5 Ways to Fix Ping in Pubg on Mobile

PUBG is regarded to be one of the most famous and popular online games and offers several players the possibility to play all at once. The servers for play are always acceptable, but sometimes we experience problems such as increased pings and do not respond to the games.

In some situations, the internet connection may be slow, in other cases, better but in many cases, it seems that ping is less than 100ms. We mentioned a lot of techniques to fix the ping in your PUBG mobile in order to address it. Here are the instructions, let’s start straight away:

  • Game Booster:  Many smartphones come with the built-in game booster to suspend or stop background gameplay activities. Game boosters can help enhance the performance of the device by reducing latency and making game bandwidth a priority. You may also use PUBG hacks once you address problems for enjoying the PUBG experience.
  • Disable background syncing: Another technique of fixing the PUBG mobile ping is to cease synchronizing the background programs. By accessing the settings and then heading to applications, you may do it on any Android smartphone. Then choose the applications that you suspect and hit “Restrict the usage of data.” The “Mobile Data” and “WiFi/WLAN” are now available for you to deselect. You may also set up the “Battery Saver” options in settings to limit background activity.
  • Control WiFi settings: You might have to configure WiFi manually if you want to play PUBG over the WiFi with the internet connection and if the ping is still reasonably high. To start the same thing, you may visit your settings page, migrate to WiFi, and search for the “add-on” or “advanced” configuration. You may now search for the Traffic mode and try changing it to the Extreme Mode mode. It will enable your network resources to be redirected to apps that lead to a reduced ping.
  • Use VPN: Due to massive traffic, the servers for the game cannot take many requests that can lead to higher ping rates. You can simply change the PUBG mobile server to avoid the same and see if the ping can drop below a hundred. Besides that, you can also start using the VPN and connect with a different server. Many free VPN applications are available in the App Store; you can install the best one from them.
  • Repair PUBG: If nothing works, the PUBG with the aid of embedded settings can be repaired. You may hit the Repair button while entering the login page, so you can reinstall PUBG from the start. Take notice here that it helps to reset custom controls and game settings. However, while playing the game, it decreases ping substantially.
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Space: If your smartphone has full storage and plenty of space limitations, you need to be careful to clear up the gameplay device. There are also numerous programs, even if they are not being used, that create several GB of cache memory. Go to setting, open Applications and press clear the suspicious apps’ cache memory. Hopefully, your game will address difficulties connected to ping.

Try to use tools from third parties: You may try to use tools from third parties to try if any of the preceding techniques do not decrease the Ping in the PUBG mobile. It would help if your light and shadow effects were deactivated and GPU optimization was finally enabled, and it would improve the PUBG much.