How to Promote Your Blog Content Using Social Media Marketing in 2022

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is a very valuable tool in promoting your business’s content; we have all heard this statement at some point. What most people don’t know, however, is how to use this vital resource effectively to boost traffic to your blog articles. 

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, first we have to understand what it is. According to Hubspot, social media marketing is creating social media content to promote your products and services, which in this case is your blog posts.

Behind the Scenes

Before we get into the importance of promoting your blog, let’s first review what SEO Specialists do and how they strategize in the creation of blog content.

First, They Do Keyword Research

Creating good content without first deciding on what keywords to rank for is as effective as floating on a bamboo raft with no way to steer. It has no direction. Many SEO experts believe that knowing what keywords to rank for and determining the search volume for those keywords will be a good start in developing great content for your blog. More on the search volume later.

Second, They Optimize for the Topic and Not Just for the Keywords

Once upon a time, Google only indexed pages based on one keyword. That’s simply not the case today. Google’s algorithms now consider closely-related keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to get the context of your page. So, SEO Specialists also assign other words that should be included in the blog post.

For example, if your main keyword is “hearing aid”, your LSIs would include words, such as deafness, EENT, and others related to the main keyword.

Third, They Determine the Length of the Content

Let’s face it. You’re in competition with a lot of businesses who might also have the same topic you’re gonna write about. The secret here is to give more information, more data, and make your blog post interesting. So, SEO Specialists assign the word count.

Last, They Assign the Writing of the Post to a Content Writer

Great content writers make great content. Without them, you won’t be able to give readers something that they feel they want to know. For the record, it’s up to the writer to follow all the guidelines that the SEO Specialist detailed for this writing assignment.

Some writers even use AI writing software to write their content (some editing required). Humans made them, after all.

Why is it Important to Promote Your Blog Content?

Ok, your great piece of content is finished. If you stand back and let your content be read, you might just be relying on the search volume of the keyword that the Specialist did research on. 

But why stop there? Traffic to your content is important. One of the ways to boost traffic to your blog post is to promote it on social media. Why? Read on!

Social Media Statistics

If you aren’t convinced yet, these social media statistics will surely get you to believe what we’re saying, or at least make you consider it as a good promotional option.

  • There are now more than 4.55 billion people who actively use social media
  • About 45% of users use social media to research products
  • 60% of humans on earth have social media accounts
  • Facebook has more than 2.8 billion users
  • Youtube has 2.3 billion users
  • 1 billion people use Tiktok
  • 538 million internet users use Snapchat

Don’t Miss Out on Potential Website Traffic

Now, we’re not saying that all of those people will see a social media post about your blog content. All we’re saying is that this number of people who use social media is just too valuable to ignore.

How to Create a Complete Social Media Post

Complete social media post

To be clear, this is not the perfect social media post, by any means. The structure varies among different social media networks. Plus, this structure is likely to change in the future as social media managers refine the way they post.

However, this is the complete structure of a social media post to date. Let’s talk about its components.

1. Ideal Headline

For your social media post headline to work, you need to include at least one of three things: emotion, benefit, or number). Otherwise, it’ll be hard for people to be interested in it above all the other posts they see every day.

2. Secondary Headline

Your secondary headline must still be interesting and at the same time, give more context to the  content you’re promoting.

3. Blog Link

This is where you put the link to your blog post. The position is key to effective social media promotion. The link should be immediately after your secondary headline so readers can access it immediately.

4. Statement with Emojis

Not fond of using emojis? Well, you better get used to it! Generally, social media posts with emojis get more likes, comments, and shares according to recent surveys. That’s why you need to include a statement with emojis to take advantage of this phenomenon.

5. Quote

People need validation that what they’re reading is significant. Therefore, seeing a familiar quite or something that makes sense gives them that assurance. The more familiar the quote and the more famous the person who said it, the better.

6. Line Breaks

Give your social media friends a breather. If you remember, SEO rules state that readers are intimidated by big blocks of text. If you don’t put page breaks in your posts, they will look scary to people who don’t read a lot.

7. Hashtags

Here are some reasons you should use hashtags:

  • It’s a good way to find your niche content on social media.
  • Your content becomes more easily discoverable.
  • It connects common themes and interests.
  • Hashtags make content more reachable globally.

‘Nuff said?

8. Mentions

Mentioning people who were involved in creating your content (e.g., interviewee, source, etc.) can increase the chances of more people reading it. Why, you say? Because the followers of those people might be interested in what that person has to say.

9. Visuals

In the general population, 65% are visual learners. Don’t be a snob and just appeal to the bookworms! You just appeal to the masses too! Adding visuals or graphics can help convince people to read your post.

It Can Help You in Other Ways

Now that we’ve finished dissecting what makes a complete social media post, you’re probably itching to get started right away. I can’t blame you. However, keep in mind that without great blog content, your social media marketing campaign will all be for naught. 

Writing a good social media post for a blog post content that isn’t interesting, not unique, not well-researched, plagiarized content, or all of the above won’t turn out the way you expected. The main reason for doing social media marketing is to get people to go to your website. However, the job of converting readers to “buyers” is still your content quality.

It’s also possible that your social media marketing efforts can help other aspects of your campaign, like SEO and backlinks. It’s more likely for potential backlinkers to be aware of your blog content through social media.

Why? Because if your blog post is not ranked highly in the google search engine results page, not a lot of people would go to it. However, it’s possible for potential backlinkers to read your post and be instantly interested in it (and hopefully link to your amazing content, fingers crossed). That’s why making your content great is always important, whatever your goal is.

Now that you have learned all the tricks needed to use social media marketing as a way to promote your blog content. The only thing left to do is get started. Go ahead and open your Facebook, Tiktok, or Instagram app on your mobile phone (or computer) and start typing!