How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live in 2022?

Instagram Live

Going live on your social media channels is now a trend, especially among celebrities or business profiles. People rapidly use Instagram Live as this is how they can show their talent and may also showcase the ongoing activities they get engaged in.

Whereas, while making the live videos, numerous real insta comments and other notifications may flood in block half of your screen – right? This is why you need to hide the comments when a similar thing happens to you.

However, the live videos can also be viewed on both mobile and PC; the requirements to manage the Instagram comments on both platforms are required.

On the other hand, everyone can also check out the trolls easily. This is the point where you might need to hide the lives wars that break down in comments among your followers participating in the live videos, you may need to hide comments!

How to hide comments on someone’s live Instagram video

There is no doubt that Instagram live is an excellent fun way to connect with audiences around the globe. It is also interesting to the communication and the feedback from the viewers through the comments they leave or the ones who like your videos.

You must also have seen a notification prompting your followers to promote your followers, or the following is being Live on Instagram. However, when you finally join it, you will be then able to see the comments bar being displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Moreover, you may compose the comments that ultimately become visible to all the participants as well as the broadcasters taking part in the live videos.

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How to disable comments on mobile?

Unfortunately, this option has now been removed from the Instagram update. However, an earlier Instagram’s featured and an excellent way to help you managing all the Instagram comments on the Live video.

Also, when you watch the videos on Instagram live and feel that the comments need to be hidden because they are disruptive, therefore, all you need to do is tap the screen.

You can hide or restrict the comments this way and then may easily enjoy your live videos. Also, tapping again on the screen will show you the likes and comments once again.

Since the new Instagram update has been launched; however, you may also check and rewind the new features if you are a little bit late. Although, this feature can also be tweaked to view from the PC. Let’s have a detailed look at how you can watch the Instagram comments blocked from your computer in the next section mentioned below.

If you want to go live on Instagram, though, you should probably disable the comments on your live videos. So, scroll down to the bottom of your screen and look for the comments section.

Then move to the right-hand corner of the bar and look for the three-dot bar. This is how the options to turn off comments and turn off the offer to join the live broadcast will appear.

How to disable comments on browser/PC/Mac?

Do you know that Instagram was the first to make the Story feature available on PC, where you can watch live videos? Because the mechanism of the live story is pretty much similar to that of the Instagram Story.

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So, you may install the Instagram live video on your device, whether it is Mac or a desktop. Also, you may get an extension for your Chrome browser because it will ultimately help you install the Instagram Live video. Once it gets done, then the installed video will be saved, excluding the comments, and this is how you can perfectly view it later as well.

Besides this, a chrome extension is also available, which will let you install the Instagram Live video and Instagram story. The one to name is which then requires you the input the Instagram username as it shows you the Story on the website, which is also available with the download button.

Moreover, such are the extensions also available and helpful to manage the Instagram comments. So, this is how you may hide comments on Instagram Live, and then it will also be easy to watch it later.