What is ITIL 4 Certification and Why is It Important?


ITIL 4 Certification is an interim IT Service Management (ITSM) certification, which the release of ITIL 5 will follow. This certification focuses on the responsibilities and obligations of being a Service Manager. The aim is to manage the performance of services and to understand what constitutes value for service users, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

The ITIL 4 certification training is designed to help you demonstrate the competence you need to manage IT Service Management processes in your organization. It provides a framework for defining and understanding your specific roles and responsibilities and a structure that allows organizations of all sizes to deliver effective services. This scheme helps you show that you are competent in IT Service Management and benefits your organization by setting service management standards.

Some of the reasons why it is essential to obtain the ITIL 4 certification include the following:

Proven Standards

The ITIL framework is based on proven best practices and has been developed by the ITIL community, who are experienced and technically qualified to deliver quality information. This certification framework provides a roadmap for you to follow as you build your knowledge of IT Service Management.


The ITIL framework allows organizations to take the training they need to understand the roles and responsibilities of a Service Manager. Current or future roles can be incorporated into the framework with ease. Further, it allows organizations to tailor the syllabus to meet their specific requirements.

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This course is intended for professionals working within the IT industry responsible for delivering services and managing IT projects effectively. It shows that you know about IT Service Management and are prepared to build on that before taking your ITIL 5 certification exam.

Legal Compliance

This certification can be used as evidence in court proceedings concerning your competence within ITIL 4. The certification can help you in your career and benefit your organization.

Cost Effective

If you are working with an organization that already has expertise in IT Service Management, then there may not be a need to retrain or refresh their knowledge. This course will help consolidate existing skills and skillsets and can be integrated into the existing framework of their ITIL 4 training plan.


The ITIL framework is the leading service management framework. Many organizations have already certified themselves against this one-of-a-kind qualification, demonstrating their high service delivery standard.


The ITIL framework provides helpful information on how to manage IT Service Management processes. It will help you in your quest to define and understand your role as a Service Manager, and it will also equip you with the knowledge necessary to recognize and respond effectively to changes within your organization.

How Does This Certification Differentiate You?

Qualified ITIL Service Managers who have obtained this certification will have proven skills in defining and delivering quality services to their stakeholders. They will also understand what constitutes value for customers, regardless of their size or organization.

To become qualified as an ITIL Implementation Manager, Senior ITIL Service Manager, or Senior ITIL Architect, you would need to obtain at least one year of experience in a ā€˜managementā€™ type role within your organization. The ITIL certification can be taken after two years; however, the target audience is more junior professionals with at least two years of experience in a similar role.

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The ITIL 4 Certification Process – From Application to Exam

You start by completing the application form: You can download it from this page or the registration page at www.itil-certification.com, or you can enter your details on the website by clicking here. This will start an automated process that will check all your details and send you a confirmation email which you must print off and attach to your application form, along with a copy of your CV.

You then take a practice exam: You are sent an email with details of the opportunity to take a video or on-screen practice exam based on your chosen level.

On completing these tests, you can take the ITIL 4 tests: You are sent further information about taking the ITIL 4 certification, and you enter your details at www.itil-certification.com using the email address from your application form. This will send you an automated invitation message inviting you to choose between a written test and an on-screen practice exam (for both test types), and all your details will be confirmed by email.

Booking your exam online is easy and quick. You will be given a ā€˜Registration Code,ā€™ which you need to enter into the online form, along with places and dates for your preferred choice of test center or test date and time. The registration code can only be used once, so make sure you only book the date you want to take it!


ITIL4 certification is a great way to add value to your career in IT Service Management. It is recognized internationally and is a way of demonstrating your ability in IT Service Management, which will stand you in good stead for both your current role as well as any future roles you may take on.

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