Kids and technology – Technology and Internet

Children are extra smart, extra aware and extra sensitive nowadays. Parenting a child is different from what it used to be earlier and comes with various challenges. Technology and mostly the internet profoundly impact the child’s growth.

Universities and scientific researchers are keen to discover how technology plays an active role in the lives of modern-day children. And students are often made to go across various case studies regarding the same. To help them out during this process, there are various professional essay writer services available. Now coming back to the topic, let’s look at the impact of technology on the lives of children.

The positive impact of technology on children

There are various ways that technology has impacted our lives and especially children in the modern world:

  • Enhanced communication: Children are always connected to their near and dear ones. They are becoming smart and can seek professional help online for necessary homework, assignments and essays. Time is no more a bar.
  • Real-time access to knowledge: Students no longer have to stand in long queues for admissions. Neither do they need to go into a manual library to search books and get that information xeroxed. Access to knowledge is so much easy and fun as well.
  • Better learning: With everything available online, children no longer have to be in physical classes to learn something of interest. They can start up with any matter of interest online. Also, multiple online communities are providing great help to guardians, making them get through the hardships of parenting innovatively.
  • Scope of critical thinking: There is so much for a child to learn and explore. Children nowadays are never bored and have great scope to research on their own and brainstorm on topics of interest.
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The negative impact of technology on children

There are various things to do and learn with the internet, technology has also created quite a negative impact. So, let’s find out the problematic areas of the same:

  • Health problems: Children are too reliant on technology to get problems solved. This hampers the overall development of their brain. Also, with too many online games, children are always found sitting by the porch and not doing any physical exercise, which results in obesity, sore eye, stiff neck and arthritis.
  • Lack of social skills: According to research, children are socially awkward. They are unaware of how to react and what to do when facing too many people at once. Technology and the internet have a lot to do with such a situation. Various universities are trying to find relevant information on the same topic, and students take Persuasive essay help online to ensure that the argument stated is thoroughly established.
  • Increase in cyber crimes: The most toxic internet trait identified so far is the rise in cybercrime and the number of cyber bullies. As per criminal psychologists, children find the internet exciting and fun at the beginning and then, with time, they get carried away, falling into traps. Moreover, most parents run a busy schedule and find it difficult to connect with their children after a full day’s work. And children, out of loneliness, start mixing up with the criminal world.

Tips to help your child have a better experience in life with the internet

There is no fixed rule book when it comes to raising your child. The entire journey is a trial and error process. Here we have what you can do as a parent and ask other family members to practice.

  • Be open: As a parent, be someone your child can trust with every decision in life. Make them realise and understand that you are there for them no matter what. Allow them to have experiences of their own, make them do mistakes but do keep a watch. When introducing your child to the concept of cell phones and the internet, make sure to take things slow.
  • Find out relevant content for your child: Once you have introduced your ward to the concept of technology and the internet. Now it is your sole responsibility to find out the age-appropriate content. For example, please do not make them watch warfare or something related to dark humour and horror. This will have a negative impact on their mind.
  • Focus on the overall development: The concept of the internet is here to stay, and you no longer need to worry about that. However, focusing on your child’s overall growth is necessary. Take them out and go for a walk. You can discuss things that they have been watching on the internet.
  • Set boundaries: Watching videos while having dinner or lunch can have a negative impact on a child’s health. As people tend to overeat when they are not fully concentrating on food. That way, no-tech meals are a must. Make them submit their mobile and other electronic gadgets before going to sleep. Buy paperback story books to inculcate the habit of reading in them.
  • Let them grow peacefully: The outside world is always ready to make your child feel the pressure. So, you can be a little supportive of them. Not comparing the young hearts with others or pressurising them to get good marks in upcoming exams.
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Final Thoughts

There is no fixed guideline to follow when raising a child, and you are bound to make errors. Kids and technology are a great combo when handled with care, otherwise can be devastating as well.

Author Bio: Vivian Broad lives in London, the UK, and is a part of He is a psychology professor and works part-time as a professional essay writer.