Tips To Promote YouTube Videos On Instagram Through Stories

Promote YouTube Videos

If you want to publish a YouTube video on Instagram, IGSTV is your best option. However, you can likewise utilize Instagram Stories to direct people to your YouTube channel or IGTV. You can make it by linking your Instagram stories videos to your YouTube channel. Here are some things you need to be aware of:

  • If you have 10,000 followers and an Instagram business account, you can utilize the “Swipe Up” component to link your Instagram Stories to your YouTube videos.
  • In case you don’t have 10,000 followers or a business account, you can create Instagram stories with GIFs or “Link in Bio” stickers. However, be sure to add your YouTube video link in your Instagram bio!

Now let’s see some tips you can follow to foster your YouTube videos on Instagram stories:

1. Make a teaser of your YouTube video

Remember the times when you were floored by a movie trailer and decided you wanted to watch it? The trailer or mystery snares you, and you want to see more, isn’t that? You can make a comparable teaser or trailer for your YouTube video and share it on Instagram Stories.

2. Create a montage video

You can take snippets of your YouTube video and create a short montage reel to promote it on your Instagram stories. Share snippets of product updates or launches, discounts, and services, answer FAQs, share highlights via your Instagram story, and link back to the full video on YouTube.

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3. Create an animated poster

You can promote your video by making a vivified banner. This includes taking a picture and animating it. You can make a movement poster template reporting another video on YouTube as an Instagram story and show the link in your profile.

4. Create videos with lists like Twisted

There can never be too many lists. The lists are always appreciated by the public, from the places to visit in the summer to the best destinations for study and work. These videos provide viewers with concise information in a short amount of time, and users know what exactly they will get from these videos. What’s more, list videos are even better because they show beautiful photos in an organized way.

These videos have subtitles, beautiful photos, and no narration. Relying on their brand associations, they also have intriguing offers and CTAs. If you want to make these lists, you can easily do so using the templates in FlexClip.

5. Share YouTube news, knowledge, and video on Instagram of how-to like Vox

DIY, tutorials, news, reels, and how-to videos are a hit on YouTube and Instagram. These videos answer common questions, provide solutions to problems, or explain a phenomenon in simple terms, making knowledge fun for viewers.

For example, Vox has made a series of videos about coronavirus vaccines on its YouTube channel. They created short videos about various aspects and shared them as standalone videos on Instagram. Here, take a look at a video from Vox that shares details about the effectiveness of vaccines. His videos are bold, short, and educational, answering just one poignant question at times.

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5. Make teaser trailers and fandom videos like Nerdist

Nerdist is a place for people interested in sci-fi-thrillers, Marvel and DC comics, games, movies, and more. Your IGTV is basically another place to share your thoughts on gaming, cosplay, and sci-fi. With more than 657k followers on Instagram, Nerdist posts all his sci-fi expectations, dreams, and discoveries on his YouTube channel and IGTV. If you want to make videos about popular trends in your niche, this is a great place to watch out for.

7. Make behind-the-scenes videos (BTS) like Pottery Barn

If you’re planning to use your YouTube videos on Instagram, another brand you need to check out is Pottery Barn. They share different YouTube videos on Instagram. In any case, they position the videos by remembering the general look and feel of the brand.

Many of his YouTube videos are also used on Instagram. Pottery Barn aims to build communities through its YouTube channel and Instagram. They make it by telling the stories behind the products and giving tips on how to use them.

These are just some of the cases you can refer to for inspiration on how and when to post YouTube videos on Instagram. I hope this helps you fine-tune your own YouTube video on Instagram strategy. If you found these tips helpful, be sure to share them with your friends and team members!