7 Benefits of Having the Order Chat Plugin in Your WooCommerce Store 

WooCommerce Store 

Are you thinking about ways to improve customer service and order placement on your site? If so, considering an order chat is a good idea. 

Order chat is a useful feature that can work wonders for your site and order chat plugins can help you incorporate them into your site and bring you all the benefits without much effort. 

How? Read till the end to understand all the benefits. 

7 Benefits of Order Chat Plugins

Below are 7 benefits that order chat plugins bring to your site. 

  • Improved Communication
  • Better Customer Support
  • Offers Competitive Advantage
  • Offers More Productivity 
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment
  • Improves Online Conversions
  • Cost Effectiveness

Now let’s explore each of the above benefits to understand their significance. 

  1. Improved Communication 

Effective communication is critical for every e-store as it helps in maintaining good customer relationships and builds a positive brand reputation. When it comes to orders, any mistake and misunderstanding can be very damaging, and to avoid that using order chat plugins is a great idea. 

Let’s take the example of the Order Chat Plugin for WooCommerce. It opens a direct communication channel for customers.

With this plugin, customers can send instructions about their order, from their order detail page on My Account.

For stores selling customized goods, this plugin is a must. It allows one to communicate with the customer about order requirements and deliver exactly what the customer desires. 

2. Better Customer Support

The biggest reason why customers prefer chats is that it lets them get their questions answered immediately.

Through order chat plugins, you can easily incorporate chats on your site and give customers a way to reach you anytime, from anywhere.  They can contact you at the exact moment that they want to place an order or report any problems. 

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Instead of customers sending emails and waiting for days or weeks, order chats offer them immediate assistance in improving conversions on your site. 

Order chats raise customer satisfaction compared with other types of support.

3. Offers Competitive Advantage

Staying on top of the competition is getting harder and harder with so many websites and online businesses out there. 

While the competition is fierce, one way to make your site stand out is to use an order chat, and using the right plugin for that purpose. 

Order chats offer quick answers and real-time support to customers, helping you stand out from your competitors. 

When a customer has the option to quickly order through the online chat, the offered convenience motivates them to make the purchase which is great for your brand reputation and authority building among other sites.  

You can try out the Quick WhatsApp Chat and Orders plugin, to get started with an order chat on your site. 

The plugin is a one-stop solution to connect your online store with WhatsApp. It offers support for multiple agents and has an interactive UI. 

4. Offers More Productivity 

Some companies operate at a lower scale and have a small number of people to carry out various tasks. 

With fewer people to offer support to visitors, you might keep many potential customers waiting and that can damage your company’s reputation. 

With chats plugins, you can use order chats efficiently and avoid long queues as a single person can manage multiple customers. 

This increases productivity and offers better results. 

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5. Reduces Cart Abandonment

According to Insider Intelligence, 63% of customers are more likely to visit your site again if you offer live chat. That is because live chats offer assistance and easy order placement which is very convenient and fast. 

Real-time answers to questions without any kind of wait, help the customer make quick decisions and even impulse purchases. 

For that reason, installing an order chat plugin is very useful as it can help you easily get started with order chats and reduce your cart abandonment without you doing any back-end programming. 

6. Improves Online Conversions

According to Forrester, consumers are 2.8 times more likely to convert if a live chat is available on a site. 

The number indicates that when you are available to help out the customer, that builds trust, and helps in improving the rate of customer acquisition. 

To improve customer acquisition, using an order plugin is important like the LiveChat for WooCommerce plugin. 

It improves sales and conversions in a very simple way. It engages visitors by offering helpful live chat and chat invitations. The plugin offers a great visual side of your store with a modern chat window. 

The chat buttons are neat and eye-catching and you can choose a theme, color, display, add a logo, and add a lot more to the chat widget. 

7. Cost Effective

Another benefit of using an order chat plugin is that there are both open source and cost effective options out there. 

Also, when you use an order chat you can save even more as fewer customer service representatives are needed to handle multiple customers. 

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That way you can save money by hiring fewer people and get even better results and increased productivity. 

Another benefit is that using an order chat reduces overall help desk center costs as the waiting queue time is lowered when compared to a traditional call center.

Order chats, through quick customer facilitation, also lower product return expenses that occur when products are returned by customers. 

Final Words 

In this article, we explored the 7 benefits of having an order chat plugin on a Woocommerce site.  Using an order chat plugin helps you save time, and money and get more sales and conversions. 

We recommend you go through the above article in detail to develop a deeper understanding of the topic. 

Check out more content like this on our site and if you use an order chat plugin, let us know about your experience. 

Author Bio: Sara works for KoalaApps as a content writer and as an ecommerce order chat plugin operator for KoalaApps. Having a decade of experience behind her in the field, she aims to be the writer that writes to solve problems faced by developer community.