How to stay fit by the young generation

young generation

Actors from Bollywood started posting fitness mantras on social media and physical fitness started gaining a distinct curl. Actresses like Jacqueline Fernandez and Kareena Kapoor often post-exercise videos and photos on Instagram. Getting fit through exercise and posting photos from the gym on social media like ‘Workout Passion’, ‘Did You Run Today’ is a new trend of fitness publicity. Whether it is a unique desire to communicate your fitness to people or to make others aware of it in the hope of exercising, this should be the motive behind it. Whether it’s running a marathon, taking exercise lessons from a private trainer in a scenic area of ​​the city. The tendency of young people to get fit seems to be increasing.

Where is the youth-run? So fast food, malls, and wine tables!

This description is as usual. But that is not all. Young people are getting fit. The youth are aware of this. They are bringing home the latest brand of exercise equipment. The path of youth is to earn physical wealth, apart from this, the highway to open beauty through exercise is also hidden in it.

  • Exercise became the goal

Exercises for physical fitness, yoga is especially used by conscious people. While exercising, the next generation also hears the mantra of ‘Poranno Vyayam Kara Re’ from the elders. Life is changing for the younger generation who used to pursue their careers in the past and find their stress in Patria. Exercise is gaining special importance. Exercise has become a career for some young people. An exercise instructor is formed from the army of exercise and that is what makes his career. “I started exercising when I was ten,” says Sagar Mahadik, a coach at a private gym. We started going to the gym for a better body. Now playing in the gym. After developing a special interest in exercise, he became aware of it and decided to pursue a career in the field of exercise. Sagar says exercise has become a goal for young people. Many young people turn to exercise to look their best. Therefore, it is certain that the tendency of the youth towards exercise is increasing. Athletes are increasingly coming to exercise.

  • Help with gadgets

Mohil Chavan uses exercise equipment for exercise. This watch in my hand keeps reminding me of how much weight I was able to lose during the day. At the end of the day, we are satisfied that we have reached the target. Then this level crossed by the people is broadcast on social media. The purpose of this broadcast is to show appreciation to the people for their performance. Then I get compliments from people that the mind is automatically prepared to work hard again. There is nothing wrong with using all these modern tools or technologies to your advantage.

  • Inspired by social media
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Recently, when you open an account like Facebook or Instagram, you can see a photo or video of a friend exercising in the gym. Young people are constantly talking on social media about how much we ran, how many calories we burned. Likes about fitness are a different kind of pleasure to read, say, youngsters. Apart from this, social media is useful to be recognized as a bodybuilder on social media.

Omkar Shewde, a regular exerciser, says that there is a tendency to post everything he does now on social media. Photographs or videos of them exercising is a part of it. Posting exercise videos on social media always encourage compliments from other friends. It also provides advice on how to exercise in a better way, or what else to do if a friend is a regular exerciser. By spreading such things through social media, we also encourage many. Things like exercise need a lot of encouragement. Equally important is the variety of fitness gadgets currently available along with the promotion. Due to the frequent suggestions received from these modern devices, exercise is just as important every day.

Let’s go to the country of fitness.

Diet plays an 80% role in fitness. What goes on your lips goes to your buttocks. He also needs to add exercise. Exercising is not eating anything. Eat your favorite foods but in moderation. Control is important. Take the example of French women. Most French women are slender. See an example of their diet. It contains foods like wine, cheese, pasta. In fact, it is one of the foods that dietitians recommend avoiding. But how to control the weight of these French? They do simple things. When they sit at the dining table, they place the meal on the table in a very attractive manner. Cutlery, spectacles, dishes, etc. are available. Meals are a daily occurrence. Every grass is tasted and eaten. It is important to have a fork or spoon in hand after mowing the lawn. The farmer also does all his work with a tractor but does it slowly. It is said that you chew grass 32 times. But that’s where we do it. We really eat to fill our stomachs. Who is in a hurry Eating slowly gives enough time to reach the brain to experience the fullness and it is eaten in small quantities.

  • How about dinner lights?
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Lots of breakfast, lunch lighter, and dinner lighter. Have a light meal at night. Everyone knows this. But how to gather? Because that is the time of hunger. After lunch, eat a couple of biscuits with tea in the evening and when you come home, you are very hungry. So a mid-evening meal is important. The evening meal should be small but good. It should contain complex carbohydrates and proteins. Something like a cheese roll, tofu roll, agrorol, or sandwich. If it is not possible, take three beehives in the lunch box, eat two beehives and one beehive at five-six o’clock. This means that the stomach will not be empty until we reach home at night and the dinner will be light automatically.

  • Half diet or half gym?

Before any diet program or exercise, it is very useful to know some important factors like Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, Muscle Strength, and Flexibility. Just measuring weight and height will not accomplish anything. We also do mind tests in our gym. These things are checked with the help of the ‘Fitness Assessment Test’. The percentage of body fat is also taken into consideration. It is only after reviewing all these things that a decision is made as to what and how to do the exercise. It is wrong to follow a diet without exercising to lose weight. Just exercising and eating as much as you want will not help you lose weight. Both need balance. You can also exercise at home without going to the gym, but adopting the wrong methods can cause some pain during exercise. Therefore, it is convenient to exercise and lose weight with the help of a trained instructor. Your assessment and this assessment should also be combined to decide what kind of exercise you want to do through many new forms like Zumba, Functional Training, Kick Boxing, Power Yoga.

A little planning is needed

In today’s lifestyle, we spend most of our time away from home. Is on a journey. Therefore, a little planning is required to follow a proper diet. Some people say that we are not used to breakfast. But after so many hours of empty stomachs at night, a healthy breakfast is desperately needed. If breakfast is not served, the acidity may increase. If you are very hungry then you can eat a lot at lunchtime. Lunchtime is back and forth according to work. Then again at five or six o’clock in the evening, I want to eat something and come in front of Vadapav, Bhel, Shevpuri. Then it is eaten that the mealtime is cut off and this cycle continues. So it is best to keep a home lunch box with you. Good meal, dinner. If you do not have enough, eat protein or complex carbohydrates like tofu rolls, tofu cutlets, fruits in the evening without eating anything like Vadapava. Therefore, overeating does not occur due to overeating at night. It is rarely eaten. If you follow a proper diet till seven o’clock and eat what you can see in the fridge after seven o’clock in the evening due to hunger, then there is no use in controlling that day.

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Don’t overdo it

Many people think that if I take more protein, I will gain weight faster. But if you take more protein than you need, it will be converted into fats. Muscles can be built by reducing body fats by following proper exercise and diet. But it is inappropriate to take too much protein just for this. Fats are also important in the diet. As mentioned in Ayurveda, two teaspoons of ghee should be included in the daily diet. People are beginning to understand this now. Supplements for weight gain are plentiful. But consult an experienced, trained dietitian about when to take this supplement. There is no need for protein shakes or supplements for the general body, except for bodybuilding or sports professionals.

There should be a balance of diet and exercise while traveling

Many people travel abroad for work. Exercise where you have the time and opportunity to do so without going off-track. Carry sports shoes, yoga mats. The key is to have a desire for it. Considering the variety of food available during the tour, usually eat barbecue, stir-fried, stewed, boiled food. Also, in soups, take clear soup instead of thick soup. It contains less cornflour and flour. Eat tandoor roti instead of butter naan. In the end, your choices matter.

Keep away from various weight loss drugs and pills. The pills offered under the name of Ayurveda are ‘fat burners’. But these fat burners are very harmful to the body. It has side effects. Even just drinking green tea will not make you thinner. That pair needs exercise. Green tea, on the other hand, causes dehydration. So drink plenty of water.