Guidelines for machine-washing your expensive hats


Hand washing of headwear is one of the most commonly accepted procedures because it is easy and effective. Hats are a fragile accessory that requires care and correct technique that will help you preserve your headwear for a long time. At the same time, hand washing does not require electricity or other provisions. On the other hand, you have washing machines to help you out the right way. Remember that there is no denying that machine washing is a practical option because it is helpful for the hat owner. If you compare handwashing with machine washing, you will see that machine washing economizes on time and effort.

Washing clothes and washing a hat in the washing machine is very different. What is vital is that hat wearers must understand every step of the machine-washing a headwear. Remember that your main aim is to ensure that the washing of headwear provides you lasting consequences. There should not be any effect on the shape and appearance of the headwear. Hence, there are a few essential steps to bear in mind and specific instructions to follow to make your washing experience worthwhile.

Steer clear of the washer

Yes, you heard it right. It turns out this way. When thinking of machine-washing the headwear, use a good washing device. The dishwasher may lose its appearance because of hard water and other factors. Hence, proper maintenance of the machine is vital. You may forget about this, but hats lose their appearance because of the extremely high temperature in the washing cycle and the detergent effect. Hence, the condition of the washer needs to be appropriate if you want to wash your hats without a problem.

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Watch the headwear to avoid damage

Washing the hat alone or with a laundry load is the best option. Remember that it is a simple process but an essential aspect. Washing the headwear with small clothes like a handkerchief or towel in the machine will ensure that the hat retains its shape. Along with this, there will be less pressure on the headwear, and therefore the washing will be appropriate.

Use a neutral detergent to prevent colour water damage

Hats are a tricky item to clean. You may know about this fact by now. Non-aggressive detergent creates excellent appeal. Hence, if you want to reduce the risk of damage to the hat material, you must go for neutral soap. The best option is to opt for the gentle cleaning cycle because it will create less pressure on the material, and the neutral soap will help you with astounding results. The delicate cleaning cycle goes appropriately with hats, and therefore you have nothing to worry about the lovely headwear.

Use hat form

Hat forms are exactly what you heard. These fit the headwear and ensure it keeps the shape when it’s tumbling an indoor washing machine. While hat forms are not essential for a successful wash, they will be a worthwhile investment. Remember that it is a practical option to invest in hat forms because they help keep the hat in shape and reduce the likelihood of damage. Hat forms are available online as well as offline. These are an excellent alternative for people looking for something practical and functional.

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Delve deep into different options of headwear

Now that you know so much about machine-washing, it’s time to understand different headwear categories. You have fedora hats, Panama hats, bucket hats, trucker caps, and baseball caps. These are the most common options you will encounter in the market. Remember that fedora hats usually come from straw. However, you have other options like wool, canvas, and leather these days. You have fedora caps for almost every occasion. Hence, whether you are heading towards an official party or a casual get-together, fedora hats are a “yes-yes”.

Generally, you can buy straw hats for women to accompany you for summer outings and beach parties. Straw hats are lightweight and breathable. Along with this, they are available in almost any size and fit any head. Hence, you have to be cautious of wearing a straw hat because it will make you feel comfortable, provided you carry it confidently.

Now that you know so much about headwear, it’s time to think of the storage. You have to store the headwear in a dry, cool place away from the direct rays of the sun. Remember that you have to use naphthalene balls because they keep rats and rodents. Also, ensure that there is no pressure on the headwear, as it will make the hat shapeless. Never squeeze the headwear because it will lose its shape.

Along with this, you have to store the hat away from any moisture sources. Remember that moisture will dampen the hat and deform it. Along with this, when storing hats, it’s always better to wrap them in fabric or put them inside a paper.

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