6 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

Since 2020, the pandemic has changed schooling and education systems worldwide. It has allowed education to continue even when students and teachers could not be physically present in the classroom. Even though the technology had been available for a long time, schools and universities have moved to online platforms only after the pandemic.

The shift that was prompted by the pandemic has brought various advantages of online education to light. It brings quality education into our homes and gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace. Students in high schools and colleges use long-distance courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. Not only that, it has given educators access to resources and tools that they did not have before.

It would be irrational to say that online learning can replace the traditional classroom learning model. However, no one can deny the plethora of benefits offered by online education. Here are the top 6 reasons why we believe that online education is the future of learning –

  1. Flexible – Learning online offers flexibility to students and teachers that allows everyone to fit education into their schedule. Those who work can now learn at a convenient time and pursue their education goals. Teachers, too, can upload course content at their own pace and have more autonomy over the course.
  2. Customized Learning –Flexibility in online learning is not limited to scheduling lessons and tests. Online education enables educators to create a personalized learning experience for their students. Courses can now be tailored to suit each student’s requirements and ability level. With better one-to-one interaction with the instructor or educator, it is easier for students to discuss their concerns. Students are often given access to diverse materials such as videos, photos, and eBooks for detailed study.
  3. Accessible – With online education, students can study from the comfort of their homes. They can join their virtual classroom from anywhere globally, making education accessible even to those who could not travel to school due to geographical limitations. Students can access learning at a convenient time and place to make the most of their education. It saves students’ time and money commuting to and from school – enabling those who work to continue their education.
  4. Wide Selection of Programs – Online education is not limited to language and mathematics. You can find a wide selection of programs such as music, dance, public speaking and personality development for kids. There is a panoramic range of subjects for grown-ups to study too. People can now learn new languages and skills through online education platforms. The classroom model of education demands infrastructure to begin a new course. Still, with online education – new courses can be started with just an educator willing to give the time.
  5. Different Way of Learning – Traditional education confines all students to one model of teaching and learning. Unfortunately, not all students excel in a classroom format surrounded by their peers. Taking classes at home, with the time and comfort to take notes, grasp ideas and practice at your own pace, has helped introverted students to learn better.
  6. Better Interaction – Online courses enrol fewer students as compared to classroom courses. Having fewer students to manage has helped educators develop better student-tutor interactions. It has enabled educators to give adequate attention and interact personally with each student. The online environment for learning also gives teachers more time to focus on their students and address their problems. There are many online learning platforms like Thinkific, Kajabi, Teachable, Udemy, Teachery, LearnDash, and so many more. All these platforms help create or teach you how to do various things. One such platform: Teachable helps you learn how to create an amazing online business. If you are looking to try these platforms get 50% Discount on Teachable and other platforms before you dish out too much money.

These are only a few reasons online education is a boon to students and teachers. It holds excellent advantages for the education system. The freedom to choose the best way to learn from the comfort of your home is a game-changer in learning. It has helped students and teachers realize that online learning is undoubtedly the future of learning.

Author Bio:

Samidha Raj works as part of the content marketing team at PlanetSpark, a platform that provides online classes to K8 learners on “New Age Skills” like English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, etc. She is passionate about empowering the youth by educating parents about the importance of 21st-century skills. In her free time, you can find her watching documentaries or animated movies and organizing game nights (board games are her thing)!