How to Best Protect Your Electronics from Overheating

Excessive heat is dangerous for electronics such as computers, smartphones, or any other gadget that generates heat which is also equally harmful for environment also. So the best option is to have the device professionally refurbished. This can be done by visiting Green store, who repairs and refurbish your old electronics.

Here are some ways to protect your electronic devices from overheating during hot weather:

Avoid Placing Your Electronics in Direct Sunlight, Extreme Heat, or Hot Cars

While this may seem obvious, you shouldn’t use your electronic gadgets outdoors in extreme weather conditions. Also, don’t place the device in direct sunlight. The hot air and sun will heat the device.

If you plan to leave your car in the sun for an extended period, don’t leave your devices inside since the heat can damage them even if switched off. After returning to the car, ventilate it before switching on the gadgets.

Only use your electronics during extreme weather after switching on the air conditioner. The conditioner will emit cold air to remove the heat from the gadget when using it. You may also direct a fan to your device or use it in the shade.

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Use a Laptop Stand or a Cooling Pad

If you use your laptop in hot weather for an extended period, you should consider using a cooling pad. That includes heat sinks or fans to regulate the temperature on the device and prevent it from overheating.

However, you may place your laptop on an elevated stand if you don’t want to buy a cooling plant. Also, consider purchasing a laptop stand. It would be best to leave enough distance between the table and laptop to allow better air circulation.

Choose the Right Batteries for Your Device

Choosing suitable batteries is essential if you use your electronic devices in places with extremely hot weather. For example, you should use lithium batteries in areas with too high temperatures because they are sensitive to high temperatures. An increase in the temperature of the battery increases the chemical reactions in the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries perform better in high temperatures. In addition, the high temperatures increase the batteries’ storage capacity. However, extremely hot conditions may result in venting, which may cause battery failure or cell fire.

Keep the Devices Clean and Avoid Blocking the Air Vents

Accumulating dust in game consoles and computers is one of the contributors to overheating. Hence, ensure to clean your electronics regularly to prevent dust build-up in the fans, vents, and heat sinks. Dust prevents air from flowing and causes overheating.

Additionally, check that you haven’t blocked the vents on your electronic gadget using a table, lap, hands, or something else. That is because they will prevent air meant to cool the device from cooling the gadget and cause overheating.

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Disable Background Features when Not in Use

If there are some features in your device you rarely use, please turn them off. For example, turn the Bluetooth off if you’re not using it to reduce the heat produced by your electronic gadget and save its battery life.

Also, close all the background apps on your smartphone or computer because they heat your device by constantly checking for available updates.

Consider using less processor-intensive games and apps when using your devices in a place with high temperatures. For example, games with detailed graphics generate more heat on your device than those with less graphical capabilities.

Avoid Using Your Device for a Long Time Without Breaks

If you plan to use your device in extremely hot weather for a long time, you should take breaks after using it for short periods. It would be best to shut the electronic device after using it for a few hours and leave it for a few minutes before restarting it.

You may close all the apps, pause what you were doing, and leave the device idle for some time. That allows it to cool off before you start using it again.

Give the Gadgets Some Time to Breathe

Heat sinks and fans can only dispel heat from a gadget when the temperature outside the device is cooler than the air flowing out of it. The heat transfer process on your device requires cool air to function correctly.

Therefore, storing your device in a closet or entertainment center will affect its operation because it lacks enough airflow. You can fix that by opening the TV cabinets or placing the unit on a shelf where it can access enough fresh air.

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Closing Thought

Too much heat can damage your electronics. However, you can prevent that by following the above pointers, especially during hot weather conditions.