Best email signatures for increasing email responses

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Appearances are important since most people digest visual information significantly better than spoken information. When your emails are primarily text, using a professional email signature is more of a need than an option.

An email signature is also a powerful branding tool. According to research The State of Business Email Marketing, 82 percent of marketers utilize email signatures to boost brand recognition and reputation. A decent signature that includes links and other contact information may also drive visitors to your website and generate leads.

But what makes an email signature successful and engaging?

Let’s have a look at the trends and fundamental features of corporate email signatures, as well as how to make them.

What exactly is an email signature?

An email signature is a customizable text block that appears at the bottom of an email and can include contact information and branding. A professional email signature may be highly personalized and used for a variety of purposes, including

  • establishing a favorable relationship between yourself and the company you represent;
  • increasing traffic to your website and social media networks;
  • creating new leads;
  • increasing brand recognition; and
  • displaying professional politeness.

While an email topic — another important component of a professional email — influences email open rates, a good signature makes a significant difference in the eyes of your reader and influences read and response rates.

What is the purpose of a Business Email Signature?

It just takes a few minutes to create an email signature, and the benefits of utilizing it in all of your interactions are numerous. When we remove the heat maps from the email signature samples, the difference is still noticeable.

But first, let’s take a closer look at each advantage.

  • Increasing brand recognition

Consistently seeing your logo and brand colors in emails creates connections with them. The nature of the associations, on the other hand, will be determined by your other outreach activities, such as giving useful, relevant, and occasionally entertaining information to build good connections with your business.

In your email signature marketing efforts, consider both form and purpose.

  • Taking care of customers

It takes time for your connections to warm up to you and your business, therefore what is priceless in this situation? directing them to your social media accounts, where they can interact with other customers, read reviews and the most recent articles, and utilize the chat option to swiftly obtain first-hand information from your staff.

  • Establishing immediate interaction

Contact information is also an excellent way to improve your relationship with the receiver. Then you can use your magic to build trust and turn a lead into a Customer reviews examples or engaged business partner.

How does the spell work? Through the use of CTA banners or social proof. But there’ll be more on it later.

  • Demonstrating professionalism

When you initially contact someone, they have no idea who or what you are, or whether or not what you’re saying is credible.

On the other hand, if an email additionally includes a business card of some kind, it can serve as confirmation that you’re legitimate. It demonstrates that you are a seasoned entrepreneur or the owner of a genuine business with a large number of clients and followers. When people can see your contact information, website, and social media connections, you are far more likely to obtain a response.

  • Email Signature Components

Trends guide the creation of a signature, but there are tangible aspects that may be combined to create a well-crafted professional email signature. Let’s have a look at what they are.

  • A logo or an image

Using graphics to add a personal touch to your email signature is the simplest way to do so. You may, for instance, use a professional photographer to make the communication feel more natural. Conversely, including your company’s logo might assist raise brand recognition.

  • Legal requirements or a disclaimer for the industry

Depending on your sector, you may be required to include certain information in your email signature. Legal, insurance, and financial firms, for example, must adhere to tight requirements to safeguard the private information included in their communications. If there are specific laws, you will almost certainly discover instances of the precise wording to use in the sign-off.

  • Call to action

Because emails are used for marketing, it is appropriate to include a call to action in your signature too. However, make it clean and basic on your signature generator, and line it with the tone of your email so it doesn’t appear to be just another sales pitch. The benefit of these CTAs is that you can often update them based on your goals and make them appear as a postscript that your readers may find beneficial.

Examples of Professional Email Signatures

Now that you understand why you would want a professional-looking email signature, which to use, and how to make your layout stand out, here are some samples to get you started:

  • Email Signature of the Marketing Director

It makes sense for marketing directors to promote the brand by including the business logo rather than a headshot. The signature is very effective and professional due to its simple design and good use of colors.

  • Email Signature for Customer Service

Customer support agents should use a headshot rather than the corporate logo, and this one is an excellent example. It clearly states what this individual does and gives contact details, which is the most important part of the signature block. You can also notice a wonderful add-on that allows consumers to review their experience.

  • Email Signature of a Restaurant Owner

A personalized welcome and the logo quickly tell you what this company is all about. Furthermore, to attract clients, restaurant proprietors should include a business address in their signature. Finally, the CTA establishes credibility while also providing the receiver with something of value.

  • Email Signature of a Graphic Designer

We should demand nothing less from a graphic designer than a dynamic email logo, contact information, and links to samples of your work.

  • Email Signature for Human Resources

As an HR manager, smart use of color combined with a simple design and an engaging call-to-action may help you reach your objectives.

  • Email Signature for E-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce, including a product banner in the signature block makes sense. Displaying your services is a strong company growth approach since it allows you to swiftly bring consumers into the sales funnel.

  • Email Signature of the Brand Manager

This sample differs from previous signatures in that it contains a video CTA. This increases trust and encourages readers to connect with the information further.

  • Email Signature of the CEO

It makes sense for the CEO to add a personal headshot at the top, followed by the name, job, and company information. We may also see important contact details, the firm website, social icons, and a disclaimer here.

  • Email Signature for a Software Developer

It is best to list your employment and affiliation at the very top of your resume if you are a software developer. Combine it with a great photograph and some links highlighting your experience and portfolio, and you’ll be fine.

  • Email Signature of a Marketing Representative

You must make your autographs stand out as a marketing representative. One of the most effective methods is to include an attractive CTA in the design.

How to make a great Business Email Signature

Let’s go over a few key points to summarize what we’ve spoken about in this article.

  • Design for mobile devices

Approximately half of all email users open and read their emails on mobile devices. Because the numbers are larger among younger generations, responsive design is something you should consider when creating your emails. You may use mobile-friendly email signature templates from a signature generator to ensure that your sign-offs are appropriate across all devices.

  • Employ the triangle hierarchy

At the top of your signature, provide the most crucial information. Then, utilize color to draw attention to certain elements. You may utilize the triangle hierarchy to direct views to where they are most needed, such as your logo, name, or another piece of information.

The information hierarchy is especially important since readers do not always scroll to the end of an email. You want to get their attention as soon as possible.

  • Colors should be used properly

Use no more than two colors in your signature line unless you are innovative and proficient in design. As a general guideline, you should pick colors that are linked with your brand, logo, or another component of your organization. Muted color palettes appear to function best when they are eye-pleasing while still sticking out from the ordinary text.

Another suggestion is to limit the signature block to two colors from the same palette. Having more than two colors may result in illogical color combinations if you are not well informed in design. Color may also be used to call attention to important information. Using too many colors might dilute and confuse your message.

  • Maintain a basic and clear signature

If you are not operating a sophisticated email marketing campaign, limiting your email signature to the key parts may generally suffice. In this case, the fundamentals are your first and last name, business name and position, and contact information. You may also put your website and company address if you like.


A corporate email signature may help you raise brand recognition. People will remember you based on how you close your emails. As a result, your signature should include crucial information like your personal name, contact details, and corporate information.

With the developments in email marketing, it makes sense to incorporate a call to action to persuade your subscribers to connect with you and your company even more. For more complicated campaigns, you may utilize a variety of different aspects and customizations, and you are free to experiment with them.

In addition, various tools and signature generators like Designhill may assist you in creating a great signature and streamlining your email use.