A language barrier

When you look for offshore developers, the language barrier is one of the factors to consider.

A language barrier occurs when one of the companies uses a different language than the other. Sometimes it leads to miscommunication and miss direction.

The language barrier is not a big concern nowadays because offshore software development companies and offshore countries are employing highly qualified IT professionals. So, offshore software engineers are compatible with global clients’ languages and are even experienced in working with them.


Small to medium and large enterprises these days are choosing to outsource rather than having an in-house team of developers.

Multiple countries offer offshore developers at lower prices with advanced skills, but still hiring an offshore developer with the required skill is challenging and time-consuming.

You must understand the drawbacks and benefits of hiring the top mobile app development company. It helps them decide whether they should hire an offshore developer or not.

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