How Clean Wheel Technology Improves Workflow

When we talk about clean wheels, we’re not talking about shiny rims on your company’s work vehicles. We’re talking about the caster wheels that help companies transport goods, supplies, and other materials around the workplace. Just think about that old shopping cart at the grocery store you grabbed with the dirty wheels that made it hard to push and slowed down your errands. Your employees want carts that help them work faster, not make them struggle. Let’s take a look at how clean wheel technology improves company workflow.

How Clean Wheel Technology Works

When wheels roll over the ground, they pick up dirt. Even if they are used solely inside a building with a tile floor, dirt, grime, and even lint still get caked into greased bearings. This makes for a slow, hard-to-push cart that you just want to throw out and buy a new one. While old dirty wheels can be cleaned and re-greased, that process costs money, time, and is frankly a pain to do. It’s a better investment to buy carts and other moveable equipment that feature caster wheels with clean wheel technology.

Clean wheel technology means the caster wheels are made with sealed bearings and guards that help prevent dirt and lint from gumming up the performance. Clean wheel technology means your rolling cart will keep on rolling smoothly for many years of rigorous use. Employees will no longer have to fight to get the goods where they need to go.

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Industries That Will Benefit

Utility carts, trucks, shelves, racks, hampers, and other rolling equipment are used in a wide range of industries. Anything that slows down the roll of employees is hurting the company’s profits. Like they say, “time is money”. Moving equipment that doesn’t work properly also leads to employee frustration and a dive in employee satisfaction. While big box stores may not mind irritated customers struggling to push bad shopping carts around, it does benefit a company to keep their employees satisfied in as many aspects in the workplace as possible. Here are some industries where clean wheel technology can make workflow roll smoothly.

Laundering Services

Rolling carts and hampers are essential for laundering services to move linens. They are used to transport linens to and from the facility, and within the facility for the different cleaning and drying processes. In this industry, carts are used so frequently, that it only makes sense to buy high-grade carts with wheels that can stand up to the daily abuse.


Wheels are found everywhere in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. From the carts that haul linens to be sterilized, to the shelves that hold machines that monitor patients’ vitals, to beds, stretchers, food trays, IVs, and so much more. Doctors and nurses are already tasked with the all-important job of keeping us healthy, so making their jobs easier is well worth it. The healthcare industry can also benefit from carts and trays that use anti-microbial technology.

Hospitality Services

Hotels and other hospitality services are no stranger to rolling carts either. Rolling carts help keep the linens clean, transport food, and help janitors keep areas tidy. Keeping wheels moving smoothly aids in better time management for many of the different jobs essential to providing quality hospitality services.

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Car Washes

Car washes use rolling carts and shelves to launder cleaning and polishing rags, and move cleaning supplies as needed for hand detailing vehicles. Imagine the frustration of employees if their supplies wouldn’t roll with them as they were working! Fast, high-quality work is very important to a car wash to maintain their clientele.

Shipping Services

Big players in the shipping industry, like Amazon and USPS, down to small local shipping companies all rely on rolling bins in parts of the sorting and shipping processes. Keeping on schedule is very important, as these companies stake their reputation on timely shipping. Clean wheel technology helps keep the workflow moving by minimizing the need for cart maintenance.

Retail Stores

Retail stores can benefit from clean wheel technology in both the back and front ends. On the front end, customers are more satisfied with their shopping experience using carts that roll easily. Unsatisfied customers are more likely to choose another store to take their business. On the back end, products can be transferred quickly and employees who build orders for pick up can get their jobs done in a more timely manner.

The industries listed above are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the types of companies that can benefit from the use of clean wheel technology. If your equipment rolls, it’s worth investing in caster wheels that will continue to roll smoothly for many years.

Benefits of Clean Wheel Technology

Let’s recap the main benefits that high-quality caster wheels made with clean wheel technology can provide to businesses. The reasons are really very simple:

  • Clean wheels decrease the time needed to complete jobs and transfer goods and equipment.
  • Wheels that roll smoothly increase employee satisfaction.
  • Clean wheel technology saves money on cart maintenance and repair.
  • Carts made with clean wheel technology are made for industries that use carts rigorously.
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When it comes time for your company to purchase new rolling carts or other equipment, make the smart choice and look for manufacturers with good reviews and clean wheel technology that comes standard in their caster wheels. Your employees and wallet with thank you!