Do you have to utilize your reseller hosting with SSD servers?

SSD servers

Hosts for resellers are a type of web hosting in which wholesale SSD servers capacity is purchased and reassigned for benefit. Therefore, it is crucial that you select a parent hosting business that offers your clients the finest service. This implies selecting a supplier with optimum performance and operation technologies. One thing you should thus examine is whether you are using a supplier that provides SSD servers or HDD servers.

Reasons Why Use Reseller Hosting SSD Server

Higher Website Loading Speeds

When looking for Web hosting products, customers tend above all other considerations to favor page loading speeds. That is because internet consumers are impatient with sluggish websites and are unlikely to wait. Google also considers that a website loads fast when its rankings are generated.

The higher you rank in Google, the better your commitments and conversion rates. Therefore, resellers are asked to select an SSD server on their websites. SSDs or Solid State Drives are high-performance flash memories, comparable to those used in Random Access Memory (RAM). This makes SSDs more efficient and quicker than HDDs.

Higher Performance

SSD hosting provides better page loading rates, reducing the wait time for data queries. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) provides greater room and enables further searches of data. This allows SSD servers to serve additional requests simultaneously. SSD servers are also less likely to fail to make the websites of your clients more dependable.

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Hardware Reliability

Moving components of a mechanical system, such as one utilized in HDD servers, are more likely to disintegrate than a contemporary electronic SSD. In reality, the HDD’s failure rate is 10 times higher than the SSD rate, which is just a 5 percent failure rate. Thus HDD servers are not as stable as SSD servers, but their dependability has been improving since the launch.

Higher Energy Efficiency

SSD servers consume far less energy in comparison to HDD servers with the same hosting capacity. This is because a lot of power is consumed by the mechanical nature of the moving HDD components. More energy is also needed to discharge the heat produced by the moving parts from the cooling system.

Experts also observed that the utilization of HDD servers is up to 5 times higher than those of SSD servers. As a result, many web host service providers move to SSD servers to decrease their carbon footprint because of great energy efficiency.

More Durable

You want to keep a customer as long as possible and gain additional customers along the road as you land them. SSD servers seldom fail and may serve you for decades, decreasing the possibilities of moving servers.


From a commercial perspective, despite greater initial costs, it is prudent to utilize SSD servers for reseller web hosting. For reseller hosting, SSD servers are more dependable since they need less physical care and maintenance than traditional drives. They can also be longer-lasting and serve without the attention of the host.

SSD servers are also more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. So, even if the current host is less attentive to maintenance and services, the business will function well.

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