Instagram Marketing: Tips You Can’t Ignore

Instagram Marketing

This article will bring you 13 Instagram marketing tips that you can’t ignore. Check out!

It’s completely understandable why the number of brands that are pouring resources into Instagram marketing continues to grow at such a rapid rate. The platform boasts of having over 1 billion users, and we can certainly expect that this will only increase in the future.

In this sense, it is always essential for those who want to grow on Instagram to be active, post new content with outstanding quality to get more likes, and possibly appear on the explore page, which is also essential.

Now, things might seem a little difficult for those who haven’t had the opportunity to try Instagram marketing. But this is perfectly understandable.

However, this does not mean that this challenge should be something to be discouraged – quite the opposite. Countless benefits await everyone who can crack this nut.

Everything necessary is getting everything rolling and chasing after your objectives. Yet, hopping right in without proper preparations isn’t good advice. Instead, you should familiarize yourself with the basics.

This article will provide you with excellent Instagram marketing tips. After creating the account and starting the journey, make sure you use them.

1. Using a business account

You might miss this when registering, but that’s not a problem. Turning your account to business status is simple. Visit the settings, and you can roll out the improvement there with a couple of snaps.

Now, as to why there are some benefits. Firstly, you will show other profiles that you are serious. In addition, you get access to the Insights tool, Ads, Shopping, and call-to-action buttons, and contact information for your profile.

2. Instagram Stories

First of all, you probably don’t know how to make your Instagram story work in your favor. This nifty feature offers a lot, and it becomes evident the more time you spend playing with it.

Most companies use Instagram stories to tease their audience about what’s to come and attract their attention through contests, as the stories themselves only last 24 hours. After that, they left.

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People don’t want to miss a thing, so they watch specific profiles, especially if this is a recurring theme – advertising or giving away free stuff using stories.

Also, consider this to introduce more variety to your content. You can paint your profile in another light, showing behind-the-scenes footage, or encourage your audience to get involved by asking questions or opinions through voting. Put poll questions and stickers in your stories.

3. Clear goals

Think of social media platforms and strategies as tools. It would be best if you had a clear plan and goals on how to get the most out of these tools. It should be clear that you can do many different things on Instagram. Ask yourself if you want:

  • Make more money by increasing sales.
  • Get new leads for future business ventures.
  • Set up yourself as an authority in the niche.
  • Turn into an influencer.
  • Further, develop your brand awareness.

You can constantly focus on numerous fronts and work on them at the same time. In any case, don’t neglect to focus on the principle objective. And don’t get carried away by failure. It’s easy to dream big and be disappointed after things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

4. Defining your audience

Every company should have an ideal audience in mind. There’s a minor point in spending resources on random users on the platform. Instead, think about who fits the description of your ideal customer. Is it something for men or women?

Perhaps Millennials or Gen Z are more likely to try it? And the location? Are you focusing on global deals or a particular region?

5. Optimizing the Profile

It probably does not seem like a big deal, but a well-optimized profile can and will have an impact, and it makes everything look more professional. It should be noticed that every social media channel has its own particular key target groups and offers unique opportunities to operate online marketing. Hence, it is of utmost importance to make a good Instagram bio.

The biggest challenge is to fit everything you want into 150 characters. Instagram is cheap in this regard and won’t give you more characters to work with. You may want to include the following:

  • Call-to-action buttons.
  • Contact information.
  • A website address.
  • Username and name.
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Some like to include hashtags, and it also helps to find your profile more easily. If you feel there is still room for them, add something else.

6. Profile picture

A brand is nothing with no images. Contrasted with composed information, individuals have a simpler time perceiving and handling visual


You will undoubtedly want to put your logo on a profile picture for a profile picture. But keep in mind that the Instagram logo image format is not square but more round. After uploading the image, double-check and make sure it displays the way it should.

7. Attractive content

Like a profile image, you should also stress the visual aspects while making content. There is contention about the requirement for professional photography – both the gear and the individual taking the photos.

However, these things are costly, and most channels do without them. As long as you can stimulate your audience and stay consistent, you should be fantastic.

As the content is concerned, consider putting some behind-the-scenes footage, inspirational quotes in images, short videos, and guides if you’re having trouble creating it. Finally, you can always ask your fans for help and promote their content on your channel, which would be a win-win situation.

8. Writing

Even though the main appeal of Instagram content is the visual side, don’t underestimate the difference a good copy can make. The caption can be 2,200 characters long, but hardly anyone uses that much.

Also, if you’re struggling with this part, look at other profiles on the platform and determine what makes your captions captivating. And if things still aren’t working out, hire a professional copywriter.

9. Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for the post, and if you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that some posts contain too many tags. This practice is a little dubious. Brands hope to gain more visibility by including as many as possible, but Instagram’s algorithm tends to punish these posts because they look too much spam.

Limit yourself to a few and include the ones you find relevant. Also, if you’re not sure how competitive a hashtag is, you can always look up those numbers on the internet.

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10. Posting time

Determining the best time to schedule your posts won’t be easy. You will have to go through trial and error and see which deadlines bring the most engagement.

You may stumble across information about which times are best for specific niches, but those are more or less useless because things don’t work that way. Commit a portion of your assets and attempt until you have your response.

11. Influencers

You may not care about subscribers or traffic, but you will certainly care about a strong fan following on Twitter and Facebook. However, there is no more fantastic platform of influence than Instagram.

Plus, even the biggest celebrities in the world are here, and you can bet that’s one of the biggest reasons Instagram is so popular. Fans love seeing the other side of their favorite stars.

Yet the development of influencer marketing, a business doesn’t need to depend on platform heavyweights. You can conquer the industry with a few micro-influencers because they offer more value.

Micro-influencers have a particular crowd. Meanwhile, every big name with millions of fans has a random crowd. It should be evident that you want to target a demographic that converts. This is the intention of micro-influencers.

12. Instagram Ads

Like different networks, you can run promotions on Instagram and contact a more extensive crowd. In that sense, if your campaign is well optimized, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get more engagement.

Also, make sure you’re reaching the right people, including location, interests, age, behavior, and other demographics. Now, things might seem a little difficult for those who haven’t had the opportunity to try Instagram marketing.

13. Learn and research the competition

Dominating Instagram marketing overnight is impossible. Well, it’s a learning experience that will take a long time for you to understand. But skills will come with time, as long as you are consistent and don’t abandon everything mid-journey.


Above all, and as a final piece of advice, it’s worth mentioning that competitive research does a lot to give you more ideas and better understand how it all works. That’s if your research object isn’t making mistakes.

Apparent, numerous aspects make Instagram marketing what it is today. There is no reason to believe that changes won’t happen in the future. You’ll be magnificent when the time comes as long as you’ve followed these tips and mastered the basics.