The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Best Angular Developers

According to Statista, Angular holds a position among the top 4 frameworks in terms of market share. It is sufficient to convey the importance and the popularity of the AngularJS framework in the web development industry. And it’s growing with time.

Since it is backed by Google, developers globally prefer to develop apps with Angular. If you have an idea and are looking forward to making an app out of it, then choose no other framework than Angular. In order to get your app developed, you’ll require dedicated Angular developers. Hiring Angular developers is a bit tricky. But you don’t have to worry when we are here for you!

In this blog, you will find all the things that you should know for hiring experienced Angular developers.

Before hiring Angular developers, know what skills they should possess and what they do precisely.

What does an Angular Developer do?

Angular is a framework for developing single-page applications. Angular developers use this technology for building web apps, mobile apps, and desktop applications. Using this technology, a developer aims to provide a better user experience and also improve the performance of the application. Developers can easily create single-page applications with a good user interface and also easily integrate with other technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and more.

Desirable Skills Of Angular Developers

Angular has gained a lot of popularity because it provides an easy way to create reusable components and modules. It helps developers to code in a very declarative manner, and it also assists them in organizing their workflow and designing their applications. Following is the list of skills an angular developer should have:

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CLI Proficiency

CLI is an abbreviation of Command Line Interface. Before anything else, Angular developers should install it with Node Package Manager (NPM). Writing codes manually is a time-consuming process and prone to errors; hence, CLI is used. It speeds up the development process and ensures that your code/app is confirming best practices.

Knowledge Of JavaScript Tools

Angular development is a lengthy and challenging task. Java tools make the process simpler. Depending upon the project requirement, Angular developers must use these Java tools to automate monotonous tasks and Fastrack the development process. Hence, a developer must know how to use these tools. Following are the frequently used JavaScript tools:

  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • Webpack

Good Hands At Testing & Debugging

It is one of the most desirable skills. Angular developers should have. There are several testing methods available; Angular developers must know most of them, if not all. This skill will help you to get bug-free Angular apps with the best user experience. It’s good if a developer is acquainted with testing tools/frameworks such as Karma, Jasmine, and Protractor.

Know-How Of Version Control

Angular version control is a skill used by developers to manage the changes and updates of their applications. It is used to create a unified code base for one application across multiple projects. Some developers use git and SVN, but most of them prefer to use Angular’s own version control system called Angular CLI. One can also use Version Control systems (VCS) such as AWS Beanstalk, HelixCore, and AWS CodeCommit.

Ability To Develop User-Friendly Mobile Application

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Angular developers are responsible for developing the front end of an application. It is this part that interacts with the users. So, they must know how to make it responsive, interactive, and user-friendly so it gets fit to any screen resolution.

Hiring Models For Angular Developers

The demand for Angular developers is on the rise, and so is the cost of hiring. That is why, before hiring Angular developers, you need to decide the model of hiring. We advise you to take this decision considering your budget and the nature of your project. Each of these models offers certain flexibility, read it and decide what suits your requirements.

Following are the three models for hiring developers:

Full-Time Angular Developers

Hiring full-time Angular developers is an ideal option. Generally, when your project is on a long-term basis, and your budget is reasonable, then you can opt for this model. The best thing is you can easily track the activities of a developer, and this model of engagement would be profitable in the long term.

Top five sources to hire full-time Angular developers

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Toptal
  • Space

Freelance Angular Developers

Freelancers are individuals; they handle every aspect of your project single-handedly. So, it takes relatively more time to complete the project. In case you are not in a hurry and your project is small, then you should opt for this model. Freelance developers are the cheapest among all, but sometimes they miss deadlines.

Top five sources to hire freelance Angular developers

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Freelancer
  • People Per Hour

Outsource Angular Developers 

In this model, you hire resources from outsourcing companies and charge you an hourly basis. This model is the best option for developing your Angular app since you don’t have to manage resources, and the responsibility for results lies in the outsourcing company.

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Compared to other models, it is cost-effective, especially when you hire Angular developers from India. Indian developers are more talented, technologically advanced, and cost-effective than European and Latin American developers.

Process To Hire Angular Developers

Hiring is a strategic process. Though it is not a part of core development activities, it can still make or break your Angular app development project. The process is explained step-by-step in the below section:

Document the project description

Before starting the hiring process, it is imperative to know and document the goals and objectives of the project. On the basis of this document, the desirable skill and model for hiring an Angular coder is determined.

Determine the engagement model

The hiring model is determined on the basis of project budget and project tenure; for a long-term project, we prefer in-house resources and freelancers for a short-term project. But, you choose outsourcing companies in both scenarios.

Compile The Job Description

No matter what engagement model you choose, a job description is necessary. Compile this document carefully and ensure all the requirements are clearly mentioned. The following are things a job description consists of:

  • Company background
  • Position title
  • Level of experience
  • A brief summary of responsibilities
  • Skills requirement
  • Salary expectation

Source & Shortlist Angular Developers Candidate

Sourcing Angular developers refer to out-reaching. Communicate with the candidates and ask them for a CV. If the experience and skills suit your requirements, then shortlist them. Create a separate list of shortlisted candidates and interview them one by one.

Summing Up

So this was all about a guide to hiring Angular developers in 2022. We hope you will kickstart your hiring process and get your project started. Always remember to hire developers as per your requirements; you may have to wait or put more effort but don’t settle for less. Because less skilled developers will not be suitable for your project. If you want to get a quotation for hiring Angular developers, kindly visit our website.

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