What iPhone Models are Applicable for Trading?

June 2007 was the year when the first iPhone was released.

Since then, Apple has been dominant in the smartphone market. If you, too, are considering buying a new iPhone, This might be the perfect moment to learn about iPhone trading, from selling your old iPhone to purchasing a new model.  

You can always trade-in your iPhone by selling the old one. But, this can be a challenging task. 

This is when third-party iPhone trading platforms come in with expertise to assist you in selling your old iPhone and buying a new one without compromising on trade-in value.  

Continue reading as we give you the best trade-in iPhone options for 2022. 

Best iPhone Models for Selling in 2022

There are plenty of options to trade iPhones on the online market. As most of your buying decisions depend on your needs, you choose an iPhone that best suits your pricing, performance, resolution, and feature. 

Besides guiding you in choosing the suitable iPhone model, we will also tell you which models NOT to consider to save you time. 

If you want to know how to trade in the iPhone, you can easily sell your iPhone 11 for the new one without taking photos. You also do not need to deal with strangers or use Facebook, eBay, or Craigslist. 

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Choose from hundreds of offers with instant quotes, place your order, ship your iPhone 11 and get the payoff. It is that simple!

But which iPhone model should you choose? 

iPhone 11 —Best Budget iPhone

This is a budget-friendly iPhone model. iPhone 11 has a larger screen of 6.1-inch liquid retina HD, with the A13 Bionic’s processing power. 

The camera has 12 MP with wide and ultrawide lenses and can capture details in the dark. This phone has a modern design with access to Apple’s ecosystem at an affordable price.

iPhone 11 is even better than iPhone SE-2020. It excels in offering users much more powerful features with only a $100 raise in price. You can trade in iPhone 11 for similar models.

The iPhone 11 wins the iPhone budget game with a big 6.1” screen coping with modern-day requirements. Its modern design has a second camera lens to cover the ultra-wide ranges. 


  • 12 MP Cameras
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life


  • Battery life could have been even better. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max—Better Battery Performance

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has all the attributes for notable features, performance, and design. The big Apple community widely adopted this model, yet its battery life and camera quality need improvement. The phone’s 12 MP wide, front-facing, and unique ultrawide lenses make it an ideal choice for photographers. 

The big screen of the phone provides good entertainment for its users. The A15 Bionic processor gives the fastest, uninterrupted performance of all other iPhone models. 


  • Better camera performance.
  • Better battery life with the larger battery
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  • Doesn’t have the screen’s high refresh rate.
  • Touch ID and Face ID could be better.

iPhone 13—Best Over-All Performance

iPhone 13 has new effects that add professional touches to photos and videos. Even capturing details in the dark has become so easy. The device’s ability to record 4K video enables it to capture sharp footage. 


  • Video recording and 4K viewing
  • Less costly than the Pro and Pro Max versions


  • 4 GB RAM
  • No LiDAR lens attached.

 iPhone 13 Mini—The Best Small iPhone

iPhone 13 mini is also available if you want to trade in your iPhone. It is just another version of the iPhone 13. It is specified for iPhone users who like to carry sleek and compact models and smaller screens. 

The A15 Bionic processor and connectivity of 5G make it as competent as the other iPhones in the 13 Series. The iPhone 13 Mini model makes streaming, downloading, and gaming easier for you. 

This mini model for the iPhone will cost you less while providing a 12 MP wide and ultrawide unique front-facing lens. The sharp 4K video resolution and image detailing in low lights are a plus. 


  • 4K viewing and video-recording


  • 5.4″ 1080 x 2340 display
  • 4GB RAM

 iPhone 13 Pro—Best Premium iPhone

This iPhone 13 Pro version has the best camera, battery life, and screen resolution Apple offers. Its impeccable features have no match on any other iPhone or Android phone. 

The iPhone 13 Pro is more cost-efficient than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can enjoy the same features in a smaller package. It is powered by The A15 Bionic chip from Apple and 5G connectivity. 

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The device performs fast without any lag in streaming your favorite programs or downloading videos. Its 1170 x 2532 resolution improves colour and contrast for a more life-like capture. Also, the animation is sharp and smooth at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. 

iPhone 13 Pro has a 12 MP wide and ultrawide rear lens, a 12 MP front lens, and a LiDAR scanner to be used in AR apps. 


  • 1TB storage capacity
  • 6GB RAM
  • 1 TB ROM
  • LiDAR scanner


  • 6.1″ HDR OLED display
  • Limited to 12MP camera system

iPhone 13 Pro Max—Best Big Premium iPhone

Here’s the ultimate champ in the Apple iPhone series. From matchless features to the best user experience and enhanced battery life, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has all it takes to make it the undisputed king in the industry. 

The 1 TB ROM offers ample storage room. You can see your photos in 1284 x 2778 high resolution on a 6.7” display. Moreover, the videos you record come with 4K clarity.

Apple’s ultrawide lens is wider than before, giving you more detailed resolution in the dark. iPhone 13 Pro Max’s LiDAR scanner adds more value to it. 


  • 1TB storage capacity
  • 6.7″ display
  • LiDAR scanner


  • It is expensive.
  • It is heavy.

The Bottom Line

iPhones are world famous due to their functionality and features. The pricing, however, is out of some people’s range, but that’s what the trading iPhone services are for. If you are short on cash, best buy trade in iPhone to save money and enjoy the perks.