How to Make an Infographic without Being a Designer

Today we are in the era of Big Data. There is more data than ever, and millions of different pieces of content are created every day. Making sense of so much data is quite a challenge, although it is within everyone’s reach thanks to the Internet and the devices we work with daily. As professionals in the digital world, we constantly collect, organize, and filter all the information. And an excellent way to facilitate the work is using infographics. Knowing how to make an infographic will help you make sense of some information and offer content that is understood at a glance, that is easy to share, and that attracts the attention of users.

Next, we will give the keys to creating an infographic that works. What is it you should know?

How to make an infographic step by step? The first thing you should be clear about in order to create the perfect infographic is the concept of knowing what an infographic is and seeing many examples.

The infographic definition is a mix of text, design, and analysis. It is a form of communication that is very visually appealing, allowing very complex data to be transmitted in a visual format that can also quickly become viral.

Creating infographics is an efficient way to combine the best images, with the best text and design, in order to represent the best data that has a story behind it that must be shared. Not only that, but there is an added value, and that is that readers will understand the message better if it comes through this format.

1. Choose a program to create your online infographic

Now you can make infographics online without being a graphic designer or having too much design knowledge. We recently talked about programs to make infographics easily. Some like Canva or Piktochart are very intuitive and easy to use. We also find DesignCap very useful, a professional online graphic design platform to create infographics, presentations, charts, tables, and much more.

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Choose the program that you consider is up to you and that best suits your needs before starting to create infographics online. Which one do you prefer?

2. Think about the theme of the infographic

The next and most crucial step when making infographics is to choose the topic to be covered in them. In addition, it must be clear what type the piece is going to be since there are educational infographics, informative infographics, animated infographics, creative infographics, etc. You can use an infographic to explain a concept, offer statistical data, summarize a document, or summarize a blog post.

Ideally, the idea should be popular on the Internet, especially if we think of social media infographics, since it will be easier to make it viral once it is finished.

3. Organize ideas

Once the theme that will be used to create the infographic is already clear, it will be necessary to compile the information you want to include in it and organize the ideas always with the readers in mind. It is not about filling the infographic with text but about outlining the ideas clearly, simply, and very visual way.

4. Add elements to your infographic design

Some factors to take into account when designing the best infographics are the following:

  • Originality: an infographic must be original and avoid copying concepts and graphic elements from other infographics. Of course, you can be inspired by the infographics that most appeal to you so as not to start from scratch, but always think about adding your personal touch.
  • Integration: it must be rich in graphic content and avoid too much text. This is to be understood well with a glance.
  • Colors: Use colors with good contrast to make it easier for users to read. This is a matter of common sense, and the idea is that everything looks and reads correctly.
  • Fonts: use fonts creatively as well as their size.
  • Icons: simple images that help adequately communicate the idea you want to convey in the infographic. It is essential not to overload the infographic by filling it with icons.
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You have all the keys to creating accessible and simple infographics with this. By choosing the program well, following the steps, and thinking creatively, you can create a perfect infographic. You have already seen that you do not need to be a graphic designer or have too much knowledge.

Thanks to the different free online tools that exist and the number of online designs to inspire us, we can create very original content. The key is knowing how to organize ideas for the reader. Think about the topics of interest on social networks so that they can be easily shared. And create a design in which all the information is seen clearly and attractively.

For example, if you are a community manager or content writer, all this information will be handy to enrich your content pieces and have more resources at your disposal. Today infographics and visual content are trending, so knowing how to make an infographic is very important.