5 Guaranteed Ways to Revolutionize Your Writing Style in 10 Minutes

Writing Style

A writer’s writing style shows the tone and voice of a writer in written words, what they want to convey to readers through their story or expressing an idea. Every writer’s style is unique to them. How a writer frames a paper, writes its sentences, and overall approach is distinctive and rare to find with any other writer. Although the style of writing may be different, the methods used to improve them are quite similar and can be learned in just under 10 minutes.

Types of Writing Styles

These are some general styles that numerous writers use while incorporating their own variations into them.

Expository Writing – Just as the name says, this style of writing involves the exposing of facts, to rephrase, it’s a style that educates or informs the reader rather than entertaining them.

Narrative Writing – It can be stated as a strong writing style, narrative writing can be fictional or non-fictional and it can be in the sphere of autobiographical stories, historical fiction or a retelling of dramatical events.

Descriptive Writing -The main objective of this writing style is to write in such a way that it describes a person, place, or thing in such a way that the reader can easily imagine a picture in their mind.

Persuasive Writing -It is a form of writing in which the writer persuades the reader in agreeing with their own opinion in regards to an issue.

5 Tips You Can Learn in Under 10 Minutes

To be a phenomenal writer, you need to state clear and understandable points in your content. Here are 5 tips to help you do that, and mind you, these can be incorporated into your style in just 10 minutes.

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Be Straightforward in Your Writing: Great writing involves clear and precise sentences. Detach the use of any kind of filler words, like unneeded adverbs and propositions that add weight to a sentence and take the quality down.

Incorporate Verbs Not Nouns: Nominalization is a concept that holds high importance in writing. It describes the process of how to turn verbs and adjectives into nouns. For example, “decision” is a nominalization of “decide,” and “argument” is a nominalization of “argue.” Usually, nominalization makes the sentences longer and weaker. That’s why more focus should be put on verbs.

Select Your Words Carefully: There are many ways to create a single sentence, and in that sentence alone, there are numerous options of words you can incorporate to convey your message. Always remember to choose words that are simple and clearly understood instead of fancy-sounding words from the English vocab. From a reader’s perspective, simple words are more direct and can be understood from all perspectives. You can also use a thesaurus or dictionary if you need help finding a replacement.

Write Brief Paragraphs: It is advisable to keep your paragraphs short and feasible.  Rather than stating different idea in every one of them, every paragraph in your writing should support the same idea, as this will make the reading smooth. Additionally, short paragraphs are easier to understand and create a more appealing look on the page. However, this can be contradictory in academic writing as it often consists of lengthier paragraphs because they need more information to support their themes.

Use Active Voice: In general, active voice is considered stronger than passive voice because it is more direct and reduces the number of words required to convey a message.With the use of active voice, a writer can easily depict a subject doing something, which is way more exciting than the usage of other voices. Other types of voice can be grammatically correct but are often long and exaggerated.

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These are the tips that you should consider before writing your next paper. And guess what? After using these tips, you might not need any kind of paper help in your life as a writer.

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