How To Develop a Meal Delivery App Like Deliveroo?

Meal Delivery

Currently, most people are utilizing the applications launched in the market. Because of the prolonged working durations, they arrive exhausted at their homes with no energy left to visit an offline market to meet their needs. Hence, numerous mobile phone solutions became the topmost priority of users.

They receive every specific service delivered to their doorsteps rapidly in no time. The entrepreneurs were compelled to switch their ventures online on these platforms to keep their businesses rolling in the market. They also receive many benefits from developing mobile apps for their enterprises. Amongst the solutions launched for various market sectors, meal delivery achieved a remarkable rise in almost every corner of the globe.

Especially the UK food delivery segment comes in hotspots consisting of tremendous demand for meal ordering platforms. As per the 2022 report, the market size of the UK’s hyperlocal meal delivery segment reached $20.61 billion in the same year. Numerous players are responsible for generating such requirements for food ordering solutions among people. It includes contenders like JustEat, Deliveroo, Ubereats, Talabat, etc. 

Thus, if you as an entrepreneur are excited to be a part of the UK’s meal delivery vertical by building a Deliveroo like platform, then here are some tips and costs for building the same mentioned. Consider every section to gain a clear vision about developing it for your business.

How To Develop a Meal Delivery App Like Deliveroo?

You, as a restaurateur, can go for creating Deliveroo like app for your venture by following the tips mentioned below. It will assist you in building a perfect Deliveroo similar meal ordering platform for your business.

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Analyze The Meal Ordering Vertical

For creating an application relating to any business segment, it is a must to perform thorough market research before getting it developed, satisfying the venture requirements. Similarly, for building a Deliveroo-similar solution, you need to study the food delivery segment. It involves recognizing existent rivals, knowing the top market players, considering the types of specifications provided by your competitors, challenges faced by users, surveying the people’s preferences, etc. Gathering all such data will help you build a propitious Deliveroo-similar platform for your enterprise.

Decide the Features To Be Implemented

Select the appropriate specifications by listing them after the requirements and ideas for making a solution like Deliveroo are gathered. Decide only such features that are mandatory, unique, and fascinating for users to utilize your platform. Implementing the proper attributes will help your venture attract and retain many users on your application. Some of the specifications that can be implemented are:

  • Social Login
  • Schedule Order
  • Freebies (Quizzes, Contests)
  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Know Numerous Deliveroo Like Solution Providers

When the particular requirements and specific attributes for developing a Deliveroo like application are determined, pen down the numerous IT firms offering the development of such platforms. You can list them by analyzing their years of industry experience, no. of projects accomplished, the size of the programmers team, and many other elements.

Set Appropriate Budget

Observe the pricing pages of the companies you have known so far. It will assist you in gaining an idea about the different prices for developing an application like Deliveroo and setting the budget accordingly for the same. After fixing the budget, you should sort out some names and then look forward to a particular firm for finalizing a deal with it to get a platform like Deliveroo ready. 

Make a Deal With The Proper Company

As a startup owner, you should seal the deal with a particular technology partner offering appropriate Deliveroo clone app development services within your set budget, along with efficiently fulfilling the needs of your business. Also, discuss the submission timeline of your project and the duration of free-post launch support you will receive from them. Confirming all such details will help you in launching a proper application.

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Test and Launch

When you get a proper Deliveroo similar application created, then it’s a perfect time for evaluating a solution by entering false values and examining the platform in different scenarios, detecting the bugs, if any, and sending an app back to the company for clearing all such issues occurring inside. Once a bugless solution is ready, you can launch it in an application store by uploading the different photos describing various functionality embedded into it.

Now, as an entrepreneur, you must have received an idea about getting an application similar to Deliveroo for your venture. But, you must know the costs and several factors affecting it, discussed in the next section.

Some Factors Determining the Costs of Creating a Deliveroo Like Solution:

Cost is a crucial aspect while building a platform similar to Deliveroo, and it can be reduced to some extent by keeping in mind certain aspects. The parameters through which the costs of creating a Deliveroo like application can be reduced are stated following:

Development Region

Development region plays a vital role when shaking hands with a specific company. You should select the firm according to its development location, and one which costs you lowered prices should be finalized to create a Deliveroo similar solution for your venture. The prices of building a Deliveroo like platform as per geographical regions can be decided based on some elements. It includes living standards in a particular country, hosting charges, subscription fees for accessing premium features of particular tech stuff, database charges, and many other charges that vary on the region of development.

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Locations Hourly Development Rates(In USD)
India $20 – $45
Netherlands $55 – $70
UAE $35 – $60
Canada $45 – $75
USA $65 – $105

Number of Features

Implement only those features that are demystifying for your venture and helpful for users to satisfy their purposes. It is because the development fees are charged by companies based on the number of attributes you implement in your application similar to Deliveroo. The complexity of developing a solution increases for programmers to implement more specifications onto a platform. Hence, the rates to create a Deliveroo similar platform rises on implementing more features inside it.

Time Consumed For Building it

Now, it comes to the platform’s complexity in deciding the rates based on the amount of time consumed. It’s due to building a highly complex application with maximum specifications present inside. The duration of building it would be higher. Evidently, the fees would increase as hourly charges would be applied on extra or on fixed development hours. Moreover, the duration needed to build a Deliveroo like food ordering solution is estimated based on many reasons that lead to more time consumption. 

Number of Developers Occupied

Not just the timeline of submission but also the number of programmers occupied would be decided based on how complex your application is. A company needs to pay the monthly salary to the developers tenant on your project. They would be occupied until your solution similar to Deliveroo is accomplished, and a firm’s development staff needs to work on your project by delaying the other ongoing. So, as a startup owner, you should carve your project’s needs in a way that fewer individuals of technology partner are occupied. It will assist you in decreasing the development charges.

Thus, you might have received a moral of keeping your solution simple and decent, which would lead to a reduction in development costs significantly by almost every aspect.

Final Words:

By witnessing the prolific growth of one of the UK’s hyperlocal food delivery giants – Deliveroo, you might be willing to develop a meal delivery app like Deliveroo. If yes, then here are some tips, and cost-affecting parameters stated. They would likely push you towards creating a desirable platform similar to Deliveroo for your eatery business, meeting its requirements conveniently without any hassles.