Best 9 Steps to Reduce Android App Size During App Development

The size of an Android app can vary depending on the app or the aim of the adaptation. App developers are more focused on perfecting their apps in mobile application development...

How to Install Android Emulator on Windows PC

 Emulators are software that can emulate a particular operating system in another. Like when you install an Android emulator on Windows PC, it can emulate the Android operating system onto your...
Android game development

Top Amazing Trends in the Android Game Industry in 2022

With 2021 practically behind us, it's an ideal opportunity to direct our concentration toward game development for android market drifts that are coming (and remaining) in 2022. Versatile gaming has detonated...
Android 12

What’s New in Android 12 and Why Should You Create an App

Android 12 is now available for download after nearly eight months of developer previews and beta testing. It comes with a slew of new functionality as well as a major design...
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SEO Hacks

 5 Best SEO Hacks for an Online Business

Search engine optimisation is necessary for every business as it helps prospective customers find a website. Creating a functional, comprehensive and user-friendly website requires...

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