Best 7 Node JS Developer Skills to Screen While Hiring

JS Developer Skills

The most recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey confirmed that Node.js is the most popular framework in use today, and its popularity continues to rise. Really, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock. Developers using Node.js are more productive and powerful than ever because of the framework’s powerful async loop, JavaScript’s easiness, and the platform’s active community. Although Node.js is one of the most sought-after frameworks by companies, it also has the widest skills gap between the demand for Node.js engineers and the supply of qualified candidates. Therefore, if you wish to hire Node Js Developers you should be careful and know the essential developer skills to screen. So, this article will be your informational guide through which you will learn the seven best nodejs programmers skills to look for. 

What Is Node.Js Exactly?

When it comes to developing back-end applications, Node.js is among the most cutting-edge and well-liked languages. Node.js was originally created in C++ and later ported to Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009, and the most recent update, version 15.14, was out in April 2021. Node.js is used to build server-side web applications, and its asynchronous, event-driven approach makes it ideal for data-intensive applications.

When trying to fill a position for a Node.js developer, what traits should an employer prioritise? 

The following list of node js developer skills should be taken into account when hiring a node.js developer for software development:

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1. Wide-ranging Expertise

The more time you spend doing something, the more knowledgeable you get about it. This means that employers need to take the time to carefully assess the candidate’s track record of success with Node.js development projects. Any further training or certification from outside the company is welcome. Candidates with more than two years of expertise using Node.js, which was first released in 2009, are strongly preferred. The quality and efficiency of software are greatly influenced by the developer’s level of experience. As a result of several years of expertise, developers have completed a number of projects that must be evaluated by companies. By the end of three years, Nodejs programmers should have completed multiple projects and have solid expertise with problem fixes and development. You may get a good notion of the developer’s skill by checking out the developer’s contributions, if any, to open-source Node.js projects.

2. Understanding of Front-End Coding

An automated dashboard or web app are two examples of back-end technologies that might benefit from the use of the Node.js language. As a result, you need to have a look at the abilities of a node.js backend developer. A good Node.js developer, though, has to know more than just how the inner workings of the product they’re creating will work. Therefore, he or she should also have a solid foundation in front-end software development, including familiarity with a programming language for creating user interfaces, an understanding of how to create software from wireframes, and so on. Thus, businesses should assess how much they know about front-end development as well and hire nodejs developers who understand the front end too. 

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3. Ability to Manage Contracts

The term of the contract, which influences the work ethic, is also an important consideration when deciding to recruit specialised Nodejs programmers. In their capacity as independent contractors, freelancers have the freedom to pick and choose which clients they take on. They get to select how long they want to spend on a project, which means that clients often have to switch up the team many times during the year because longer-term projects are seen as boring and uninteresting. When you engage a team of dedicated Nodejs developers from a nodejs development company, you can be certain that they will give their whole attention to ensuring the success of your project and won’t abandon it halfway through.

4. Understanding of Node.js Frameworks

As was already said, Node.js was built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript. Software companies like the language because it is effective and has a large library of modules, integrated development environments (IDEs), and tools. When a company wants to hire a Node.js developer, they need to know that the developer knows how to use multiple basic Node.js frameworks, like Express, Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js, which help Node.js do more than just its basic functions. Aside from that, it is highly advantageous to have familiarity with other fundamental and full-stack Modular-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks such as Strongloop, Sinatra, Rails, etc. 

5. Management of Databases for Business

This is a very vital characteristic for Node.js developers. He/she should be able to efficiently manage numerous databases and have experience of combining different databases into one. Additionally, the engineers must be able to properly manage database security while administering those databases. In addition, familiarity with relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and SQLite as well as NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB, and Orchestrate is required.

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6. Expertise Regarding API Communications

There are several current tools and initiatives that may greatly simplify Nodejs development. Using APIs, these projects may be merged with the current systems. A competent Node.js developer must be able to operate more efficiently with these current RESTful APIs and other fundamental APIs, as well as integrate numerous systems for more effective software development. Therefore, while evaluating the essential abilities of nodejs programmers in order to make a hiring decision, be sure to consider API Communications understanding. Therefore, when hiring Nodejs developers, you should evaluate their API communication skills and knowledge of how one system communicates with the other.

7. Effectiveness in Managing Deadlines

When seeking to engage a Node.js developer for offshore software development, the ability to fulfil deadlines is a crucial characteristic to look for. Frequently, the product development process must adhere to strict deadlines in order to prevent delays in product launch or customer deliveries. In such circumstances, developers who fail to establish timelines and manage the project correctly might be a significant liability. Consequently, businesses should examine their prior evaluations and the timeframes within which their previous projects were completed, as well as their capacity to manage existing deadlines, at the outset.


In conclusion, The developer should have a thorough understanding of all the most recent Node.js projects, developments, and tools needed to match your product’s code requirements. They should also be able to produce code that is efficient, clear, and bug-free. These are a few of the skill sets to take into account while actively seeking out Node js programmers for your projects.