Blogs to learn about personal Finance and Investment

Finance and Investment

Managing your investment and finance has never been a cakewalk, and it has become more and more essential to make most of your money today in the challenging time of the pandemic.

Perplexed about how to pay off your credit card due on time or simply how to make your money grow the best? We will put all such questions to rest; hold on.

One very effective way to gain more light on this is through money blogs as a much-needed source of guidance and inspiration.

Let us explore some of these blogs which have proved to help people immensely time and again.

1. Nerdwallet

Nerdwalllet started in 2009 and has since grown to be one of the best finance blogs online today. This money blog offers detailed posts to help you make these tough financial decisions all about banking, insurance, savings, credit cards, loans, and more.

With millions of monthly users; it also has plenty of economic tools to help you find the best loans, accounts, and credit cards according to your requirements and usage.

2. The Balance

This is another vast personal finance blog that has been going on for over 20 years now!

It boasts 24 million monthly readers and 9000 pieces of content.

It has a team of carefully picked expert writers as a part of its staff. As a result, many of the posts profoundly explore the fundamental nuances of personal finance. Overall, you can find answers to almost all your financial questions here.

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3. FinancePolice

With easily one of the most notable titles of money blogs, this is a stop destination to manage all your finances smoothly and perfectly. 

In addition to having information about saving and making money, FinancePolice helps you start a new business or insurance too, for that matter. Based out of LA, California, FinancePolice offers you a chance not to get caught by financial mess, pun intended! 

4. Bitches get riches

With content almost as eyeball grabbing as the title, this is one of the best financial blogs for women, started in 2015. Most of these articles are outlandish, witty, and sometimes controversial, again much like the title.

You can gauge that yourself by looking at some of the titles here, like “How to pay for college without selling your soul to the devil” or “how can I justify this deeply unethical purchase”!

This is one of the most engaging and entertaining money blogs you can read on the internet today.

5. A Purple Life 

Started in 2015 by a 25-year-old blogger planning to retire in 10 years at the age of 35; most articles and blogs here are about early retirement. In addition to them, there are plenty of them on budgeting, spending, and investing.

This financial independence blog is relatable, personal, and a great place to find motivation. Despite the 2021 recession, the owner is still on track to retire even 5 years earlier at 30!

6. Get Rich Slowly

Although the name of this blog can be a little off-putting initially, this blog gives some quality tips about the reals of self-improvement and mindset. Started in 2006, it also provides beneficial resources such as a net worth calculator and a one-page guide to financial freedom, to name a few.

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7. Budgets are sexy

Coming back to attractive titles, this blog is often considered the father of the FIRE movement. The posts and articles here are very down-to-earth and straightforward. In addition to the vast knowledge in these articles, you will also find resources such as downloadable excel budget worksheets. 

8. Millennial Money

This blog was started by Grant Sabatier, who went from broke to millionaire in just five years; this blog contains many of his stories and struggles as he was known as the “millennial Millionaire.” He uses the money from this blog to share his personal finance experience with others. Much of the blog’s posts cover topics like achieving financial freedom and retiring early.

9. Mr. Money Mustache

Despite having a strange name, this blog provides tons of information about “FIRE”- Financial independence, budgeting, returning early, and saving. The blogs here have a flair for breaking down financial math into simple and engaging posts for the users and viewers.


According to the Federal Reserve, 30 percent of American adults would not be able to cover even a $400 emergency with cash, credit card, or savings!

Startled? That is why planning and managing your finances is essential in today’s time and age. Explore well and invest better!