Why is React Native App Development Such Cost-Effective For Startups?

React Native is a popular open-source UI software framework developed by Meta Platforms, Inc.(Facebook). Renowned companies utilize this exceptional framework for creating their business app.

It enables them to develop highly versatile apps for different platforms using a single codebase. According to a developer survey in 2021, React Native is the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework.

From Fortune 500 companies to well-known startups, everyone is using React Native for scalability and profitability. Popular companies using React Native are Instagram, Pinterest, Tesla, Skype, Walmart, Bloomberg, Salesforce, Uber Eats, etc.

So, if you are a startup, the foremost thing you should do is have a mobile app for your business to interact with potential customers. For this purpose, you can take the help of React Native app development company that provides a flawless experience to your target audience.

Key Reasons Why React Native App Development Services is Best For Startups

1.  Cost-Efficient

One of the most significant aspects startups are concerned about is the budget. React Native can assist startups, particularly those with budget limitations, to save on development expenses and time.

A startup can hire a professional React Native developer at cost-efficient rates of $25-$49 per hour. Moreover, selecting the React Native framework means quicker development because of the features of the JSX code.

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2.  Great User Experience

React Native provides a superior user experience for every device and screen. Furthermore, it presents numerous native-like UI elements to make native-like apps. The asynchronous JavaScript operates in a native environment that facilitates the development of an adaptable and responsive mobile UI with hassle-free interaction.

3. Support Third-Party Plugins

By using React Native development, you can easily integrate different third-party plugins, making it possible to build feature-packed cross-platform apps quickly. You can hire React Native app developer to add plugins according to your business.

4. Hot Reloading

Mobile app development firms and startups prefer React Native due to its hot reloading feature. The hot reload enables React Native developers to modify the application code while the app is still running. The application refreshes automatically, therefore, boosting the speed of development.

5. Reduced App Deployment Time

For a successful mobile app development project, the time required for a mobile app to go from the MVP stage to eventually released on various app stores is critical. Reduced app deployment time means a speedier online presence for startups. Moreover, more than 90% of codes are similar for Android and iOS, making it feasible for developers to launch the first mobile application version quickly.

6. Developmental Flexibility

While using React Native, you get the flexibility for any modifications in the code. Developers have to make the changes in codes only once, which will be automatically applied to both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. However, if you go with native app development, you must change the codes separately for both platforms.

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7. Accessibility To a Huge Pool of Talented Developers

One of the major benefits for startups in selecting React Native app development is that they do not have to worry about hiring the best developers for their projects. They can find a pool of talented developers in one place who specializes in React Native app development services. Depending on their business objectives, they can hire a React Native development company to create an interactive app.

8. Compatible With Backend Technologies

React Native permits developers to work with different backend technologies like Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, ASP.net, and much more.

9. Reusable Components

Using React Native, developers can save time and money by writing code for similar components for two separate platforms. It enables developers to build just one codebase that works on the Android and iOS platforms.

10. Open-Source Community

React Native is supported by Facebook and many passionate React Native developers from across the globe. Being open source, one can easily find answers to queries from experienced developers. The vast community of developers is increasing rapidly and working relentlessly on enhancing the framework.

Final Note

React Native is a powerful cross-platform app development platform having enormous prospects in the arena of mobile applications. It has helped many startups who wish to quickly release their mobile apps into the market but have a limited budget.

The low development cost, fast delivery, and superior quality cause many startups to select React Native app development companies. A startup can leverage the genuine prospect of the React Native framework by taking the assistance of React Native app development services.

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Tom Hardy has over 10+ years of experience as a software developer at a leading React Native app development company. He usually writes blogs and journals to share his expertise in software development techniques.